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June 7, 2009




Rally  against any “2 state – PLO state” that will attack Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion,

(which Obama did in Egypt on selling out Israel and America).

3321 years ago G-d gave us the Torah after liberating us from slavery in Egypt. Now President Obama, elected by U.S. Jews, is going to “enslave’ Israel” while he demands the division of Jerusalem and “2 states”, and while Egypt also wants millions of Arabs to resettle there including in all of East Jerusalem and “NO” Jewish State.

If you have any self-respect, please show up and bring your own signs on how you feel about this Obama/Hillary betrayal of Israel and America!


We will also hold rallies in front of the Federal Building in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on June 9,16, 23, 30, 2009, 5:00 to 7:00 P.M. on Broward Blvd. and 3rd Ave. against this Obama ‘sellout’

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
President of  Shalom International


From Oct. 2007 to the present, Shalom International has led this effort in 113 rallies and 964 news interviews. From “Annapolis”, The White House, Dem/GOP Conventions; National Congress of 3000 Jewish leaders, AIPAC, “Durban II” in Geneva, and when the Pope was in Israel,as part of these efforts all over the world, we broke the ‘silence’ and challenged all who would divide Israel, Jewish ,for 5000 yrs. and divide Jerusalem, Jewish, for 3000 yrs., incluidng our so-called ‘Jewish leadership’ supporting Obama.

Obama/Hillary telling Jews not to reproduce on Jewish land is ‘anti-semitism’ and ‘genocide’, and then they tell us to forget our Covenant, history, identity and faith and to make the land ‘Jew Free’, in order to make ‘peace’ with those who want us dead, is the height of the Obama/Hillary rip-off that will lead to the next major war.

Dividing Jerusalem with the U.N. Flag, rewards, with a forum, the Little Hitler from Iran, who cowardly denies the Holocaust, but wants to finish the job Hitler started and Obama/Hillary are cowardly allowing Iran to get its nukes it will use on Israel and then America and the West.

These are the same “UNazis”, who do nothing about the genocide of 300,000 Blacks by Muslims in Darfur, while this UN supports Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. and Saudi Arabia blackmails the world with its oil and global terrorism and is behind ‘9/11’, Obama/Hillary ignore, and 57 Muslim countries have made the UN useless, other than a tool to bash Israel with.

In all, appeasing, groveling and catering to the terrorists only invites more attacks upon us all, which the Obama//Hillary strategy is all about. Iran didn’t even cover Obama’s speech in Egypt, anymore than this weakling Obama, has stopped N. Korea who is supplying Syria with nukes and uranium.

Obama  ‘morally equated ‘ the Holocaust with the sufferings of the Arabs, who voted for Hamas  in Gaza and its 10,000 rockets into Israel.  Obama conveniently forgot to mention 7 Arab wars to kill Jews, over the last 61 years, and Obama didn’t mention,  the word terrorist, or terrorism, while supporting the very Islamic dictators enslaving their own peoples.

Rewarding the very Muslim forces alligned with Hitler, who cowardly deny the Holocaust and then to insist that what is Jewish must be ‘Jew Free’ and divide  Jerusalem, the heart of Israel, and the Jewish nation, to accomodate these Islamic Nazis, is beyond comprehension except to promote the next war.

Obama has lied to the Jews/Israelis and is siding with those who are attacking Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists, “All infidels” and countless fellow Muslims.

Donate to make these efforts possible by going to our web or by mail to: “Defend Jerusalem”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140.

Call you Congressperson or any candidate and get them to commit to a ‘NO -2 state sellout of Israel and America’ and the above issues. Write Letters to the Editor. Call Talk Shows.

The dangers are so great and we are in an ’emergency’.

If you are going to a ‘tea party’ on July 4, bring these issues of national and Israeli security and defense to your rallies. If Isrel is sacrificed, America is next.

Get our “Defend and Protect” America and Israel, and “Keep Jerusalem United”  bumper stickers and also our “Obamination” buttons, with your donations. Help spread the word to everyone in your networks.

June 6, marks the anniversary of the “6 Day War” and the reunion of Jerusalem, with East Jerusalem, lost in 1948 war. We honor the 25,000 Israelis, killed by the Arabs since 1948 and the 7 million Jews murdered for being Jews, in the Holocaust, who also own Jerusalem with every other Jew in the world.

Obama dishonors all of them. Doing ‘politics; at a ‘death camp’, doesn’t change this outrageous attempt by Obama to deny the ‘land for peace’ efforts by England to satisfy Hitler, that led to WWII and the Holocaust. Obama’s terrible accomodations with the Islamic Nazis, will G-d forbid, bring on WWIII.

If you would like to be a co-sponsor of this major event, or to be a speaker, please let us know immediately.

The Settlements Myth
By Charles Krauthammer

The president wishes not to dictate solutions, except to Jews in Israel.
To view the entire article, go to:


Tom Trento’s Tough Message for Liberal Jews.
June 6, 2009


According to, “Ethnic Cleansing” is…
June 6, 2009

“the systematic elimination of an ethnic group or groups from a region or society, as by deportation, forced emigration, or genocide.”

“a crime against humanity” under the statutes of both the International Criminal Court, and the International Crime Tribunal for The Former Yugoslavia. In addition, the UN Commission of Experts held that the “practices associated with Ethnic Cleanisng constitute crimes against humanity and can be assimiliated to specific war crimes.” This would mean that President Obama’s demands of Israel to allow Arabs to build illegally and grow the Arab population in specific areas while demanding that in those same areas Israel;

As many people are aware, world leaders such as American President Obama, French President Sarkozy, German Chancellor Merkel, and several others, are putting intense pressure on the government of Israel to freeze building for Jews on both private Jewish and Israeli state owned land in the biblical heartlands of Judea, Samaria, and even Jerusalem. In addition, President Obama is demanding that Israel dismantle Jewish villages and towns and expell the Jewish residents. At the same time, the American President has condemned Israel and put pressure on Israel to stop demolishing illegally built Arab homes (on Jewish owned or Israeli state lands) in the same region, including Jerusalem. Litterally speaking, this systematic elimination of the Jewish population from these regions by forced deportation would therefore be, “Ethnic Cleansing.” “Ethnic Cleansing,” in the broad sense – the forceable deportation of a population (in this case Jews) is defined as:

  1. Freeze Jewish building to forbid more Jews from moving to Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem
  2. Remove Jewish towns and villages (settlements) from Judea and Samaria
  3. Forbid Jews from living in the Eastern half of Jerusalem

All would constitute the systematic elimination (Ethnic Cleansing) of a specifc group (Jews) from these areas. This is illegal under international law, and when done by force constitutes a war crime. In addition to Ethinicly Cleansing these areas of Jews, allowing Palestinian Arabs to take over these areas constitutes a potentially mortal danger to the Jewish state as from these areas, Palestinian terror groups (who have launched over 20,000 missiles and mortars at Israel over the last 3 years) will be able to target any region of Israel with homemade or advanced missiles, including the international airport, electric generators, the Knesset, (the seat of Israeli government) and other sensitive instalations. After completing this Ethnic Cleansing of Jews, Israel will be only a few miles wide in it’s most populous region, and will have to face terror armies armed, funded, and trained by Iran on 3 borders, while trying to fend off possible missile attacks from Syria and Iran. The world has no right to demand that Israel endanger it’s own national existance and commit war crimes by forcebly expelling it’s own citizens from Israeli state and privately owned lands simply becuase they are Jews. Citzens of the world must contact their leaders, congressman, senators, and presidents, to tell them that you oppose your governemnts supporting the ethinc cleasning of Jews in Israel.

 Inspired by a column    Obama to Netanyahu – Too Many Jews

 posted by Bill Smith:

Dear “Chosen” Activists:
June 6, 2009

Obama wouldn’t be President if it wasn’t for the Jewish vote. To say ‘thanks’, Obama is ready to destroy Israel and the Jewish nation and make all victims of Islamic terror even more vulnerable., reported on 6/3/09 ,that Knesset Member Yaakov Katz ,head of the National Union Party said: “The Obama-Clinton ‘no natural growth’ policy for 650,000 Jews in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, is nothing less than anti-Semitism.”

The statement below refers to it as “Ethnic-Cleansing”. We call it ‘genocide and ‘anti-semitism’, by the most venal and corrupt con-artist in U.S. history, Obama, not only betraying Israel ,but also America and the West.

His ‘rewarding’ and catering to the very forces that want Israel destroyed are the very Islamic terrorists also calling for “Death to America” and either Obama doesn’t get it, or he is just this evil to want WWIII,” said Bob Kunst, Pres. of Shalom International.

Added Kunst: “Obama’s obvious weakness in allowing both N. Korea and Iran to have nukes to use against Israel, America and the West, will come back to haunt us all. With friends like Obama, Israel doesn’t need any other enemies. Who is Obama to dictate Jerusalem being divided and the UN flag to fly there. This is the very “UNazis” group that gave Iran’s Little Hitler a forum to spew his cowardly venum that there was no Holocaust and that Israel needs to be destroyed. This is the same “UNazis” allowing the genocide in Darfur and the mass murder of 300,000 Blacks by the Muslims in Sudan. Jerusalem has been Jewish for 3000 years. Israel has been Jewish for 5000 years and what makes Obama such a coward , is that he wouldn’t tell the Muslims to give up Mecca for ‘peace’ and not to reproduce, but has no problem telling this to the Jews, who made his election possible. Rahm Emanuel, AIPAC, etc. are all traitors and setting us all up for our collective demise and FINAL SOLUTION OF THE JEWS AND ISRAEL.”

“Any member of Congress, anyone running for public office, any international leader, pursuing this genocide policy is simply continuing the Holocaust and will be held accountable for the next war and bodycount they are pushing.”

Kunst added: “To say we are outraged, insulted and betrayed by Obama and Hillary, AD NAUSEUM, is an understatement. Obama’s whole scam is an invite for the Muslims to again attack America, like Saudi Arabia did with ‘9/11’. We are all in great danger as a result of these heinous politics to reward the very people who want us all dead.”

Obama tells the Muslims in Egypt how he’ll make Isael bend. On June 1, 2009, reports that Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit, flatly rejected Washington’s pan-Arab peace plan. In an interview with the Saudi newspaper A-sharq Al Awsat, Gheit said the Arab World would not agree to President Obama’s suggestion that it prove its good faith by opening its skies to israel’s El Al Airlines.

He said that Muslim countries want israel to surrender all of Judea and Samaria, as well as the Old City in Jerusalem and several large neighborhoods in the capital, before making any moves that would indicate recognition of the Jewish state, while also echoing Abbas’s refusal to define Israel as a Jewish state and then Gheit proposes that millions of Arabs, claiming ancestry there ,be allowed to return. In other words,Egypt, the Arab nation that Israel has ‘peace’ with and allowed Hamas to build over 300 tunnels to send 10,000 missiles into Israel, now has made the very demands to destroy Israel altogether and this is the country that Obama is also giving 12 helicopters to and not to Israel, while groveling and appeasing the very dictatorship in Egypt that suppresses its own people.

Obama will then avoid going to Israel and instead go to Buchenwald Death Camp for another publicity stunt. Buchenwald was where 150,000 Jews were murdered as part of Hitler’s extermination of 7million Jewish men, women and children, the Arabs who were alligned with Hitler, butcowardly deny the Holocaust happened , andafter 7 Arab wars, want to finish what Hitler started and Obama is more than happy to accomodate.

Hitler wanted Europe and the world ‘Jew Free’ and Obama and Hillary are pushing the same agenda for Samaria, Judea and Jerusalem.

While 10,000 Jews were forced out of Gaza, there for many generations, the 650,000 other Jews in the above areas will not be leaving no matter how dreadful and deceitful Obama and Hillary politics, or what the UN, EU or the Muslims demand.

Obama wants to sacrifice Israel and the Jews to win favor from the Muslims, while killing Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Has Obama lost his mind? Even Bin Laden can see through this scam and doesn’t trust Obama. After all of this who would on any level.?This is the man, while 7million Americans are unemployed and the econimic crisis is real, goes and spends $75,000 of tax payers dollars for a night out on Broadway. This is the man leading the ‘crooks to bail out the other crooks’, while leaving the grassroots in shambles. How will we survive this con artist?

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International

“Obama’s Genocide Plan For Israel”
June 6, 2009

I saw Obama from Egypt with his lame “Choose to be bound by the past, and no progress” phoney/baloney speech, which dismisses 5000 yrs. of Jewish and world history, to cover-up his real intentions to dismantle Israel.
I saw Obama equating the civil rights struggle with Muslims in the U.S., though it was Jews who helped lead the struggle and died for it, not Muslims.
I heard Obama equate his apologies to Iran etc. and to the Muslims etc., but it was totally quiet when Obama brought up the Holocaust and then failed to mention 7 Arab wars to kill all Jews, as part of what is the real issue in Israel.
And it goes on and on and a major disappointment. that Obama’s ‘dream world’ isn’t reality and why is it both deceptive and political without real substance.
If half the Muslims hate the U.S., it isn’t because of israel, but because we are all ‘infidels’, which Obama doesn’t address as he wallows in this groveling and appeasement stunt that show weakness.
Nice speeches don’t give truth and don’t resolve conflict.
21st century posturing to 7th century jihadists ,who hate Jews, Christians, Bhiddists, Hindus, and all ‘infidels’ is the issue. The lack of applause to Obama’s statement on the division between Shiite and Sunni is just one hint of 3/4 of Muslims, who are not Arabs and all of that conflict.
Dividing Israel and Jerusalem was and is the ‘big slap’ in the face Obama gave that rewards the very terrorists Obama claims he’s against, and why this speech was all about Obama and nothing else.
Equating the ‘PA humiliation’, (they brought upon themselves,) with the mass murder of 7million Jews in the Holocaust is just one more revealing fact of Obama’s lack of conscience and understanding. Why doesn’t Obama want to connect the very Muslims who were alligned with Hitler in WWIII and want to finish the job now, let alone that coming from Iran pushing nukes Obama is allowing.?Obama thinks this is all ‘social work’, but he is digging deeper into the morass that can only produce more war. What he did was to invite another attack on the U.S. as well.

Bob Kunst, Pres., Shalom International

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