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 MARCH 18, 2010



Jews to Fight American


Pro-Hamas Rallies

by Hana Levi Julian
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( Starting Thursday in New York at Ground Zero, Jews plan to demonstrate against a spate of pro-Hamas rallies slated to take place around the United States. According to Bob Kunst, president of Shalom International / Defend Jerusalem Coalition, thousands of “anti-American and pro-Hamas” marchers are poised to converge in some 50 locations around the country within the next few days.

One of the first anti-Hamas events will be a mass emergency rally to support the State of Israel, scheduled for Thursday, March 18 at 12:00 noon, to be held in New York City several yards away from the site of the “9/11” al-Qaeda terror attack, Ground Zero.

Most of the pro-Hamas demonstrations around the country were strategically scheduled for March 20, Saturday morning, a time when religious Jews usually are in synagogue attending weekly Sabbath morning prayers. “We have therefore also scheduled some of our counter-rallies for these times,” said Kunst, “even though it will mean a hardship for Jews, who will have to find accommodations near the site in order to avoid having to travel and otherwise desecrating the Sabbath. We simply had no choice. This challenge must be met.”

One “Support America and Israel” rally will take place on March 20 at 9:20 a.m. in Washington D.C. on the corners of Connecticut Avenue and M Street and 18 Street, Kunst added.

Demonstrators from the Shalom International / Defend Jerusalem Coalition will also protest at 9:00 a.m. each day outside the AIPAC National Convention, to highlight what he called the lobby organization’s “disaster and betrayal” of Israel. Kunst accused AIPAC of “joining Obama to divide Jerusalem and Israel” – a move underscored by its scheduling of Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair as its keynote speaker.

Kunst said his group would protest “this outrageous sellout of Israel” – which he said was “also endangering America.” The AIPAC convention is scheduled to take place in Washington on March 21, 22, and 23.

AIPAC, however, has organized its own campaign to pressure the White House into reaffirming its support for the State of Israel. The lobbyist group has sent out an Internet alert asking members of its email list to urge Congressional members and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to “immediately take every step necessary to defuse tensions with Israel.”

The group provides electronic text for an email or printed letter to be sent to the writer’s U.S. Senators and House Representatives, and the letter is sent automatically to that writer’s designated legislators by AIPAC on their behalf. Click here to participate in the campaign.


March 17, 2010










    THURS., MARCH 18, 2010 NOON TO 2 P.m.






As I write this, Hamas has called for a new Intifada and there is rioting today in Jerusalem, with 3000 Israeli Police on guard to quell the riots.

We must speak out for our Covenant with G-d and our Soul for America not to support these Islamic Nazis and tyranny regimes. Brings signs, Shofars, make noise, sound the alarm.                                                                                          Jerusalem is our Eternal Capitol and Jewish for over 3000 yrs., yet Obama/Hillary/Biden want to divide Jerusalem and give it to the very people dancing in the streets after ‘9/11’, while screaming ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to America’. Who are they to demand anything about our 5000 yrs. history occupying the ‘holyland’ G-d gave us, we bought, lost millions of lives for and there is International law by League of Nations, U.S. signed onto in the 1920’s THAT SAYS IT IS OURS. AFTER 5 ARAB WARS AND 2 INTIFADAS TO KILL ALL JEWS, WE HAVE NOTHING TO NEGOTIATE REGARDING OUR HISTORY, IDENTITY, COVENENANT WITH G-D AND OUR PURPOSE FOR BEING. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. WE MUST FIGHT BACK NOW OR LOSE IT ALL.





“Appeasing Wickedness”
March 17, 2010


Dear “Chosen” Activists:

 Yesterday, Shalom International/ had a booth at the Jewish Heritage Festival, our second time here and we got a great reception to our messages: “Remember the Holocaust”, “No More Nazism”, “Jerusalem Is Not For Sale”, “Protect and Defend America and Israel” and “Fight Terrorism Support Israel”. About 80 folks signed up for a potential organization here, which only illustrates how upset the grassroots is with Obama/Hillary/Biden, who treacherously support Israel’s and America’s enemies and are pushing their own brand of anti-semitism.  We argued with one guy who said Obama was great for Israel and two women who wanted Jerusalem divided for ‘peace’, which of course will only lead to the next great war, but why interfere with ‘kumbaya’, ‘co-existance’,’diversity’, ‘multi-culturalism’, driving this sellout of Israel and the Jewish people and all murdered for being Jews, religious or not? The Left will never get it, even when it’s too late for all of us.

Today is the “Ides of March”, when Rome’s Ceasar was murdered. Yesterday, Bibi did some unnecessary groveling to tone down the ‘insult’ charge from Hillary on Israel building 1600 new units in Jerusalem our eternal capitol and announced when ‘Brown Shirt Biden’ was in Israel to sell Israel down the toilet. Imagine that. The Troika of Treachery:Obama/Hillary/Biden demand and rule and we’re all to bow down to them and be grateful that their obsession with denying our rights to Jerusalem, Jewish for 3000+ years, takes precedent over their stupidity and evil politics to allow Iran to get nukes it will use against Israel and America and the West, while covering up for the exact same gang that danced in the streets after ‘9/11’ and scream ‘Death to Israel” and “Death to America” as they pray to Mecca.

Below is an event in Philly on Thurs. Also, below are two statements from Holocaust survivor Eva Costabel who wrote us her feelings about Biden and the Jews who cowtow to his miserable and dangerous agenda, Obama  Hillary and Biden are pushing.

Then we  get to the nitty gritty from another commentator below, on Thomas Friendman of NYTimes who is like those 14 ‘Jewish Organizatoins’ who met with Obama on how to sell the division of Jerusalem and Israel, such as AIPAC, we will be protesting on March 21,22,23 for their disgusting politics to betray everything Jewish and our 5000 yr. history, let alone the millions murdered for being Jews, religious or not.

The danger is acute and so many Jews yesterday were still more interested in pickles than in our politics for survival and thrival starting with our Covenant with G-d, in case you were wondering what the real issue is all about.

It’s a ‘religious war’ stupid. ‘Land for peace’ and ‘two states for two peoples’ is just the coverup of what is really going on here. But more on this later.  

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, is an ‘International protest on behalf of Jews praying and being part of the Temple Mount” on top of the lst and 2nd Temples, the Muslims want to ignore and refuse to accept while destroying any mention of Jews going back to thousands of years and Olmert/Livni and gang allowed to erase in their treachery.  Our rally at the Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud., Broward Blvd and 3rd AVe., will be the focus of our

participation starting at 5 P.M. 

                                                                                                                 I’m driving North to D.C. for Sat. when we counter-protest the Obama Lefties who are anti-American and anti-Israel and pro-Hamas, which of course is no different from Obama/Hillary/Biden ad nauseum. We’ll be at Conn. Ave., M and 18th St. starting at 10AM and await the many thousands marching by and screaming for Israeli and Jewish blood, Christian blood and ignoring all that Jihadist and intolerance for women, gays, and Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists and all the other ‘infidels’. Did I mention Jews? Jihad Jane won’t be there, but alot of other Jihad Janes and Joes will be there. Will you?  No forget it. It would actually mean fighting back and Jews don’t fight back, but at least we do. Thank G-d!

Did I mention that in Krakow, Poland where a gathering to remember the 16,000 Jews sent to the gas chambers from there, also had writing on the walls that “Hitler’s good”? This was in yesterday’s Daytona Beach News Journal.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom Int’l.


Dear Bob,
Thanks for putting my opinion on your website, Jews have to stop behaving like ghetto Jews. Why worry what our enemies think of us. I am a proud Jew, I do not take any abuse  from anti-semites. I have have had very few antisemitic episodes since I am in New York, sixty years,  but few year ago an anti-semite threw an garbage can at me. I went staight to the police and reported him.
Anti- Semites only attack the weak, we have to be strong, proud of our heritage and the great contribition we have given to the whole world. We have nothing to apologize for.
Love amd Shalom
Eva Costabel

—–Original Message—–
From: eva deutsch
Sent: Mar 10, 2010 11:12 PM
Subject: Re: Shalom International exposes and opposes “Muslim Day” in Tall. rally on 3/11/10

Not  one inch of Israel to the demands of our enemies. Since when does an foreign government have the right to dictate a sovereign government about where to build or divide their capital. Shame on the Obama administration. Is that how Obama is thanking his Jewish voters.
Israel should not give one inch, it is an idiotic demand.
Meccca and Medina should be divided instead.
I hope that the Israelis will not listen to this nonsense. The hutzpa of Biden and company!
Eva Costabel
Tom Friedman, the Midwestern Jew-boy who built his career on self-congratulatory sycophancy to the rich and powerful, goes down again with another act of oral copulation, this time sucking up to the Obama Administration and piling on to the collective rape and left-wing putsch that the President with the ever-plunging popularity is trying to orchestrate against the democratically elected government of Israel and the sovereignty of the Jewish State.

In “Driving Drunk in Jerusalem,” Friedman fellates himself first, egging on the Obama acolytes to take his advice to get tough with those “most dependent” Israelis, “rubbing the nose” of Joe Biden’s mission, upstaging his own nose-rubbing trip to “handle” the Jewish State so they’ll do nothing about the nuclear weapons being prepared for us in Iran. Friedman, rubbing his oversize ego, says Joe should have taken his advice and got back on the plane and say, as Friedman’s former favorite fellatio recipient Jim Baker did, to f*ck the Jews and have the Israeli’s call the State Department switchboard when they’re ready to get serious.

(Speaking of driving drunk, one needs to wonder what good ol’ Joe was imbibing when he was in Israel, describing Israel’s holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, as being in the “West Bank.” But then again, as everyone in the 57 states knows, the Obama Administration is not known for letting geographical facts get in the way of reality.)

Of course, the Jews did vote in droves for the ringleader of the anti-Netanyahu gang rape. But Friedman the court Jew par excellence, wants to play kapo and thus tries to justify his own ability to pontificate about what’s good for the Jews by driving a wedge between America and Israel, quoting Biden as telling his Israeli interlocutors: “What you are doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and endangers regional peace.”

This is, pure and simple, BS. What’s endangering the US troops is an American leader of questionable legitimacy and fast-eroding popularity, who bows and scrapes to every Muslim and third world socialist leader while trying to browbeat the one democratic that serves as an iron wall against radical Muslim conquest of the region.

Neither Obama, his minions, nor Friedman can find fault with the corrupt and impotent Palestinian Authority. “Palestinian leaders Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad are as genuine and serious about working toward a solution as any Israel can hope to find; Hamas has halted its attacks on Israel from Gaza; with the Sunni Arabs obsessed over the Iran threat, their willingness to work with Israel has never been higher, and the best way to isolate Iran is to take the Palestinian conflict card out of Tehran’s hand.”

All of the foregoing is blithering nonsense — neither the Sunnis in Saudi nor any intelligent person who didn’t have his nose in the behind of the powers that be could seriously claim that “taking the Palestinian conflict card” from the Iranians would stop the rush to a nuclear weapon. On the contrary, humiliating and insulting Israel is bringing glee to the Iranians and strengthening the Palestinian Authority’s unyielding rejectionist stance.

Friedman, after doing his own scandalous put-down of Israel’s government “driving drunk” and approving even harsher humiliation of the Jewish State, pretends that he has the good of the Jews at heart: “In sum, there may be a real opportunity here — if Netanyahu chooses to seize it. The Israeli leader needs to make up his mind whether he wants to make history or once again be a footnote to it.”

Friedman, who is widely known to be in the back-pocket of the Saudi ruling despots and was the conduit if not the originator of the Saudi-backed “Arab plan” to destroy Israel by forcing it to its knees and flooding with hostile Palestinian to destroy its Jewish character, should take a breathalyzer of his own and face the sorry fact that what he has been impotently licking and swallowing all these years has been the oily royal scepters of the various potentates of the Fahd family.



Join us for the premiere screening of the movie Crossing the Line: the Intifada Comes to Campus with guest speaker Khaled Abu Toameh!


Khaled Abu Toameh is an award-winning, independent Israeli-Arab journalist who has been covering Palestinian issues in the West Bank and Gaza for more than 20 years. Having begun his career as a writer for an official PLO newspaper, he now writes for the Jerusalem Post.  Plus, he’s one of my closest friends!!

To witness a recent example of this growing concern click here (618,550 views since Feb 2nd on
11 Arabs arrested on Campus during Ambassador to Israel Michael Oren’s speech:

For tickets, click here or call (610) 668-9600.

General admission: $18 pre-paid, $25 at the door
Student admission: $5 pre-paid, $15 at the door (valid student ID required)

Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue
4200 City Line Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131

Co-Sponsored by Aish Philadelphia and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

co-founder and president



P.O. Box 182

Merion Station, PA  19066

Support America and Israel Rally
March 11, 2010

Support America and Israel Rally 

When thousands of Anti-American & Pro-Hamas march 


DATE:                    March 20, 2010
TIME:                    9:20 AM

LOCATION:        Washington D. C.

                                Connecticut Avenue and M Street and 18 Street

This is our 231th Rally/Event & 1130 news interviews since October 2007

Contact: Bob Kunst,

President of Shalom International


AIPAC has joined Obama to divide Jerusalem and Israel
Tony Blair will be their featured speaker and architect of

this disaster and betrayal.

Shalom International/ will be outside

their National Convention on New York Avenue and 10th Street
in Washington, D.C. on March 21,22,23 at 9:00 AM to protest this
outrageous sellout of Israel and also endangering America!

Contact: Bob Kunst, President,

Shalom International

This our 238th rally/event and 1130 news interviews since Oct. 2007
to March 17th, 2010.

Shalom International exposes and opposes “Muslim Day” in Tallahasee, Florida
March 11, 2010


Shalom International is happy to join with those opposed to Sharia Law in the Fla. Constitution.

3/11/10 in Tallahasee, FL 

In a blatant attack upon the Jewish faith, Veep Biden and Pres. Obama have demanded that Israel divide Jerusalem, Jewish for 3000 years, and Israel, Jewish for 5000 yrs.

In addition there has been an attack upon the Jewish faith from Obama and gang that the burial place of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their wives in Hebron, that is thousands of years older than Islam be under Muslim control. No Jew was allowed up the fist 7 steps for 1700 yrs. and only until 1967, Sixth Day War, have Jews had access to their own Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Jewish faith. Why do we have to cater and cowtow to the Muslims who say that Abraham was willing to sacrifice Ishmail and not Isaac which is part of our Bible/Torah that is thousands of years older that Islam? 

Why does the world have to cater to this violence where Muslims in Nigeria just slaughtered hundreds of Christians in the last few days? 

You can’t make peace with those who lie and then want to kill you!

Every attempt to appease and grovel and excuse this menace poses a major weakness that our enemies will take advantage of. with new violence. Saudi Arabia, responsible for 9/11 and 15,000+ Islamic Jihadist attacks since, is behind the ‘road map’ Obama is pushing that ends the Jewish State and brings on the next war.

 The Muslims in Tallahasee seeking recognition are also supportive of Hamas, Hezbollah and cowardly deny the Holocaust while want ing to finish the job Hitler started. We are here to expose this threat and oppose it and urge all legislators to wake up and remember that the plotters of 9/11 were doing this in Hollywood, Fl. and that Florida is a ‘target’ state as well as the rest of America, ‘the big Satan’, while Israel is ‘the little Satan’. and on the front line of fighting the very same forces alligned with Hitler and waiting for Iran’s nukes to set WWIII into motion that Obama/Biden are allowing with their very stupid and venal politics. 

This will be Shalom International’s 225th rally and 1132 news interviews since Oct. 2007 as the leading Jewish organization, opposed to any division of Israel and Jerusalem. Would Obama/Biden ask the Muslims to give up “Mecca” for ‘peace’, but have no problem telling the Jews that our faith and millions of Jews slaughtered for that faith don’t matter and what is also being propagated here in Tallahasee. with Muslim Day.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres.,, Shalom international

We will be bring a number of very large banners to this rally. Below are two more major events we are leading in D.C.

and on March 14, we will have a booth at the Jewish Heritage Festival in Daytona Beach, Fla. with 10,000+ attending and our messages doing outreach to this large group as well.

Rally against CAIR in Ft.Lauderdale This Evening!
March 6, 2010


This Evenining   5:30P.M  !!!

Rally against CAIR in Ft.Laud., 17th St. Causeway and Eisenhower, for the 3rd year in a row



Important Dates for March


March 9, in NYC we join with others to oppose the Loonie Left and pro-Hamas gang.(see below)


March 11, we join with Fla. Security Council to oppose “Muslim Day” in Tallahassee, Fla., where they want to amend the state Constitution to accomodate Sharia Law.


March 14, we have a booth at the “Jewish Heritage Festival” in Daytona Beach.


March 20, we rally for America and Israel at 9AM at Conn.Ave, M and 18th St., when LeftLoonies and Pro-Hamas march by the thousands in Wash., D.C.


March 21-23, we are out on NY Ave and 10th St. in Wash., D.C., when AIPAC Convention tries to divide Jerusalem and Israel and featuring Tony Blair architect of this Obama disaster. Bibi will also be there.



Every Monday at Noon we are  at Jog Rd and Gateway in Boynton Beach, and 3-5P.M. in Boca Raton on Glades Rd at FAU.Every Tuesday, 5-7P.M. at Ft. Laud., Fed. Bldg., 3rd Ave and Broward Blvd. Every Wed., 5-6P.M. in Pembroke Pines at Pines Blvd. and at entrance to Century Village. Join Shalom International at these events and see for yourselves how many people on our side. You need to know this which the media isn’t reporting….but is participating in Obama’s betrayal of Israel.

Every time we show up, we get overwhelming support and they see us with a purpose who aren’t afraid and are committed to protecting and defending America and Israel. Empower yourselves.

As you can see our plate is full and not just during “Israel Apartheid Week” and below some of what is happening with this. Dubai wants to arrest Bibi for killing of Hamas terrorist there while no one is exposing Dubai shipping to Iran and violating sanctions and Iran getting rockets,weapons etc. back to Hamas and Hezbollah, while the EU goes nuts on the killing of this Hamas killer. Since when didn’t the EU support the Nazi killers?

Another Mitzvah you can do is below and also to please help fund our efforts for all of this vitally important activism. Please go to on paypal or by mail to: “Defend Jerusalem”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140.

What’s obvious is that so much is happening against Israel  and a pending new war  and against the Jewish world again.  Please awaken and help yourselves and we who are on the front lines to oppose and overcome these disasters. What’s reported here is just some of what is going on and the dangers they represent.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International





Dear Activist Friends,
   An ad hoc coalition of grass roots activists with affiliations with Stand With Us, Get Out The Facts, Shalom International, Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam as well as other Israel-advocacy groups is planning a counter-protest at the Waldorf Astoria next Tuesday, March 9, 2010; we will have posters, banners and large and small Israeli and American Flags; we will also be distributing fliers to passers-by.
   We will be countering an annual protest against the IDF and Israel by Adalah and other anti-Israel groups, which will have a podium and loudspeaker and loudmouths screaming vile distortions. The IDF is being honored at a dinner at the Waldorf.  We expect a particularly large turnout from the truth distorters this year.

   Please join us to “take back the streets” from anti-Israel and anti-America mobs that seek to intimidate us into silent acquiescence. For more information/questions please contact me 

at or by calling my cell(917-902-6394).

Here are the current specifics:
Where: opposite side(west side) of Park Avenue, facing the Waldorf Astoria Hotel at Park Avenue between 49th and 50th; we expect the anti-Israel crowd to be at 53rd Street.
When: Tuesday, March 9, 2008  5:00pm-7:00pm ( Please note 5 pm start time;earlier than original plan)
Contact Person: Andy Upton ( cell: 917-902-6394)
We do not have a permit for this counter-protest so we do not yet know exactly where we( or the police) will position ourselves-look for the Israeli and American Flags.
 Our presence has an effect, on our adversaries, on the public, on our IDF honorees at the Waldorf( who usually come out to see us), and on ourselves. Please make the extra effort to be there( we will have plenty of signs and flags for all).

“All that is necessary for the forces of evil to prevail is if enough good people do nothing.”

WND Exclusive


Mideast war in ‘very’ near future?

Dramatic escalation in cooperation between Israel’s foes

Posted: March 02, 2010
10:28 pm Eastern

By Aaron Klein
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Egyptian trucks cross a bridge laid across the Suez Canal during the 1973 Yom Kippur War

JERUSALEM – Egypt is concerned Israel could be in a conflict in the very near future with Syria or the Iranian-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon, a senior Egyptian security official told WND.
The security official said in any future war with Syria or Hezbollah, both actors have been preparing to storm the Israeli border with guerillas and commandos, an act unseen here since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the last conflict in which Syria was openly involved.
In previous conflicts with Hezbollah, the terrorist group fired rockets into Israel.
In addition, the security official said Syria has separately been contemplating launching low-grade attacks against Jewish communities in the Golan Heights to pressure Israel into negotiations aimed at relinquishing the strategic territory.
The official said his country is concerned about a coming conflict but did not mention a specific timeframe.
“It’s possible either side may misinterpret moves and launch the opening salvo very soon,” he said.
(Story continues below)


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The official also said Israel is concerned Syria has recently passes advanced weaponry to Hezbollah in Lebanon. He said his country believes Israel may want to engage in a conflict with Hezbollah to minimize that group’s capabilities before any future strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.
Hezbollah could be used as part of Iran’s strategy of retaliation against Iran in a future war, the official said.
Recent weeks have seen a war of words between Israel and Syria, as well as a dramatic escalation of public cooperation between Israel’s foes Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas.
Last month, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned Syria’s president, Bashar Assad, that any war with his country would topple his regime.
“Assad should know that if he attacks, he will not only lose the war. Neither he nor his family will remain in power,” Lieberman said.
Lieberman was responding to a Syrian threat against Israeli cities one day earlier.
“Israel knows that if it declares war on Syria, such a war will reach its cities as well,” Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem said following a meeting last week with Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos.
Syria has long demanded the Golan Heights as part of any deal with Israel. The Golan looks down on Israeli population centers and twice was used by Damascus to launch ground invasions into the Jewish state.
Last week, Syria hosted a summit with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah and Khaled Meshal, head of the Hamas. All participants expressed solidarity with each other and vowed the destruction of Israel.
The meeting was followed up with another confab in Iran last weekend entitled “Islamic and National Solidarity with the Palestinian People.” The summit was attended by the leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah and Syria. All three again denounced Israel.


Swastikas and Ku Klux Klan Symbols during ‘Apartheid Week’
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu Race Hate and Swastikas in US

Apartheid Week at Columbia, UCLA: As Israel Apartheid Week gets into full gear, pro-Israel activists at New York City’s Columbia University confronted anti-Zionists, who built a mock wall to represent the security barrier that Israel built to prevent suicide bombing and other terrorist attacks. Pro-Israel activists displayed signs, one of which included questions asking students how they would react if local areas were blown up by terrorists.

On California campuses, anti Zionist student radicals erected mock gravestones of Gazans and Israeli border checkpoints, and several incidents of violent riots were reported.

Hate messages against blacks appear to be a  byproduct of the tolerance of hate towards Jews and Israel. San Diego police are investigating the appearance of crudely-designed Ku Klux Klan white hood on a statue outside the main library on the University of California campus. Officials said the incident was intended to offend black students.

Five hate attacks were reported last month, including the spraying of a swastika on the door of a dormitory room where a Jewish student resides. One university official, Sherry Atkinson, said that economic uncertainty might be a source of the hate.

Student government leaders at the university, where a dozen anti-Zionists were arrested by campus police last month for silencing visiting Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, called for mandatory campus-wide “diversity training” to stem further hate messages.

Diploma Returned

In Canada, one graduate of the University of Toronto, which is hosting Israel Apartheid Week, returned his degrees, Melanie Philips wrote in the London Spectator. She reported that Howard Rotberg wrote the university, “We have now reached a situation where various student groups, such as the Muslim Students Association, are being funded by radical Islamist groups, and where various University departments across the ‘free world’ are becoming beholden to radical Islam due to financial funding from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.”

“I feel such shame to have been associated with a University that feels that its facilities must be given to those who would destroy our freedoms, and one which fails to understand that tolerance is a two-way concept.”

Swastikas also in California, Florida

Southern California police also are searching for vandals who carved an 8-foot by 8-foot swastika on a country club putting green. Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe told the Los Angeles Times, “The physical damage to the golf course may be repaired already, but the lasting damage that crimes like this leave on a community can be far more devastating. This vandalism is unacceptable hatred.”

In Florida, a 21-year-old man and three 17-year-old youths were arrested for more than 100 incidents of spray painting expletives, racial slurs and swastikas on garage doors.



This coming Sunday (21 Adar) will be the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Reb Meilech of Lizensk, to send a Kvitel and Pidyon, and to get the Lizensk Coin go to

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Please do a Mitzvah and forward to all your friends.


“Shalom International’s last 25 months and where we need to go with this movement!”
March 6, 2010

>Dear “Chosen” Activists:
>Our impressive activism, needs to be reviewed, as we are now putting ‘structure’ to what has already been accomplished,with our agenda and what makes us unique and how we can do so much more with this ‘structure’ that will put us on a major new and positive level, across the nation and across the planet.
>                        There is no question that we are a missing link in resistance, while a role-model of the alternatives to those who should be doing what we are doing and aren’t and why we do what we do and are not competing with anyone on these successes.  Imagine if this impact were duplicated in every community? Imagine how much more could be accomplished, since there is strength in numbers. Imagine if those loaded with excuses instead focused on making it all happen?
>                                                                           G-d’s hand is on all of these efforts, and we are blessed with the many thousands who have participated with us in the last 25 months.
>It’s one thing to complain about the horrors out there and then actually doing something about it, which is our  highly visible and constant expertise we urge everyone to be a part of and embrace as part of your own activism.
>The attacks upon Israel and Jews is escalating. Iran and its nukes and Obama with EU and UN pressures for Israel to commit suicide and with the anti-semites in the Jewish organizations also participating in this tragedy, we have a great deal at stake at this critical moment in history.
>”Never Again is happening again”. We are back in the 1930s by our ‘so-called leaders’, who haven’t learned a thing from the past,but are repeating the same dangerous mistakes, showing ‘weakness’ our enemies are taking advantage of and leaving us all more vulnerable as a result.
>So while our history for the last 25 months may be long, please read and understand how much we’ve been able to accomplish, with G-d’s help and all of you who did get it.
>We have legs. We have terrific ideas. We know how much more can happen if you also do your part.
>Shabbat Shalom,
>Bob Kunst
>Pres., Shalom International
>A Brief history of Shalom International/ from Oct. 2007 to Feb. 24, 2010.
>We’ve now done 215 rallies/events and 1,128 news interviews that has reached very many millions across this planet.
>We ‘broke’ the silence within the global Jewish community to stop the Olmert government in Israel, when it said it would divide Jerusalem and Israel. This goes for any Israeli government or those pushing Israel to do this suicide that would finish off the Jewish state and give the Nazi their final victory.
>We established that the best defense is a good offense and have been pro-active and manipulating the situation, not just reacting to the Muslims menace and threats, locally and globally, which they love to manipulate.
>We have been mobilizing people of conscience within the Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Bhuddist, ‘infidel’ communities, all threatened by the Muslim Nazis.
>We have been functioning not on Israel being 62-63 yrs. old, but being 5000 yrs. old and our need to defend the faith and all historical places in the Holyland establishing our roots and rights to be there.
>We have been the most visible of all Jewish organizations, though most groups have sided with Obama to divide Jerusalem and Israel which would finish off the Jewish state and further endanger world Jewry. Obama met with 14 of these Jewish groups to divide Jerusalem and Israel from “AIPAC” to “JSt.” and sell this to the Jewish grassroots.
>We have opposed Obama and Hillary and anyone who would divide Israel, Jerusalem and America, while our whole effort has been to support, protect and defend Israel, Jerusalem and America.
>We have taken on the Jewish and Israeli establishments,CAIR and the Muslim Jihadists, the UN, EU, The Vatican, Obama/Hillary, Gov. Crist of Fla., Target Stores, Jimmy Carter and politicians in both political parties, ‘G-20’ and other Summits of world leaders among so many of our efforts.
>We have developed and are furthering developing a global effort with all of these successes.
>We have shown that we aren’t afraid, aren’t going to be misrepresented or intimidated, are going to tell the truth and alter this stupid direction of ‘land for peace’ and ‘2 states for 2 peoples’ as phony, dangerous and a pereceived weakness that is only leading to more war. We are the real ‘peace’ movement.
>We have been doing right vs wrong, not left vs. right. Our Covenant with G-d is our foundation. Our faith, identity, history, all of it must be stated to the world, which tragically Israel hasn’t a clue on public relations and the propaganda war that is critical and necessary and we have been filling that gap on a major level. Our 1128 news interviews have reached millions nationally and internationally.
>We have proven that every time we show up and state our case, the grassroots is always with us, everywhere we have been.
>1. We took this campaign to the White House and led the movement on these issues, starting on Nov. 25, 2007 with 80 people and 15 key media. We have rallied at the White House on 14 occassions, the last time on July 5, 2009, when Obama was Pres.
>>We have also rallied there when Olmert was there, as well as Fatah’s Abbas as no different than Hamas. People from all over the world joined with us each and every time we rallied and only a few negative comments from people.
>2. We rallied then to the Holocaust Museum in Wash., D.C. after marching from the White House.
>3. We led the efforts against this “Annapolis Summit” in Annapolis, Md., where we spent two days and did 150 news interviews. We have exposed both Olmert and Livni, urged by Pres. Bush and Condoleeza Rice, to come in through a side door at this Summit, as the cowards they all are in rewarding the very enemies of Israel and America. Olmert/Livni having no self-respect or respect for Israeli sovereignty are the very forces we exposed as the frauds and embarassments they were/are. There is no one to negotiate peace with. You can’t make peace with someone who wants to kill you. Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. are an extension of the Mufti of Jerusalem, alligned with Hitler to exterminate all Jews. This insane ‘peace’ effort only brings those committed to Israel’s and America’s destruction closer to the major Israeli cities and Ben Gurion airport, while inviting more terror attacks upon the U.S. and the West. Propping up Abbas in West Bank, who barely has any support amongst his own people let alone can’t stop Hamas, is plain stupidity and dangerous.  While the Arabs cowardly deny the Holocaust, they want to finish the job Hitler started, want to grab everything Jewish in G-d’s ‘holy’ land and everything else, with the grand theft in the Holocaust and also the throwing out of 900,000 Jews from Muslim lands in 1948. We are the only Jewish organizaion using these issues as part of our ‘truth’ campaign. The Israelis completely ignore the Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler. Another major mistake.
>At the same time we rallied in Annapolis, we were with Knesset Israel Synogague, where Rabbi Weisblum fed us for 2 days.  We also rallied at the Israeli Consulate in NYC with Assemblyman Dov Hindkind and at the Holocaust Memorial in Philly on the same day. We also rallied at the U.S. State Department in Wash., D.C.
>4. We stated during the Presidential election: “Obama is Bad For Israel and America”. We took this campaign to The Boca Raton Synogague; a fundraiser for Obama at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Fla., a national mayors conference in Miami, where Obama was at. We also took this to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado for 4 days and another 250 media interviews(Aug., 2008). We also took this to the Republic National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.(Sept. 2008) and another 250 media interviews. We also took this to the first Presidential debate in Oxford, Miss. and much more media. We also took this to the national AIPAC Convention in Wash.,D.C. in 2007,plus will be protesting at AIPAC in D.C. from March 21-23, 2010. We also took this to a McCain rally in Orlando and also at an Obama/Hillary Rally in Orlando in 2008. Also at a debate at Bet Breira Shul in S. Dade and at a table we had shared with S. Fla. Friends of Israel at Federation event. We also rallied against Obama at a rally for him in Tampa.
>5. We took our “Keep Jerusalem and Israel United ” campaigns to the “General Assembly” of 3000 Jewish leaders in Nashville, Tenn. in Nov. 2007 and Nov. 2009 in Wash., D.C.; the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, Proclaiming Justice to All Nations Dinner, in Nashville, Tenn.,Feb. 2008; the National Jewish Democratic Coalition, Wash., D.C. in Nov. 2009, and opposed “J St.” at their national convention in D.C., Nov. 2009.
>6. We opposed Muslims wanting Sharia law, in Tall. in March of 2009 and also this March 11, 2010 in Tall. for Round II on this level. We opposed CAIR twice at the Ft. Laud. Convention Center, 2008,2009 with Americans Against Hate and once we opposed CAIR with Jesse Jackson in Arlington, Va. in Nov. 2009. We led opposition with 75 people and help from Joyce Kaufman Radio Show and Tom Trento of Fla. Security Council, when 300 Muslims screamed: “Jews Into The Ovens”, when Israel finally attacked Hamas in Gaza on Dec. 30, 2008. At our one-yr. anniversary,12/30/09, our 300+ were there with lots of media and the Muslim cowards did a no-show. We rallied with Americans Against Hate in Ft. Laud. against CAIR’s getting a street sign by Nova Broward County, with CAIR supporting Hamas in 2010. We also rallied against a mosque in Pompano Beach,Fla. with Rev. Dozier in 2010.
>Since Dec. 30, 2008, the Muslims at the Ft. Laud. Fed. Bldg. would come back the next week but this time with 250 and we having 250. The following week they had 150 and we had 300. Our rally for Israel at the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach on 1/4/09, had 2000 and then we had 300 at the Israeli Consulate in Miami facing the 300 Muslims and 12 of them got arrested.  Shalom International has done weekly rallies at the Ft. Laud. Fed. Bldg. every Tuesday since 12/30/09 through to 2/23/10. We have also begun rallying at FAU,Boca Raton,(3-5P.M.) every Monday, with 3 major rallies during the war and weekly for the last two months, to great reaction from those at FAU, with a large Muslim population, and only a few blocks from both a Mosque and Muslim Center. We have rallied for 6 times in Boynton Beach, at Jog Rd. and Gateway at Noon every Monday in Boynton Beach. For the last 6 weeks we also rally every Wed., at Pines Blvd. and entry to Century Village, 5-6P.M in Pembroke Pines.  We are the ONLY Jewish group in the world with Christian friends who help us to rally 4 times weekly (weather permitting) on behalf of Israel and America.
>The results of our activism and opposition to the pro-Hamas gang was that this effort caught on globally with many rallying for Israel against Hamas from S. America to the Ukraine and across America. Tom Trento’s You Tube on those Muslims screaming “Jews Into the Ovens” got over 500,000 hits and helped push this entire scenario of counter-protest in support of Israel going after Hamas.
>We also rallied with 50 against 1500 pro-Hamas in Orlando in 2009. We also rallied twice in Melbourne, Fla. with 300 and again with 75, both in 2009.
>7. We rallied against Jimmy Carter at Carter Center in Atlanta, May 7, 2008 with local and national media attention, for his support for Hamas, his collaboration with the Arabs for his Carter Center and his anti-semitism. When Jimmy Carter recently offered his apology to the Jews, we rejected it as a ‘political stunt’ and ‘sorry, doesn’t cut it’, and with two Associated Press stories got over 300 media worldwide, plus opened the door to many attacks upon Carter from everywhere. We aren’t finished with him yet and plan more events in Atlanta, plus one meeting we already had there.
>8. We were part of the Jewish Heritage Festival in Daytona Beach in 2008 and will again on March 14, 2010 have a table at this event for 5000+.
>9. We rallied against Obama and Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, Ill., Aug. 9, 2009, with Caroline Glick of Jerusalem Post, our feature speaker and we had 9 media nd 300 attend in the first rally in Obama’s back yard, also with much support from the Russian Jewish community in Chicago. On this same day, Abbas and Fatah were demanding in Bethlehem, not just East Jerusalem but all of Jerusalem. This effort to rally in Chicago began with a meeting in Philly, that came from a couple who rallied with us in Boca Raton.
>10. We rallied to “Keep Jerusalem United” in NYC again at the Israeli Consulate; at a rally for thousands at an Armory rally in 2008; at Central Park on “Israel Day” in 2008; 3 times at the UN against Iran’s Little Hitler-2008,2009; Against the Left/Pro-Hamas march of 5000 and us with 50. In Times Square in 2008. We were also part of a coalition rally at the UN with other anti-Muslim Jihadists. Also, we rallied in front of the State Capital in Albany, NY.
>11. We had 3 more rallies at the Torch of Friendship in Miami in 2008, including with the Hispanic Coalition and also against the Muslims Jihadists. Our first rally in this effort took place at the Torch of Friedship Oct. 2007 and our first media was the Jewish Journal, that’s given us 8 stories since.
>12. We addressed Hadassah in Coral Springs,Fla. plus did one rally there. We addressed an Israeli-American Club in Kings Point Condo in 2009, plus also rallied against Obama at Kings Point in 2008.
>13. We were the principle speakers at a rally for Israel at Century Village in Feb. of 2009 (6 rallies outside there since).
>14. We’ve had 2 meetings and 3 rallies at Chabad in Boca Raton, one rally at a park in downtown Boca Raton with 150 and meetings in Chabad in N. Miami Beach, while attending a large gathering for the Rebbe’s anniversay since his passing, in Philly where Sen. Lieberman was the feature speaker.
>15. We rallied for Israel at a presidential candidate debate at FAU in 2008, met at Rabbi Goldman’s shul in Pompano Beach,(also there when Laurie Cardoza Moore of Proclaiming Justice to All Nations spoke there) and rallied with Rudy Guiliani campaign in Ormand Beach, with our efforts and spoke to him to address these issues of our campaign. We also spoke at an event for Christians and Jews United for Israel in Boca Raton in 2009.
>16. We rallied outside the Shul of Bal Harbour when Sen. Lieberman came to speak in 2008. We rallied when Liberman was speaking in Ft. Laud. and also at a Stadium Rally for Sen. McCain in Bwd. County.
>17. We’ve had organizational meetings in Detroit, Philly, Atlanta, Ft. Laud., Silver Springs, Md., Sunny Isles, Fla., North Miami Beach, Boca Raton.
>18. We rallied at a McCain rally at F.I.U. in 2008, with 5000 there to see him.
>19. We also rallied at the Super Bowl on 2/7/10 in Miami and Art Deco visibility on Miami Beach a week earlier with our tee-shirts, with many thousands giving us support.
>20. We also addressed Rotary Club in Palm Beach in 2008; rallied against Chavez of Venezuela and his anti-semitic politics in Shul in North Miami Beach and Consulate in Miami in 2009. We participated in church luncheon in Palm Beach.
>21. We participated in “Tea Party” rallies in Ft. Laud. (5); Weston, Fla. and also in Wash., D.C. and will be part of one this April 15 in Ft. Laud.. Have collected over 1000 names from these events. A rally for Israel in Orlando Shul on 2/14/10, was leafleted by a couple who join with us every Tues. at Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud. We support Israel and America and have been well received at these events. We do not get involved with ‘tea party’ inside politics or who they are endorsing.
>22. We protested Jewish sell-out members of Congress in S. Fla. in 2009 in going after Rep. Wexler in Delray Beach and Rep. Klein in S. Palm Beach and Rep. Wasserman-Schultz(Schmutz) in Weston. We also rallied for U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan in Ft. Laud. in 2009.
>23. We rallied in the rain against Rev. Wright,Obama attended this racist’s Church, at the National Press Bldg. in Wash., D.C. in 2008 and got lots of media there as well.
>24. We rallied with JDLCanada in Toronto in Aug. of 2009 at the U.S. Consulate against Obama’s sellout politics against Israel. We also addressed this organization a few days earlier and we also got local media as a result of this effort.
>25. We were part of a meeting at Beth Israel Synogague on Miami Beach about building in East Jerusalem and met with Nof Zion. com folks who then agreed to help us to go to Jerusalem, to organize our rally: “Hands Off of Jerusalem”, when the Pope was there in May of 2009. We would do 60 media interviews with 200 at our rally. This was preceded by our efforts in Geneva, Switzerland as part of this effort. Nof Zion has a project with the most spectacular view of Jerusalem and is building 400+ units. Please check them out as one of the key investments and preservation efforts for a United Jerusalem.
>26. We also stood in front of the Vatican in Rome with our sign, 4/25/09,: “Keep Jerusalem United” and this photo made world news including the Orthodox Union publication in the U.S..
>26. We rallied in Geneva, Switzerland against the anti-semitic and anti-Israel “Durbin II” UNazis conference that also gave Iran’s Little Hitler a forum to again blast Israel with. We participated and had a table at a major conference on these issues, a Remember the Holocaust event with 3000, a rally against Darfur genocide with 100, and another pro-Israel rally and got a dozen media interviews for these efforts as well as a mailing list from many of the dozen Jewish groups and many Jews attending these events from 4-20-24/09. We also had a rally at the UN in NYC at the same time as we were in Geneva.
>27. We had two ads in the Jerusalem Post in Oct. 2009, that one key local rabbi helped us to get. The focus was on all the bad things that happened to Israeli leaders who sold out to the enemies of Israel and the Jewish nation.
>28. We met with some Jewish leaders,but Christian Zionist leaders in Portland, Oregon, put 200 of our stickers there in circulation with their support.
>29. We confronted 60 anti-Israel political groups such as “J St.” at a conference at the Wilson Center, in Wash., D.C. in Nov. of 2009. Only two of us were for Israel, but we made international news at this event as well. We confronted one Jew and one Arab, both sides of the same coin ,in their give up everything politics, at a forum at the U. of Miami in 2009.
>30. We were interviewed on WIOD Radio several times including to comment on officer murdered by Nazi at Holocaust Museum in 2009. We were also interviewed by Jewish radio shows in Philly, Phoenix, AZ., and Jewish Activist Radio out of NYC and Joe Orlow. We’ve also been interviewed by Jewish papers in Atlanta, NYC, Wash., D.C., S. Fla. and the JTA. Also, Ch. 2 and 10 from Israel and Haaretz and JPost several times. We were also interviewed on “Wiley Drake” Christian Radio 6 times.
>31. We opposed Rev. Phelps Nazis, from Topeka, Kansas, both at the General Assembly in Wash., D.C., Nov., 2009 and again when they came down to Boca Raton Federation, when we organized 100 against them and much media attention as well for our efforts in 2010.
>32. We were the only Jewish group visible at the “G-20” World leader Summit in Pittsburgh,Aug., 2009 and got 20 media interviews there as well.
>33. We got over 300 media worldwide in demanding that Fla. Gov. Crist change a special election date that would fall on the last day of Passover to another date, and that this insensitivity was an act of ‘anti-semitism’.  Gov. Crist changed the date and we then called him a ‘mensch’ and got media on that one as well. This was in Dec. 2009, for an election now taking place on April 13, 2010. Another victory for our side.
>34. We initiated a national exposure upon Target Stores selling a “Palestine” Globe that eliminated “Israel”. This product from China, was exposed via media on Joyce Kaufman’s Radio Show in S.Fla. and by letter, we wrote to the CEO on 1/24/10. On 1/25/10, we got a call from Target customer relations that they would remove the globes, but we could buy them continually for another week. On 1/28/10, at a rally we did in NYC at “Ground Zero”, 9 media were there for us as well to focus on our opposition to ‘9/11’ trial in NYC, our opposition to Muslim Jihadists responsible for ‘9/11’ and the Globe from Target. The NYTimes Blog, and subsuquent major story from the NYPost, plus Fox and NBC tvs in NYC and over 100 media worldwide picked up on this story, which is still on-going with Target refusing to explain itself on how this happened in the first place or what they did with the globes themselves, we don’t know were destroyed or given away which only adds to the same problem. We expect to confront Target at it stockholders meeting in May. With a global campaign against Israel claiming Israel doesn’t exist, or the Holocaust didn’t happen or that ‘9/11’ was an inside job, and those who say Israel shouldn’t exist, or those who say Israel should not be able to defend itself (Goldstone Report) by UN, EU, etc. or are boycotting Israel, this ‘globe’ is the key example and model of what their goals are in marginalizing Israel on every level and delegitimizing Israel and therefore an additional attack upon the Jewish people worldwide as part of this assault. These dangers we face with synogagues and churches under attack and the need to defend ourselves everywhere is part of a meeting with Rabbi Moskowitz we attended in Chabad Shul in Kew Gardens, Queens,NY, on all of these issues, on 1/31/10. We are working on a National Jewish Security Council, relationship with Rabbi Moskowitz.
>35. When the tragedy of the Haitian Earthquake took place, we participated with a group at the City of Miami Beach to help organize relief. We also took the tremendous Israeli success of being first and foremost in saving Haitian lives with their medical team and took this info to a S. Fla. Radio station, that previously had ignored Israel while promoting Saudi Arabia as being involved when it wasn’t. We reversed this for the Caribbean community with the DJ reversing himself from a week earlier and promoting Israel and stating how the Muslims and Arabs were AWOL. This is also an on-going campaign for us to reach out to the radio community media to change this anti-Israel image and to correct what really happened is going on there.
>36. As you can see we have been the most successful grassroots effort in the nation and planet and also the most underfunded and still $15,000 in debt. We take no salary as yet for our successes. We have also gotten a headquarters at 2040 N.E. 163rd St., in North Miami Beach, near Aventura since April 2009.
>37. We put out 10,000 bumper stickers that say with both the U.S. and Israeli flags on them: “Keep Jerusalem United” and “Protect and Defend” and they are all over the world as one of our visible fundraisers. We have also produced thousands of “Keep Jerusalem United” buttons; 5000 posters donated to us as well as 19 large banners; and hundreds of pins also donated to us for fundraising. We also have paintings from Holocaust survivor, Eva Costabel of NYC on magnificent scenes from Jerusalem that are for sale on our web site, which is managed by Barnett.Your donations are vital either through paypal on the web or by check to: “Defend Jerusalem”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140.
>38. We’ve also had donated art work from Carole Flato, Marlene Arribas and Jeannene Ross, and Beena, to advertise our rallies with.
>39. From Israelpundit to Voices of Unity Coalition, and very many blogs and emails putting out our messages and efforts to mobilize resistance to the madness out there so that we have had access to very many thousands of people all over the world besides our own 5000 e-mail list.  We have put out 300+ e-mails and announcements, and hundreds of tee-shirts and many thousands of flyers.  With all of our visible attempts to tell our side of the story, we are sort of a mini Al Jazeera, taking advantage of being at the right place at the right moment and stating our case for the world to understand another point of view they aren’t getting otherwise.We’ve actually been interviewed by Al Jazeera on 3 occassions too.  When we were in Israel we pleaded with the locals to take advantage of 1000 media covering the Pope they could take advantage of to tell their story to the world eager to hear from them and most, tragically didn’t get it. But we did, with the help of and got coverage all over Europe and the world that Jerusalem belongs to every Jew and every Jew murdered for being a Jew and that Israel is strictly caretaker for what belongs to G-d and his gifts to us, his ‘chosen’ people who are the world’s scapegoats and also the world’s conscience and why we are the missing link in telling the truth and moving beyond those foolish politics that are allowing the next Holocaust, G-d forbid. We stood firm that the Pope shouldn’t give sainthood to Hitler’s Pope Pius XII, and to open papal documents on WWII and to return $millions in Jewish holy items and articfacts stolen in the Holocaust and in the Vatican needing to be returned to the Jewish people.  We have also advocated that the death camps be taken over by Israel and  these holy sights and the world’s largest Jewish cemeteries, need to have the truth told about all victims and also to prevent commercialism, trivialization and Vaticanization of those camps.
>40. We are the biggest bang for the buck and the most successful and underfunded Jewish group with Christian supporters as well, helping us to make this difference in the last 25 months. Imagine if every Jew understood both the threats and the opportunities and also experienced the support we are getting ,that one has to experience, beyond the biased anti-Israel media and the politics supporting the terrorists from the EU, UN, Obama, and the Jew-haters around the world, including in our own community doing so much harm to us all. We will rally opposite the Looney-Left and Pro-Hamas gang in Wash., D.C. when they march on March 20, 2010, and we are peacefully resisting at the corner of Conn. Ave., M St. and 18th St., starting at 9 AM.. On June 6, 2010, our “Gathering of Mensches” at the Holocaust Museum in Wash. D.C. at 8 AM to Remember “D-Day” anniversary and the Holocaust and this anniversary of the “Sixth Day War” when Israel and Jerusalem were reunited…and then our march to the WWII Memorial for wreath laying and taps, and then march past the White House (Muslim House) on our way to the U.S. Capitol for a 2 P.M. Rally on protecting and defending America and Israel and to finally make a huge statement of thanks for everyone confronting the Muslim extremists in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Israel on the forefront in the Middle East and everyone standing tall against these threats across the planet.
>Shalom International/ is a constant reminder of defending our Covenant with G-d, our religion, our 5000 yr. history, our identity as Jews and with help from our Christian supporters and others who believe as we do that time is running out and the dangers are great and our collective need to respond to this danger and emergency with another war on the horizon, let alone terrorist attacks in the U.S. from domestic Muslim Jihadists.  ACT NOW, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. PUT YOUR FINANCES, RESOURCES, TIME AND EFFORTS BEHIND WHAT IS WORKING AND WOULD WORK EVEN BETTER WITH YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT.
>Yours in Shalom,
>Bob Kunst
>Pres., Shalom International

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