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February 28, 2009


We welcome everyone who wants to do something about Supporting a United Jerusalem, a United Israel, America and the West from the threats of Islamic terrorism.
Shalom International/Defend Jerusalem. net, is all about our successful activism, our links to much info about what is really going on and what to do about it. Please see the history of Shalom International since 1989 and since Oct. 2007, we have now done 88 rallies and events and over 800 media on these very issues.
We have been the missing link on activism locally and globally and a catalyst for many rallies in the world. We have broken the ‘silence’ on this one-sided insanity of ‘two-states’ and ‘ ‘land for peace’ groveling which has only meant more war and the insanity of trying to make ‘peace’ with those who want us dead , while they keep screaming ‘Death to Israel’ and “Death to America.”
We have challenged our ‘supposed leaders’ who have brought us into this mess that has also seen a huge rise in anti-semitism they’ve allowed with their appeasement politics and has created this great danger for us all. If Israel is perceived as weak or the Jewish work is perceived as passive in facing these threats, this only invites a greater tragedy for us all.
We led the protests in front of the White House, at Annapolis Summit, at the Holocaust Museum, at the State Dept. at both Dem. and Gop conventions and the first presidential debate in Oxford, Miss. We’ve had rallies at the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach, 1/4/09 with 2000 and 6 rallies in NY as well. We took on Jimmy Carter, on the take from Arab countries and his anti-Israel bias when we rallied on 5/4/08 in Atlanta. See our history of rallies and activism.
We urge each of you to let your networks know of our efforts, bring us to your groups to address what we need to do, and be upfront in your own communities when the opposition shows up to lied about everything. It’s critical that we develop a strategy of telling our story to the world
We are 5000 yrs. old, not 60 yrs. old. From Hitler to Hamas, Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, etc. the Holocaust Continues. The Islamic threats today are an extension of the Mufti of Jerusalem in alliance with Hitler to finish off the Jews. Today they cowardly deny the Holocaust, but want to finish the job and we are very vocal in opposition and in exposing these threats to all Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists, “Infidels” and other Muslims who really want peace.
This is who we are organizing with.
If you appreciate our efforts, please donate to make our impact even greater. We cannot do it otherwide.If you have the time to volunteer, we need you. If you have ideas on what we must focus on, we welcome all of it, providing that we also have the funding to do all of these things. If you have articles for us please send them on.
Whether it is opposing the Pope when he travels to Israel in May and makes excuses for bringing back a Bishop from England who denies the Holocaust ,or our rally in NY at the UN on 4/19/09 in opposition to “Durbin II” which is the UN doing its anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish bashing, this time in Geneva, we are visible, we are stating our case and we really mean “Never Again”.
We welcome you to our campaign.

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres., Shalom International

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