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Holocaust Victims Teed Off with Allianz!
February 15, 2011

On February 13, 2011 a group of Holocaust survivors, their family and other supporters joined together in Boca Raton, Florida to speak out against Allianz Insurance Company for stealing billions of dollars of their money as well as their collaboration and allegiance to the Nazi party during Hitler’s reign.

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What they are protesting about this day is the company’s pilfering of Holocaust victims money from policies they held with the company before they were rounded up by Gestapo and Nazi Storm troopers then if not executed on site, placed in work camps or death camps. To this day and hour they have not made a significant attempt to reimburse and settle the money owed on polices with any of the victims.

Instead they hold on to the profits benefited by death and destruction, murder, torture and incarceration of the Jewish policy holders, victims of the Holocaust

The German company was hosting their annual golf tournament in Boca Raton, Fl. This group placed themselves just outside the entrance to the event to make a public statement.

They were letting Allianz know they were not going to just forget about what happened 60 years ago and the billions that Allianz stole while they spend millions to advertise and host this tournament each year. They also will not accept anyone letting the history of the Holocaust get swept under the carpet.

Their voices strong and their heads held high they are a force to be reckoned with!

Watch the video…Listen to their stories…Help their cause

Hold Allianz accountable for their actions!

Make them PAY!

Don’t underestimate Egyptian hatred of Israel
February 11, 2011

Democracy or Jew-Hatred? More Evidence of Anti-Semitism at the Egypt Protests

There is massive evidence to be found in the Western media of anti-Semitism and “anti-Zionism” at the Egypt protests. But images in the flickr streams of amateur local photographers are even more shocking and unambiguous.

February 7, 2011 – by John Rosenthal 

In response to my PJM article documenting anti-Semitic imagery at the Egyptian protests, I’ve received several comments — both in public and in private — suggesting that, nevertheless, anti-Semitic and/or “anti-Zionist” sentiment among the protestors has played only a marginal role. The assurances to this effect are typically based on the first-hand accounts of Western observers or English-speaking participants with Western contacts. These accounts are supposed somehow to trump the clear pictorial evidence to the contrary.

The appearance of anti-Semitic and/or “anti-Zionist” motifs in the photos and videos of the protests is, however, simply too widespread and systematic for such assurances to reassure. Such images are to be found in video and photographic material from virtually every major Western news organization present in Egypt. This fact is all the more significant when one considers that the reports published or broadcast by these very same news organizations have as a rule outright ignored any anti-Semitic or anti-Israeli sentiment among the protestors. Indeed, as will be seen below, even more outrageous images figure prominently in the flickr streams of amateur local photographers.

Herewith further evidence.

Such vitriol includes comments like “Israel after we are done with Mubarak, we will come for you!!!” In response to the sarcastic question “Whats a pro mubarak protester?,” another commentator replies, “Yeah good question, does he look like this….,” and posts the following cartoon.

Protestors interviewed by CNN’s Nick Robertson during the first week of demonstrations unleashed a remarkably similar torrent of hatred toward Israel and the United States. “He supporting Israel, Israel is our enemy, we hate him!” one female protestor screamed as regards Mubarak. And then she screamed some more: “Israel and America supported him, we hate them all!”

Whereas his female companion did nothing but spew hatred, a male protestor did at least bring up the aspirations of Egyptians to be free. This is what he said about them: “The United States stand beside Hosni Mubarak one hundred percent, because they know if Hosni Mubarak fell, the whole people in Egypt they gonna be free. And if the people free in Egypt, … they gonna go free the Palestinians! They gonna destroy Israel! The country that controls the United States is Israel!” (The interview can be found here. For the context of the interview, see here.)

Note that the evidence that I have assembled above and in my previous article is based solely upon searches of English- and German-language sources. It presumably represents just a fraction of the evidence that could be found in Arabic sources. To test this hypothesis, I did a flickr search on the name Mubarak in Arabic (مبارك). This led me to the following photos from the Egypt protests.

Ironically, the second-to-last photo above appears to have been taken in front of an office of the European Union. Here is a close-up detail.

It seems that the Western news organizations present in Egypt have been kindly “sparing” their audiences the most blatantly offensive images. The local photographers obviously have no such inhibitions.

The flickr streams make clear that most of the posters displayed at the demonstrations did not in fact contain any pictures or symbols at all. They consist of pure Arabic text. It would undoubtedly by highly revealing to have those posters translated. Translations of the Arabic text present on the above posters would be greatly appreciated.

What if the Problem in Egypt Really is the People?
February 11, 2011

Sultan Knish

A thousand talking heads and neo-conservative experts on the region assure us that a bright future stretches out before Egypt like a magic carpet. “Democracy,” “Freedom”, “Representative Government” are the buzzwords that trickle wetly out of their printers. All cynicism is disdained and skepticism swept into the dustbin. History is being made here. But the tricky thing about history is that it isn’t a point on a map, but a continuous wave. Like the tide, history is made and remade over and over again, formed and repeated, washed and beached on the shores of time.

Mubarak is the problem, we are told. And he certainly is their problem. The pesky 82 year old air force officer standing in the way of their dreams of a new Egypt. If not for him, Egypt would be a liberal model for the region. Just like Gaza, Lebanon and Iraq. But is it the dictator or the people who are the problem? The protesters are unified by a desire to push out Mubarak. But what do they actually stand for, besides open elections.

59 percent of Egyptian Muslims want democracy and 95 percent want Islam to play a large part in politics. 84 percent believe apostates should face the death penalty. That is what Egyptian democracy will look like. A unanimous majority that wants an Islamic state and a bare majority that wants democracy. Which one do you think will win out? A democratic majority of the country supports murdering people in the name of Islam. Mubarak’s government does not execute apostates or adulterers. But a democratic Egypt will. Why? Because it’s the will of the people.

The cheerleaders shaking their pom poms for Egyptian democracy don’t seem to grasp that the outcome could be anything other than positive. It’s an article of faith for them that freedom leads to freedom. That open elections give rise to human rights. That the problem can only be the dictator, not the people. Never the people. That is their ideology and they will stick to it.

Ever since World War II, we have been working off the “Hitler Paradigm”. The “Hitler Paradigm” says that there are no bad nations, only bad governments. The people themselves are perfectly fine, but occasionally a tiny minority of extremists size power. This allows the liberally minded to reconcile the need for occasional wars with their faith in mankind. Instead of fighting wars against nations, they fight wars to liberate nations from their despotic regimes. And ever since we have been fighting these “Wars of Liberation.”

We fought to free Korea and Vietnam from Communism, but we lacked one basic thing. Ground level support from the people we were fighting to protect. Today South Koreans like Kim Jong Il more than they like us. We fought to free the tyrants of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussein. As a reward, they financed the terrorists who have been killing us ever since. We fought to free Iraq from Saddam, and the entire country imploded into armed camps. Our “Victory in Iraq” came about because we cut a deal with the Baathists against the Shiites and Al Qaeda, essentially restoring a broken version of Saddam’s old status quo. We fought to liberate Afghanistan, and now we find ourselves allied with some Muslim warlords who abuse women and rape little boys– against the other Muslim warlords who abuse women and rape little boys.

Handing out democracy like candy does not fix existing cultural problems. It does not end bigotry, free women or stop murder in the name of Allah. Open elections are only as good as the people participating in them. And the 84 percent of Egyptians who want to murder apostates have issues that democracy will not solve. The problem with Egypt is not Mubarak– but the Egyptians.

Let’s take another example. In Jordan, the next target on the freedom tour, King Hussein passed a bill to criminalize the honor killings of women. And their democratically elected parliament voted 60 to 25 to strike the bill down. It took them only 3 minutes. That’s what democracy would mean for the Jordanian girls murdered by their husbands, brothers and fathers. The right of the people and their duly elected representatives to legalize the murder of women.

The Hitler Paradigm says that all you have to do is take away the dictator and his staffers to usher in democracy, freedom and mutual amity. But what if the dictator is not the problem, but the symptom of a larger cultural problem?

Take the Cold War. We defeated Communism without a massive war. The Berlin Wall came down. Democracy came to Russia. Except here we are back to square one. The situation in the region has been reset back to before WW2, with a chaotic Eastern Europe and a predatory Russia. Economic liberalization and even the end of Communism did not change the underlying pattern. Despite a brief period of democracy, Russia reverted to a totalitarian regime with designs on the rest of the region. And that should have shocked no one, because it is exactly what happened after the fall of the Czars culminating in the Bolshevik takeover. All the reforms and liberalization did not give the average Russian what he wanted most– stability, order and a strong nation.

Freedom is culturally determined. It is not the same thing as democracy. Nor is democracy as ubiquitous and universal as its advocates would like us to believe. Like all forms of power, it can only be exercised by those who are ready for it. Much of the world is not ready for it, no more than 12th century Europe was ready for the Constitution. Given the power to choose, they will choose tyranny. They will choose the known over the unknown, the stable over the unstable, and order over freedom.

A society with a social hierarchy embedded in its culture will preserve that hierarchy even with democratic elections Such elections will not give women freedom or rights to religious minorities or freedom of expression to unpopular views. These are things which stem from legal guarantees such as the Constitution, they do not arise out of the natural course of open elections. And the pundits who are busy pretending that this is how it works in the columns of every major newspaper are playing the fool.

The United States has freedom due primarily to its culture. Those freedoms were an outgrowth of the rights of Englishmen and the Enlightenment. They cannot be exported to another country– without also exporting the cultural assumptions that produced them.

Egypt’s period of greatest liberalization was under British rule. Since then its cosmopolitan nightspots have been torched and it has drifted closer to Islamization. Even Egypt’s current level of human rights under Mubarak is above that of most of its neighbors. And the reason for that is Mubarak’s ties to America. The more democratic Egypt becomes, the more its civil rights will diminish. Its rulers will see social issues as an easy way to compromise with the Muslim Brotherhood. As Egypt’s cultural ties to the West diminish, so will its freedoms.

The Islamists understand this far better than the neo-conservatives. That is why they campaign so ruthlessly against Western culture. They understand that it is cultural assumptions that dictate behavior, more than any law. While we try to export institutions to the Muslim world, they export Muslim culture to us. And they have had far more luck changing us, than we have had changing them. Institutions are shaped by culture, but cultures are not shaped by institutions. Export every aspect of American government to Egypt, and it will run along Egyptian lines, not American ones. And within a year, Egypt’s government will run the same way it does today. Only the window dressing will be different.

Mubarak is one of the last of the Janissaries, the Western trained army officers who seized power across the Arab world in order to implement some twisted semblance of a modern system of government. When the army’s grip on power fails, then Egypt will fall even further. The loss of power by the Turkish military meant a descent into Islamism and terrorism. It will mean the same thing in Egypt.

The “Hitler Paradigm” is the ideological blindspot of so many liberals and the liberally minded who insist that an entire nation cannot be bad, only a dictator, just as a religion cannot be bad, only a tiny minority of extremists. Their knee jerk response to every crisis is to insist that a change of government will change everything, that opening up the system will inherently and inevitably mean freedom. As is so often the case, a single bad idea can lead to tremendous folly.

A people who do not believe in the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will not be free no matter how many times they go to the polls. You can place voting booths outside every home and run elections every week, and it will still do no good. Freedom may be the birthright of every man, woman and child on earth– but it cannot be theirs until they claim it. As long as they believe in the right of the majority to oppress the minority, in the value of order over liberty, and the supremacy of the mosque over any and all civil and legal rights– then they will never be free. Never. Their elections will either give rise to chaos or tyranny. That is how it is in the Middle East. That is how it will always be until they claim their birthright by closing the Koran and opening their minds.

Egyptian Revolution Blues :(
February 10, 2011


Today I sit in front of my television.  I can’t believe what I am hearing.

Of course it no surprise to me where we are headed when even Saudi Arabia accuses President Obama for putting Egypt under his bus as well as more in the near future.


Do I need to mention our Head of Intelligence reading his prepared statement.

Another DUFUS!  Way to go Clapper.   Clap Off!  


This whole Kumbaya vibe going on in the media is the icing on the cake. I am going to be sick.

Hearing Shleppy Smith on FOX News talking about what a historic moment this is and what others must be thinking in Yemen and Jordan etc. as they watch this celebration of freedom in Egypt this evening.

I am screaming at the TV at all this stupidity. Those people will actually get it one day…However, it will be too late.

Someone emailed me this little video featuring a  little tune by Sandy Cash,  which really sums it up!


We won’t “PUTT” up with Allianz!
February 10, 2011

This is a letter by Bob Kunst of Shalom International addressed to Boca Raton Mayor about Allianz Nazi past, and present lies and betrayal of Holocaust Survivors.

Read his letter than view images of the rally.  A second protest is also scheduled for this Sunday February 13 @ 10:00 am.  Yamato Road and Broken Sound in Boca Raton, Fl

Dear Mayor Susan Whelchel of Boca Raton:

Enclosed is one of hundreds of news stories of our event yesterday in Boca Raton at the entrance to the Allianz Golf Tournament with Holocaust Survivors and us protesting the Nazi Past of Allianz and its betrayal of the customers  in the Holocaust, by avoiding responsibility for $2 billion still owed Holocaust survivors and heirs of Holocaust victims.

From Rumania, Israel, India, Australia and all across America, millions saw just the beginning of our campaign for justice from Allianz which has been openly caught in a number of lies to deflect our criticism, including that it paid $300 million to survivors, when in fact it paid at most some $29 million through the ICHEIC commission, leaving over $2 billion in policies owed to Holocaust victims’ families dishonored.  Moreover, the statement that Allianz will continue to process claims is a ruse because the company never publicly identified the names of Allianz policyholders, since the German policy holder names published by ICHEIC did not indicate issuing company!

For one of the largest insurance companies in the world to play this kind of dirty politics, to paper over its disastrous Nazi past and dishonest recent history, is just one of the issues here.  Allianz insured the Nazi regime and its death camps, received immeasurable benefits from the regime, and cheated tens of thousands of Jewish insurance policy holders.

A championship golf tournament is a worthy effort, but in this case it is both tainted and a pall over the tournament and this issue has gone all over the golfing community all over the world.  It is just the beginning.


This issue isn’t going to go away. We are planning a very major campaign effort in order to resolve these issues and the longer Allianz plays these games and  continues to abuse the survivors, the longer the media and bad press will focus on them, locally, nationally and internationally and on Boca Raton, where a substantial number of Jewish families reside, including many Holocaust survivors and second generation families.

Allianz’s profiteering is also a problem when you consider that in this country (not to mention overseas), half of all Holocaust survivors live below or near the poverty level.  They need urgent help. There is a time factor and moral factor here we cannot and won’t ignore.   Allianz’s response is to give money for golf tournaments, to National Public Radio, and the American Jewish Committee for overseas trips for young professionals  For shame!

Our next protest is on Sunday, Feb. 13, 2011, at 10:00AM at Yamato and Broken Sound in Boca Raton. We are expecting a bigger crowd and even more media attention. You are welcome to join with us and to stand with the survivors and their just cause.

As Mayor of Boca Raton, we understand this tournament seems like an economic boost.  However, until Allianz reaches out to the survivor leadership to deal with our issues, this relationship is problematic.    This is stupid, insensitive, cowardly, and short-sighted, as we expose Allianz to a world that didn’t know about its past, but  now is appalled at what is going on here.

We urge you to use your influence to bring us together. Our campaign is going to be ongoing, tournament or not.  We will have thousands in the streets on these issues way before the next tournament.

Both Pres. Obama and Sen. Nelson have sided with the Nazi insurance companies and against the survivors and we assure you these issues will be a part of the 2012 election campaigns as well.

Note that Allianz is only one of the Nazi insurance culprits and our campaign will focus on all of them and who have ripped off the Holocaust survivors on every level, including Generali, AXA, and others, and their supporters like the Claims Conference.

Please contact us as soon as possible on this appeal.  We are copying the media as well.

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres., Shalom International

“Iranium”The Movie: Screening in Fort Lauderdale
February 10, 2011


This past Tuesday an audience of 200 + filled the AMC theater in Oakland Park, Fl to view the presentation of “IRANIUM”. It is a must see film for anyone who wants to learn the truth about the threat that looming  across the other side of the world in Iran and Middle East.


Part of a nationwide event, the film is produced by the Clarion Fund, a non-profit organization that produces documentary films on national security threats. Previous films include the award-winning documentary Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, and The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America.

Anyone who was unable to make it to a screening can view the video via their website for FREE ! However,  it does take good sized workforce plus  a considerable amount of financing to create, produce and distribute this media to empower you with this valueble knowledge. So please, be kind and help them with any contribution if possible. There is a tab on their hompage for that.

You will also find more information such as a synopsis, filmaker and interviewee bios, screenings and other news along with ways that you can help to publicize this film.

Here is their link…Prepare to be awakened!


Special Thanks to our host , speakers and volunteers for making this event a huge success and a rewarding evening as well.


Protesters make a stand at Allianz tournament
February 9, 2011

Article from Palm Beach Post
Protesters make a stand at Allianz tournament

Dear friends,

This SUNDAY FEB 13 at 10 AM. We will be at Yamato Rd and Broken Sound (in Boca Raton, FL) to protest the actions of Allianz and support the survivors in their fight to claim what is rightfully theirs and expose Allianz for the monstrous evil they were and still are today. 

Please join us in support.   You must hear these survivors stories of survival first hand and as to what lengths they went to for survival and will go to still fight today. It is incredible. 


Barnett C.


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