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October 21, 2009

DATE:                10/26/09

TIME:                 10:00 AM,

PLACE:          ” J Street ” Convention, Grand Hyatt Hotel,

                                1000 H Street, N.W. , Washington. , D.C.

South Florida WFTL Talk Radio Personality, Joyce Kaufman, will also be joining with us at this event against ” J Street “.

If we can get at least a dozen for this rally, we’ll be joined by folks from Toronto , JDL Canada . Please let us know immediately.

Obama’s efforts to Divide Jerusalem and Israel.  JEWS WHO ARE AGAINST A JEWISH STATE, is what these groups are, who met with Obama on July 13, to try to push Jewish support for this outrageous and aggregious attack upon Israel and the Jewish people, which has already backfired

We must respond to the Jews who are against a Jewish State, a Jewish nation and being “Jews”, and are with Obama who wants to divide Jerusalem and Israel and who is catering to the very forces who want “Death to America” as much as “Death to Israel”.   We must speak up.

       We have two opportunities for media to tell our side of the story


Dear “Chosen” Chicago Activists
October 21, 2009

Below are 3 more ‘events’ we should try to cover and to make sure that the Islamic Nazis out there have a resistance with our visibility.

 The media will also be there to help us, if we show up.

 Below this statement is one from Natasha and her experience on Oct. 15 in Chicago, that is worth looking at. They got four media interviews, in the rain, no less and showed the opposition that we will not let them get away with their lies while monopolizing the media.

 Today, we do our 151st Rally/Events and 1041 News interviews since Oct. 2007, with our weekly rally in Ft. Laud. at the Federal Bldg. Tomorrow while you support a United Jerusalem, Israel and IDF, we will expose the corruption of the Democratic Jewish Council, backing Obama to divide Jerusalem and Israel and gives the Nazis their key victory. Many big names will be there from Congress, when we rally at 9AM at the Hilton,1919 Conn. Ave., N.W., Wash., D.C.

 Please note that Congressman Robert Wexler, just quit last week to head some Middle East sellout of Israel. Wexler was Obama’s #1 advocate to the Jewish community to convince them that Obama could be trusted and would support Israel. Wexler, though representing N. Broward and S. Palm Beach, actually lives in Maryland and used his mom’s house to run for Congress.  This liar and rip-off, never stopped supporting Obama’s attacks on Israel then and now and to divide Jerusalem, and opposition to him was strong. Indeed the FBI is also investigating him. Our many protests against him and the rest of the gangsters supporting Obama, is one key reason why he left Congress. He is also scheduled to speak at “J St.” Convention, which we will also protest on Oct. 26, 9AM, at Hyatt, 1000 H St., Wash., D.C.

 We urge everyone to please get the word out, and be at these events if you can. Also, to please donate to our efforts, via paypal at or by mail to: “Defend Jerusalem”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140. We will also be informing everyone in D.C. of the “Million Mensch March”, 6/6/10.

Now that Ehud Olmert is behind us we have three more demonstrations coming up.  Expect another large Arab turn out at the first two.
Number (1) & (2) are taken from
Both (1) & (2) are downtown during the evening rush hour; which has expensive parking garage fees.  It’s economical to take CTA downtown.
Friends of the IDF dinner
Wednesday October 21
5:00 to 7:00 PM
This article makes reference to their protest at a Friends of IDF movie theatre party on January 29, 2008.  That demonstration was hectic; but not out of control.  They had maybe 150 Arabs and Leftists at a neighborhood movie theatre. 
The sidewalk was narrow and we were standing just a few feet from the Arabs.  No one was arrested.  But the police asked about half of the Arabs to move across the street because there were too many of them in front of the movie theatre.
Still their web site wrote a glowing review of their demonstration.  Their demonstration ran from 5 to 7 PM in January.  The air temperature was in the low 40’s during the demonstration; and very windy.  Their demonstration ended at 7 PM. 
And our people went in to watch the Israeli movie.  We had a couple dozen of our people present.  Once inside the host of Friends of IDF gave us acknowledgment for putting on our pro-Israel demonstration outside.
When we left at 9:30 PM the temperature was in the high 20’s; and it started snowing.  Overnight we had several inches of snow; and the overnight low was in the teen’s.
So their total demonstration was when the temperature was from low 40’s to upper 30’s.  Their report said their brave members came out to demonstrate for Palestine during the worst snow storm of the season.  Only it didn’t start snowing until after they got home.
A second video of the same demonstration at Lakeshore theatre is at
Logistics of the Hyatt.  I can’t predict if they will try entering the dinner inside the hotel.  Hotel security will have to take care of that.
Most likely they will have several hundred people along Wacker Drive for a sidewalk demonstration.  Rush hour traffic will be greater; but no congested because this stretch of Wacker Drive is not a major artery to the Outer Drive.  The garage entrance to the hotel is on a lower level.  So Jewish attendees will not even see the outside demonstration.
Number (1) & (2) are promoted at
Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema
Thursday October 29
Ohio & Rush streets
6:00 to 7:15 PM
Movie program at the following
The movie is called for 7:00 PM.  The Consulate staff (with their own security) and Federation big wigs will be present.  So police will have to keep the only doorway at corner of Ohio & Rush open at all times.
Logistics of 600 North.  The sidewalk location for protest is important here.  Ohio street is the major artery between Kennedy expressway and the Outer Drive; and Michigan avenue.  All during the evening rush hour.
On top of that the sidewalk is narrow here.  Not wide enough to accommodate several hundred Arab and Leftist protesters.  The police may want to move them around the corner; where the sidewalk is wider on Michigan avenue.  Still, if they get a large turn out with lots of protesters they will have lots of exposure with all the rush hour automobile traffic.
Brit Tzedek v’Shalon is joining up with J Street.
Same time as number (2).
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brit Tzedek v’Shalom, J Street and the New Israel Fund invite you to attend Charting a New Direction Middle East Peace Prospects & U.S.-Israel Relations in the Obama Era, a talk by Ami Ayalon.
Logistics of Temple Shalom.  It’s possible to attend number (2) and catch the Outer Drive Express bus (143, 145, or 146) for door to door delivery.  We may only miss the introductory remarks; and loose the opportunity to hand out leaflets to people before they arrive.
Parking around Temple Shalom is also congested.  Unless one drives there directly; and skips number (2).  Lake Shore Drive (the inner portion) has <no parking rush hour restriction> from 4 to 6 PM.  So one can park free across the street from the Temple exactly at 6 PM.
The advantage would be, we can hand out leaflets to people before they enter the Temple.  We will be approaching several hundred Jewish people directly.  Whereas, downtown on Ohio street we will be putting on a sidewalk demonstration where most people just want to drive home after a day at work.
I can’t predict how large their audience will be; but the audience will be Jewish people interested in Israel.  They may draw a large crowd because he is talking about Barack Obama. 
Last time there was a speaking program at Temple Shalom (October 2002); they drew over 1,000 people; Sari Nusseibeh was the speaker.  Along with Menahem Brinker.  International Solidarity Movement provided the hecklers.  We were well behaved.  You can see how much progress they have made in peace since then.  
Temple Sholom
3840 N. Lake Shore Drive
7:30 PM



Unholy Alliance: Norway & Obama
October 21, 2009

by Atty. Elyakim Haetzni

The Norwegians awarded the Nobel Prize to Obama because he personifies Muslim and Black anti-Israeli sentiment


Did Barack Obama’s identification with the Arab world contribute to the decision to award him the Nobel Prize? At least one thing is certain: if his policies towards Israel were less laden with animosity, he would not have received the prize. It is the Norway-Obama combination that has led me to this conclusion.

Norway is the proof that the presence of Jews is not a necessary condition for the existence of anti-Semitism. The number of Jews there has never been higher than 2,000, yet Norway has developed an obsessive “anti-Israelism”, the current synonym for the evil anti-Semitism of old.  For what reason? What wrong did the Jews and Israel do to f
Norway is the proof that the presence of Jews is not a necessary condition for the existence of anti-Semitism
ar off  Norway? Why is it only the “sufferings” of the Palestinians that evoke heartfelt sympathy in Norway, with minimal humanitarian feelings left for the genocide taking place in Cambodia, Darfur, the Congo and Ruanda?  What about the suffering of other Muslims, non Palestinians,  at the hands of their brother Muslims and the trampling of human rights in the entire Arab Middle East?  Why do none of the above much interest them as long as there are no Israelis—i.e. Jews—involved?

There were no Jews in Spain for 500 years and there are very few there today. The Inquisition is gone and the church has lost its strength.  Yet the Spain of Moratinus and Solana is extremely active with regard to the Israel-Arab conflict, and its position is invariably anti Israel. Why should this be?

Everyone knows that Socialism sprung from Jewish roots, Karl Marx and others, and that in the early Communist Party Secretariat meetings one could easily find a minyan (the required 10 man quorum) for Jewish prayers. Yet it only took one generation to eliminate Jews from any positions of leadership and to prepare to exile them to Siberia. Why is that?  Why, of the many languages spoken in the USSR, were only Hebrew banned and Yiddish surpressed?

The story of the Afro Americans in the USA is no different.

The part that Jews played in the slave trade was the smallest of all those involved in it. It is the Arabs that played a central role– and they still do. Yet there are Afro Americans in the USA who persist in searching for the Jew’s—not the Arab’s—responsibility for slave trading. There is an ongoing phenomenon of conversion to Islam in the USA, mostly by Afro Americans. Those who convert to Islam are seen as considering Christianity a “white man’s” religion. Islam serves to express their protest at this supposed fact.  So why are they anti Jews? After all, Jews marched side by side with them during the battle for Black civil rights.

It was no other than Barack Obama himself who mused, during an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, that:

” One of the frustrations… is the loss of what I consider the natural affinity between the Afro American and Jewish communities, an affinity that was understood in depth by the Black and Jewish leaders in the early days of the civil rights movement. There has since been a distancing—for many reasons, that it is not possible to enter into at this moment…”

What are these reasons? Why did Condolesa Rice identify heart and soul with the Palestinians while even her body language evidenced  her dislike for us? Why do leaders of the “Nation of Islam” such as Louis Farrakhan feel
Is the Collective Jew now “Israel”? Is love for the Palestinians just a way to camouflage Jew hatred? Obama cannot give the answer because he is part of the question. In fact, he is the perfect example of it.
such animosity towards Israel and personalities such as Jesse Jackson turn their backs on us? Do they find in the Arab experience a mirror image of the discriminatory practices to which they are subjected in American society, while glittering Jewish success stories staring at them from every corner despite anti Jewish discrimination evoke only jealousy?

Is the Collective Jew now “Israel”? Is love for the Palestinians just a way to camouflage Jew hatred?  Obama cannot give the answer because he is part of the question. In fact, he is the perfect example of it.

Afro Americans who turned to Islam found the anti-Israel virus flourishing there. When Barack Hussein Obama, a Christian raised and educated in a Muslim environment, gave his Cairo speech, he placed himself at the head of this phenomenon. From now on, all those who wish “to return Israel to its natural size”,  to keep her from being strong, proud and victorious in the Promised Land, the setting in which her glorious past unfolded—racist gentiles and trendy Jewish leftists, men of the church and total atheists—all see Obama as their champion, as the only person who is capable of bringing the Jews of Israel to their knees.

And if such is the case, is it surprising that the Norwegians and Obama found each other?  What does it matter if the man has no past accomplishments, after all the prize was awarded to him on account of the future, in exchange for what he is expected to do.

Below  is a link to an article posted on a internet blog regarding the rise of anti – semitism in Denmark

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