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Join Shalom International on “Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day”
March 27, 2009



Remember the Holocaust and Protest Against the Jew Haters/Israel Haters at “Durban II” (UNazis),  who want to finish what Hitler started.

 “Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day” 



Date:              April 19, 2009, 2:00P.M.

Location:     New York City

                         Across from UN in, Dag Hammersjold Plaza

Contact:        Bruce Ticker,  215-563-8553 




Location:   Palaise de Nacions, Geneva, Switzerland

Dates:          April 20  late afternoon – we join others

                       April 21   12:00 – 14:00 –  sponsored by Shalom Int’l

                       April 22  17:00 – 19:00 –  “Support Israel Rally”



Remember the Holocaust where 6 million Jews and 5 million others were slaughtered by those with the same mentality as those cowardly pushing “Durban II”

Remember: From Hitler to Hamas, Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran,etc., the Holocaust continues.



Bob Kunst, President,

Shalom International

Miami Beach, Florida.



 Shalom International has now done 98 rallies and 807 media interviews since Oct. 2007, to “Keep Jerusalem United” and to resist the anti-semites and Islamic Nazis, aligned with Hitler in WWII and wanting to finish what Hitler started today.

 Sadly, Pope Benedict will also be at “Durban II” in Geneva and Shalom International will hold a huge rally in Jerusalem to “Keep Jerusalem United”, when the Pope visits Jerusalem in Israel, May 8-15.

 We are following “G-d’s Road Map” of a United Israel occupied by Jews for 5000 yrs. and a ‘United Jerusalem’, occupied by Jews for 3000 yrs.

 We have nothing to apologize for and we know there is no peace with those who want to kill us. The UNazis are ignoring and supporting the Jew Haters and Israel Haters at “Durban II” and other criminal politics, in catering to the very countries like Saudi Arabia, who are behind global terrorism, ‘9/11’, and international oil blackmail of the world’s economies.

 The Genocide in Darfur, the 13,000 Islamic Nazi attacks since ‘9/11’, Iran with nukes, 5 million slaughtered in the Congo and all the real horrors the  impotent UNazis ignore, so they can attack Jews and Israelis instead.

What a disgrace. What a tragedy. What betrayal and why we protest and expose them for their treachery…..costing so very many lives because of them, again and again!

Rally against C.A.I.R.
March 6, 2009

Please remember that we are also rallying against C.A.I.R.

3/7/09,    4-7P.M. 

17th St. and Eisenhower by the Broward County Convention Center, in Ft. Lauderdale

It is their 9th annual banquet. This is defiantely a media event for us.



Rally For A United Jerusalem When The Pope Is In Israel
March 6, 2009

Jerusalem has been Jewish for Over 3000 years.  Rally with Shalom International to Keep It United when Pope Benedict is in Israel, May 7-15, 2009, with thousands of media covering him and where we can tell our side of the story to the world and that dividing Jerusalem is “anti-semitism“; that Jerusalem belongs to every living Jew and every Jew ever murdered for being a “Jew”.

G-d has given us an opportunity to make history, do the greatest

Mitzvah and we ask you to join with us in these very dangerous

times. We must speak out and go on the offensive.  We are putting together a charter flight from South Florida and also to stop in New York on the way to Tel Aviv.


We will do media at each stop. We are working on prices now but let us know immediately if you are interested. This takes a great deal of planning.  If you will be in Israel or live in Israel, this is your moment to speak out. Without a united Jerusalem, there is no Jewish Israel. We must stop any attempt to divide Jerusalem.

Please write us immediately or call: 

Bob Kunst, President

Shalom International,


Alarms About the Rise in Anti-Semitism
March 1, 2009

Your alarms about the rise in anti-semitism are being answered by us and below is this week’s Muslim/Left attack and lies about Jews, Israel and the whole mess we have allowed ourselves to struggle with, again.

Below is also our schedule of events to oppose it. We aren’t hiding behind our pcs, but out there resisting and going on the offense.

Please, we need your personal and  financial help to keep doing all of this and the many opportunities to gain media attention to tell our side of the story. Don’t take this for granted. If we had our own “Al Jazeera” and our own media, we wouldn’t have these problems.

We are 5000 yrs. old not 60 yrs. old. This is the first issue to explain and why we do what we do.
               **********                    **********                  ***********

March 1, 2009, Rally for Israel at 2 P.M. at Sample Rd. and University in Coral Springs.  There is much traffic there and we will be on the N.E. corner to 4P.M. 

Our First organizing meeting will be at 7:00 P.M. on March 1, 2009 at 2701 N. Course Drive, Pompano Beach at Palm Aire where Rabbi Goldman meets.

Our second organizing meeting will be at 7:00P.M. on March 2, 2009, at Bnai Zion, 200 178St., in Sunny Isle Beach, which is off of AIA in N. Dade.

After 90 rallies/events and 800 media which ‘broke the silence’ ,we are now ready to expand into a very major effort with all the wonderful and talented  folks who are part of this effort.

Leadership, strategies, media, fundraising, ‘answers’, a ‘board’, etc. will all be the focus of this vital challenge, especially in S. Fla. which can move the whole Jewish world with our allies in the other communities that are also involved with these issues for Israel and America. We have been donated an office on NE 163rd St., we take this week.

Please remember that we are also rallying against C.A.I.R. on 3/7/09, 4-7P.M. on 84 and Eisenhower by the Broward County Convention Center, in Ft. Laud., for their 9th annual banquet. This is defiantely a media event for us.

Also “Rallying for Israel”, Noon to 3 P.M. on 3/8/09 in Melbourne on 192 and Babcock.

On March 10, 2009, at 1 P.M. in front of the State Capitol in Tall., when the Muslims are lobbying up there and we are “Protecting and Defending America and Israel”, also a major media event.

April 11, 2009 at Dag Hammersjold Park across from U.N. Cowardly Nazis who on Yom HaShoah, 4/20/09 will be doing “Durbin II” in Geneva, Switzerland and their anti-semitic and anti-Israel attacks equating “Zionism with Racism” garbage once again. The last time, the U.S. didn’t send anyone either. Get the word out. The UN scam is being run by Iran, Libya ,Syria etc. Bring your Shofars.

Then in May, we will be organizing a rally against this Pope in Jerusalem, May 6-15, 2009, for the Vatican’s role in the Holocaust and this Pope’s recent outrage to bring back a British Bishop who denies the Holocaust. While the Pope has now sided with the Jews,  $millions in Jewish holy items and artifacts from the Holocaust are still sitting under the Vatican and not returned to the Jewish people. More on this later including our demanding that the Pope join with us in NOT dividing Jerusalem, which is the ultimate in anti-semitism.Obama wants Jerusalem divided and would never go to the Muslims and ask them to give up Mecca for peace, but has no problem sticking his nose into what has been Jewish for 3000 yrs. We don’t accept his anti-semitism either, nor that of those Jews willing to compromise on everything Jewish, and appease those who want us all dead. There will be 10,000 media to cover the Pope. We protested John Paul II in 2000  when he was in Israel,with 40 and got 80 media, including CBS Network. Now we will get many more after all of this in the last eight years and the 10,000 rockets from Gaza etc.

We need your financial backing on all of this. Please understand that we are using what is going on to get mass media, which is to close the gap on the propaganda war, that at present is favoring the anti-Israeli and anti-semites back in action with looming danger to us all. We have the expertise and need your funding to make it possible. Please donate through paypal on or by mail to: “Defend Jerusalem, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140.

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres., Shalom International

Schedule of Upcoming Events
March 1, 2009


Please Join US and Show Your Support!


1. We rally “For Israel” every Tuesday at 5 -7 P.M. in front of the Federal Bldg., Broward Blvd. and 3rd Ave., in Ft. Laud.

2. March 1, 2009, we rally on the corner of University and Sample Rd. at 2 P.M. in Coral Springs.

3. March 7, 2009, We rally against C.A.I.R. 9th annual banquet at the Broward County Convention Center, 84 and Eisenhower from 4-7P.M.

4. March 8, 2009, Noon to 3 P.M., we rally on the corner of 192 and Babcock in Melbourne, Fla. (between March 1-8, there are 25 cities worldwide doing anti-Israel rallies.

5. March 10,2009, we rally at the State Capitol Bldg. in Tall. against Muslim pushing ‘Shariah law”. This will be at 1 P.M.

6. April 19, 2009, we rally at the UN in NYC, Dag Hammersjold Park at 2P.M. in opposition to “Durbin II” which is the UN’s attack upon Israel, while supporting global terrorism and the genocide in Darful and allowing Iran to develop nukes to destroy Israel with.

7. The Pope will be in Israel in May and we are organizing a protest there on the Vatican and the Holocaust.

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