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Read Before you Vote!
October 16, 2010

Dear frustrated voter:
If you ‘Bless Israel’, you are blessed. If you ‘curse ‘Israel, you are cursed. America is cursed because we have a ‘Jihadist’ in the White House who has and is doing incredible and reckless damage to Israel in the last two years and as I write, so that our economy, jobs, foreclosures, health care, lack of rise in social security rates, the Gulf Oil Spill and a host of other horrors has consumed our beloved nation. The public’s confidence is shaken and an impotent, corrupt Congress from both parties has allowed all of it, from a phony stimulus mess to bailing out Wall St and their $Billions in bonuses, while the rest of America suffers . We are ‘weak’ to our allies and ‘weak’ to our enemies, ready to attack us once again.
Anti-semitism is up 50% in Europe and around the world. Anti-Christian attacks from Muslims are a disaster. In Nigeria in March 2010, Muslims killed 500 Christians there alone, who are under attack all over the world as well as Hindus, Bhuddists and everyone they consider to be an ‘infidel’.
In 2008, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz told the Jewish community in S. Fla. that we could ‘trust’ Obama on Israel. This vote got Fla. and the national Jewish vote for Obama and helped to elect him. Obama and Schultz have betrayed us ever since.
While Obama would never go to the Muslims and ask them to divide Mecca for ‘peace’, he has no problem demanding, as we speak ,that the Jews divide Jerusalem, Jewish for 3000 yrs. and millions of Jews were murdered for, and give it to the very people dancing in the streets after 9/11, while Obama supports that Ground Zero Mass Murder Mosque in NYC, whose Imam doesn’t want Israel to exist at all.
Wasserman-Schultz is silent about all of it.
In Cairo, 2009, Obama equates the Holocaust with Muslim Humiliation, while cowardly ignroing 5 Arab wars and 2 intifadas to kill all of the Jews and Obama ignores 900,000 Jews thrown out of Arab countries and everything stolen from them. Meanwhile, Obama sides in 2010 with the very German Insurance Companies who refused to compensate Holocaust survivors.
Wasserman-Schultz is silent about all of it.
Recently, Obama accused Israel of a ‘provocation’ to the Muslims for wanting to protect the burial place of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their wives, 3000 yrs. older than Islam. These are the ‘first’ Jews, and the Muslims wouldn’t allow any Jew to go up the first 7 steps till the 1967 Was when Israel finally captured this holy Jewish site. Wasserman-Schultz is silent about all of it.
We could give you 100 other anti-Israel attacks from Obama, but you get the point and in all of these attacks Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has sided with Obama against Israel in her career politician desire to be the next Nancy Pelosi. What a disgrace.
I, as a registered Democrat, did not vote for Obama. I knew he was trouble, but never knew he would be this tyrannical against our #1 ally, Israel.
Our Shalom International ( has done 369 rallies/events in the last 3 years and 1350 news interviews to “Keep Jerusalem United’, ‘Fight Terrorism-Support Israel’, ‘No mosque At Ground Zero’. We rally every Tuesday at the Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud., 5-7P.M. since Dec. 30, 2008, when 300 Muslims screamed “Jews into the ovens”.  We have rallied in front of the Vatican and in Jerusalem when the Pope was in Israel. We have rallied in Geneva, against the UN’s nearly 500 anti-Israel attacks. We have rallied in front of the White House 18 times and against the ‘Annapolis Summit’, at both national conventions and had 2000 at the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach, while doing 20 rallies against the Mosque in NYC and S. Fla..
I am an ‘activist’, not a politician. I love America and Israel. I see the dangers very clearly that we are repeating history of the 1930’s, in giving ‘land for peace’ with Hitler, who reneged on all agreements and we wound up with WWII and 60million dead and the Holocaust of nearly 7million Jewish men, women and children murdered for being Jews.
The very Arabs ,Obama is appeasing today, were alligned with Hitler in WWII to finish off the Jews. Today, they cowardly deny their role in the Holocaust with the Mufti of Jerusalem and his 2 ‘SS’ divisions. But they want to finish the job with Hamas, Hezbollah and tha “Little Hitler” from Iran who is building his nukes, he is going to use within the next year, and Obama’s stupid politics is allowing, for it threatens America not just Israel. Saudi Arabia, responsible for 9/11 and 20,000 Islamic attacks since, Obama bows and caters to.
We could not be in a more dangerous position and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has allowed all of it without so much as one disagreement with Obama.
Because of this ’emergency’ I decided to run against Schultz, as an ‘independent’ for Congress, in Dist. 20, Punch #27.
This is a ‘Jewish Seat’.  No ‘conservative Republican’ can win it and it is just throwing your vote away. However, with 170,000 registered Democrats, 90,000 registered Republicans, 70,000 registered ‘independents’ and 17,000 ‘others’ just in Broward County, we could send such a massive message to Obama, Congress and America’s and Israel’s enemies by voting for ‘ROBERT KUNST’ on Nov. 2 and through early voting.
You know that the politicians collect $millions and vote to accomodate those contributors, that has nothing to do with the American people, struggling to survive on a host of levels.
Why don’t we clean out the ‘schmutz’ from Congress, once and for all and send packing all those who lie about and betray America and Israel to advance their own careers.
The choice is yours. Keep the mess and worse going or throw the bums out altogether.
I urge you to please read the info below from Rabbi Parry and also to see the video tapes enclosed and to pass this on to everyone you know, not just locally, but nationally and internationally.
I urge you to donate to this effort, so that we can expand this information to all concerned Americans about the threats we are facing and what to do about it, by going to on paypal or by mail to: “Kunst For Congress”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140.
You can fight this as well, through this vote, as well as the media manipulation that keeps these crises going and the mediocrity of these politicans from both parties.
We are the ONLY campaign in America focused on these issues, while in Calif. they discuss who is a ‘whore’ and in NY, they are into ‘gay bashing’ and in Ohio, a candidate is dressed up as a Nazi and it goes on and on, while we are wasting prescious time our beloved America doesn’t have.
Obama says that Iran will have its nuke in one year. That’s his schedule, so you understand the gravity of the issue, no one else is even talking about. Iran could be even closer, which means Israel may have to attack Iran, which is just around the corner and Obama isn’t standing with Israel. 
I thank you for your time in reading this and in considering this critical vote to Save America and Save Israel by voting for Robert Kunst, Independent, Punch #27 in Dist. 20. and make this difference together.
Washington needs a major shakeup and Robert Kunst will provide this leadership.
Yours in Shalom,
Robert Kunst
Pres. Shalom International

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