“Obama’s Genocide Plan For Israel”

I saw Obama from Egypt with his lame “Choose to be bound by the past, and no progress” phoney/baloney speech, which dismisses 5000 yrs. of Jewish and world history, to cover-up his real intentions to dismantle Israel.
I saw Obama equating the civil rights struggle with Muslims in the U.S., though it was Jews who helped lead the struggle and died for it, not Muslims.
I heard Obama equate his apologies to Iran etc. and to the Muslims etc., but it was totally quiet when Obama brought up the Holocaust and then failed to mention 7 Arab wars to kill all Jews, as part of what is the real issue in Israel.
And it goes on and on and a major disappointment. that Obama’s ‘dream world’ isn’t reality and why is it both deceptive and political without real substance.
If half the Muslims hate the U.S., it isn’t because of israel, but because we are all ‘infidels’, which Obama doesn’t address as he wallows in this groveling and appeasement stunt that show weakness.
Nice speeches don’t give truth and don’t resolve conflict.
21st century posturing to 7th century jihadists ,who hate Jews, Christians, Bhiddists, Hindus, and all ‘infidels’ is the issue. The lack of applause to Obama’s statement on the division between Shiite and Sunni is just one hint of 3/4 of Muslims, who are not Arabs and all of that conflict.
Dividing Israel and Jerusalem was and is the ‘big slap’ in the face Obama gave that rewards the very terrorists Obama claims he’s against, and why this speech was all about Obama and nothing else.
Equating the ‘PA humiliation’, (they brought upon themselves,) with the mass murder of 7million Jews in the Holocaust is just one more revealing fact of Obama’s lack of conscience and understanding. Why doesn’t Obama want to connect the very Muslims who were alligned with Hitler in WWIII and want to finish the job now, let alone that coming from Iran pushing nukes Obama is allowing.?Obama thinks this is all ‘social work’, but he is digging deeper into the morass that can only produce more war. What he did was to invite another attack on the U.S. as well.

Bob Kunst, Pres., Shalom International

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