Rally For A United Jerusalem When The Pope Is In Israel

Jerusalem has been Jewish for Over 3000 years.  Rally with Shalom International to Keep It United when Pope Benedict is in Israel, May 7-15, 2009, with thousands of media covering him and where we can tell our side of the story to the world and that dividing Jerusalem is “anti-semitism“; that Jerusalem belongs to every living Jew and every Jew ever murdered for being a “Jew”.

G-d has given us an opportunity to make history, do the greatest

Mitzvah and we ask you to join with us in these very dangerous

times. We must speak out and go on the offensive.  We are putting together a charter flight from South Florida and also to stop in New York on the way to Tel Aviv.


We will do media at each stop. We are working on prices now but let us know immediately if you are interested. This takes a great deal of planning.  If you will be in Israel or live in Israel, this is your moment to speak out. Without a united Jerusalem, there is no Jewish Israel. We must stop any attempt to divide Jerusalem.

Please write us immediately or call: 

Bob Kunst, President

Shalom International,  




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