SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2016   3 P.M.




Defend Jerusalem





 Dear “Chosen” Activists:

On Feb. 1st. Dr. Starr, 97 and Holocaust Survivor and Jack Rubin, 87 and Holocaust Survivor  stood in the rain with us to protest Allianz Nazi Insurance that stole $2.5billion  owed to survivors, while  Allainz is doing golf tournaments with that money in Boca Raton, Fla.

We have been doing this for the last 5 yrs. with the Survivors and have gotten international attention to this issue. Allianz’ President was Hitler’s Economic Minister and Allianz insured the Nazi “Death Camps”, etc. and  is still refusing to even meet with the survivors or for Germany to even meet its obligation to survivors they have reneged on.

Over 40% of Europeans admit their Jew-hatred, today while Israel is constantly under attack and Israelis killed as well.

So on Feb. 7, we came back to protest Allianz and a 3 pronged approach.

1. At entrance to  Golf Tournament with our large banner on “Allianz-Nazi then and now” and individuals with posters including several survivors and second generation.  Only two negatives in opposition.
2. Flying the Aerial Banner over the golf tournament itself, we saw going around 5 times before we left.  I even got a call from some woman  in Broward demanding that we stop flyer this banner, which wasn’t ours to begin with ,but we supported. They were very upset on the inside of the event.
3. Then Dr. Jay Lieberman, who has a ticket to go in and is leafleting those inside the event while the banner is flyer overhead for 1/2 hour.  He sees the organizers of the Golf Tournament besides themselves and he is ‘arrested’ for ‘trespassing,’  instead of just being asked to leave, only illustrating how upset Allianz was. G-d has given us a gift
 to open the whole history and can of worms we are also going to present to all Presidential Candidates among sty our efforts.
So we took on the 10th largest company in the world with their Nazi past and Holocaust profiteering and they were not happy with  our efforts.
Over 200 corporations do business with Allianz travel Insurance including all the Cruise lines and AAA and we have to let them know of this horrendous company they are collaborating with.
But we have G-d on our side and the moral authority on this issue and to pull this thread could unravel the entire sweater of all companies who owe the survivors ,as well as Germany.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Then look at all the support we have and then look at all those others with their ‘excuses’ and even sabotage to prevent doing the right thing.
On Dec. 30., 2007, we had 300 Muslims, many from the University of S. Fla., come to the Federal Bldg.,in Ft. Lauderdale, screaming “Jews Into The Ovens”. We have been there every Tuesday since with great support from Downtown Ft. Laud.; the Snowbirds and tourists and even ‘street people’  a block away who offer us their positive support. We give everyone our  messages and they give us their positive reaction, that the media doesn’t usually report though we have gotten 2400 media in the last 7 yrs. of this level of our activism.
We show ‘No Fear’ and refuse to be intimidated by the same people Screaming ‘Death to America” and “Death to Israel”, while doing a genocide on Christians, Jews and all ‘Infidels’. In the Koran it says ‘Kill All infidels.
They danced in the streets after ‘9/11’ and want Iran to nuke Israel.  These Islamic Nazis were aligned with Hitler to “Kill All Jews” and still are, while cowardly denying the Holocaust they participated in and From Hitler to Hamas, Iran, Isis, etc, the Holocaust continues.
We will never give the Nazis a victory by being silent or not showing up when we must resist his grave danger w are all facing again.
You can’t be nice to those who want to kill you. This isn’t social work, but a matter of survival for America and Israel and now Iran has been given nukes and $150billion to support International terrorism by Obama/Hillary/Kerry and no one is talking about this disaster we are all facing.
Our visibility is critical. We aren’t appeasing the enemy  or collaborating out of fear.  We are holding them  all accountable and responsible for the crisis we are all facing and must be addressed by anyone running for President in these very dangerous times  and especially the so-called leaders who have failed us.
Please get the word out to your networks and if you can afford to, to donate to: “Defend Jerusalem”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla.3140.
Imagine hundreds united at the entrance to USF in support of Israel and America. Bring your flags, water, etc. and especially your love for G-d and justice.   And if it just G-d and us on the 13th., we are just as happy to be making this commitment, not to forget the past or to repeat it.
Yours In Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres., ShalomInternational

Subject: Results of PR Newswire story about Survivors’ Allianz Protest

Dear All:

I wanted you to see the report I received yesterday about news media that have already posted the story from the PR Newswire.  

 I am sure there will more to come.


Website Location Media Type Industry Visitors Per Day
Reuters global News & Information Service Financial 672,795
MarketWatch United States News & Information Service Financial 608,836
Boston Globe United States Newspaper Media & Information 326,197
Seeking Alpha United States News & Information Service Financial 313,817
Business Review (Albany) United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
New Mexico Business Weekly United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Atlanta Business Chronicle United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Austin Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Baltimore Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Birmingham Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Boston Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Business First of Buffalo United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Charlotte Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Chicago Business News United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Cincinnati Business Courier United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Business First of Columbus United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Dallas Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Dayton Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Denver Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Houston Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Jacksonville Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Kansas City Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Los Angeles Business from bizjournals United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Business First of Louisville United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256
Memphis Business Journal United States Newspaper Media & Information 204,256


Dear All:

This is a report on Sunday’s survivor demonstration at the Allianz Golf Tournament in Boca Raton.

As in the past, volunteers held signs outside the tournament site, and we thank all of you who attended to speak out on behalf of the survivors and their families, and special thanks to Jack Rubin for being there as he always is.   Jack is especially mindful that so many survivors, including many of HSF leaders who have participated in the past, are dealing with personal health issues, or spouses’ health issues, and simply cannot undertake the demands of the drive to Boca and a street protest.

In addition, this year, HSF hired a plane to carry a banner over the tournament stating:   Allianz Owes Holocaust Survivors $2.5 Billion.    The airplane circled the tournament for about a half an hour, and it definitely drew the attention of many spectators and tournament officials.

In addition, Dr. Jay Lieberman, who is the husband of Genie Lieberman and son-in-law of Ivar Segalowitz, z’l, bought a ticket to go inside the tournament to attempt to educate patrons of the event about Allianz’s conduct toward Holocaust victims and families.    When he attempted to display a sign stating that Allianz owed survivors $2.5 billion, he was arrested for allegedly “trespassing.”   I have attached a photo of his arrest.  He spent the day in police custody and was finally released around 8:30 p.m.

I would also like to thank the Jaffe family, Ben, Danielle, Chase, and Ethan, Nancy Dershaw and her daughter Jennifer, and Harry Rose and Dr. Jay Lieberman and Genie Lieberman, for their special efforts.


Dear “Friends of Defend Jerusalem” and my friend, Bob Kunst,

 I am not sure what can be said about the email that you sent out last Friday, January 29, 2016, concerning the continuation of such justifiable protests against Allianz Insurance Company.  That insurance company refused to honor insurance policies that their company sold to Holocaust victims, and for all the other terrible violations that Allianz perpetrated against their policyholders, and the survivors of those policy owners.

 I don’t want to have to repeat everything that was contained in your email, as well as in emails I have received from others, on this same issue, since most of the facts concerning the actions of Allianz Insurance Company are known, or should be well known.

Frankly, I am not even sure what can be done to force that insurance company to recognize their obligations, other than some of the efforts that have already been attempted, which certainly have not produced any meaningful results.  There should be a continuation on all of us, to ask the Free World to recognize the obligations of Allianz Insurance Company to help meet the needs of the survivors of the Holocaust, and/or their families, who, in many instances, desperately need help in a variety of different measures, all primarily resulting in their need for financial support.

The fact that Allianz Insurance Company insured the Nazi factories and installations in Germany, and in many of the concentration camps, both in Germany and in other areas supported by the Nazis, as well as in the mass extermination of millions of people, for no other reason than their religion, was and still is not acceptable, including to a great extent, Judaism.

 The United States government should assist the survivors and the organizations representing them to help fight the Allianz Insurance Company, since it is now commonly known that Allianz has huge amounts of capital. Also, it is known that Allianz Insurance Company owns a huge amount of different industries in Germany, and they have violated contractual requirements, especially to Holocaust survivors and to the victims and to the heirs of victims, in massive financial amounts, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

 Certainly, especially with our current President Obama, this Country appears to be extremely reluctant to get involved in this tragedy, which continues, and will continue until all the victims of the Holocaust and many of the survivors are no longer with us.

 Perhaps, members of your readership can respond, although I am not sure what that response might state or contain.

 Accordingly, I thank you for continuing to put out the information that was furnished in the referenced email, so that more of your readership are made aware of the tragedy that is continuing to occur to the Holocaust survivors, and about the disgrace of the Allianz Insurance Company, that refuses to recognize or do anything about their responsibility.



 Tate Enterprises

1175 NE 125th Street, Suite 102

North Miami, FL  33161 ———————————————————————————————-

Dear All:

This email confirms that there will be a demonstration this Sunday, February 7, at noon, at the Allianz PGA Golf Tournament in Boca Raton, outside the Old Course at Broken Sound, at the corner of Yamato Road and Broken Sound Blvd (on the north side).

 The attached flyer contains details, and is pasted below in case it is easier for people to distribute as part of an email.

I would like to express special thanks to Bob Kunst of Shalom International, Nancy Dershaw, Brenda Wertheim, and Judi Hannes of NEXT GENERATIONS, and Dr. Jay Lieberman, the son-in-law of Ivar Segalowitz z’l, for all the work they are doing to bring out the community to support the survivors this Sunday.    They need help – please encourage everyone you know to attend at noon Sunday.  The press has been notified and there appears to be press interest.    Please come and show your support for the survivors and speak out against Allianz’s deplorable treatment of survivors and their families. 






SUNDAY, FEBRARY 7, 2016 – 12:00 Noon





Monday, February 1 is the first day of the Allianz Golf Tournament in Boca Raton, Allianz’s effort to buy ‘good will’ and cover up a disgraceful past, as well as its present denial of justice and dignity.   There will be a second protest as well on the final day of the tournament, Sunday February 7, at noon.

For the several years, the community’s outpouring of support for Holocaust survivors received international media attention and spurred several Members of Congress to initiate legislation to hold Allianz and other insurance companies accountable for their Holocaust profiteering.

South Florida Members who have supported the survivors’ legislation include Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Ted Deutch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Alcee Hastings, Mario Diaz-Balart, Frederica Wilson, as well as Senators Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio.   Similarly, new members including Lois Frankel and Carlos Curbello have indicated their interest in supporting the survivors as well.

Time is the survivors’ enemy and they need action NOW from the White House and Congress. 

The survivors need and deserve the community’s full support so please plan on attending with your friends, neighbors, children, and grandchildren.

History of Allianz:

A German Insurance Company and among the ten largest in the world.  Allianz CEO: Kurt Paul Schmitt, came to the Nazis before they came to power, donated money to Hitler, joined the Nazi Party in 1933 and was Hitler’s Economy Minister along with being an honorary member of the “SS” and a main culprit in the Third Reich who didn’t want Jews part of the German Economy.   Historian Gerald Feldman’s book on Allianz cites a 1952 letter from insurance claimant A.G. Becker in which she states that Allianz had posted “no entrance” signs for Jews in 1933 before the Reichstag enacted such laws.

Allianz also insured the “SS”, factories, barracks, motor pools, and death camps including Auschwitz and Dachau and several others.   Allianz knew of the ‘Slave Labor” and the mass extermination of nearly 7 million Jewish men, women and children and millions of others.

After World War II, Allianz and its affiliates refused to honor tens of thousands of insurance policies owed to Holocaust survivors and victims’ heirs –demanding original policies and death certificates, documents no survivors could provide after Auschwitz.

Allianz’s managing director Herbert Hansmeyer testified before the U.S. House Banking Committee in 1998 that Allianz could not honor those surviving Jewish-owned insurance policies because it was broke.  However, in 1999 the Wall Street Journal reported that in fact, after World War II, Allianz was one of the few sources of cash for German industry,  acquiring ownership in so many of companies that flourished in the post-war era that  “Allianz is known as the “spider in the web” of Germany Inc.”

Congressional testimony estimates that Allianz owed Holocaust survivors and victims’ heirs over $2.5 billion today.  Yet, instead of making good on these contractual obligations, Allianz is spending money on public relations stunts such as this golf tournament.

In 2008, Allianz tried to put its name on the new NY Giants/NY Jets Stadium, which would have cost $30 million a year for ten years, but the public outcry against this heinous branding by one of the Nazis worst offenders was thankfully called off.  Had the good people of New York and New Jersey not raise their voices in righteous protest, the 2014 Super Bowl would be being played in Allianz Stadium!

Today, half of the Holocaust survivors in the United States live below or near poverty, while Allianz refuses to disgorge Holocaust profits refusing to honor tens of thousands of insurance policies, but found money for public relations bonanzas such as this golf tournament, and programming on A Prairie Home Companion, Marketplace Morning Report, CNBC and MSNBC, and giving money to the American Jewish Committee and the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous.  How cynical and cruel can Allianz, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, really be?

On January 15, 2014, and September 18, 2014, Holocaust survivor Jack Rubin testified before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, at the invitation of Chairman Bill Nelson, and the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee at the invitation of Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Ted Deutch, to address the horrific level of unmet needs among Holocaust survivors today, which require billions of dollars to alleviate the horrible suffering of tens of thousands of survivors today.    On behalf of HSF and survivors and second generation leaders throughout the United States, Jack called on the German government, and Allianz and other insurers, to immediately provide sufficient funding for all of the basic needs such as food, shelter, home care, medical care and dental care, hearing aids, and other vital services survivors who cannot afford these vital services.

As Jack noted, recent efforts to put the burden on U.S. taxpayers and Jewish fundraising are flawed because Germany and its collaborators like Allianz caused the problems of survivors today, not U.S. taxpayers or the Jewish community.  Moreover, the scope of relief offered by these efforts is minuscule compared to the survivors’ actual needs.

The Holocaust Survivors Foundation USA, South Florida survivor groups, and Shalom International urge everyone with a conscience to join with us and expose the truth and to demand what needs to be done at the White House, the Dept of Justice, Dept of State and the US Congress, as well as by Allianz, at this late hour.

If you wish to join this effort and also to lend your group’s name to it, please let us know immediately, as we expose this effort, locally, nationally and internationally on behalf of all those who perished, all who have suffered and are still suffering from the neglect and politics of Allianz, as well as Germany’s refusal to provide for all of the care required by survivors today, whose horrific injuries, and extensive medical and mental health care needs today were caused by the German Nazi government.

Demands on Allianz:

1.    Publish the names of all Allianz and related European insurance policy holders between 1920 and 1945 on the internet, including later acquired companies like RAS.

2.    Publish all records relating to Allianz’s provision of insurance to the Government of Germany, the German Army, the SS, governments of occupied countries, and all other war related business between 1933 and 1945, including records relating to coverage of Nazi concentration camps.

3.    Support legislation allowing Holocaust survivors and heirs to bring legal action in U.S. courts

4.   Disgorge $2.5  billion, representing unjust enrichment from Holocaust era, to be paid to those that were insured and their heirs and to fund social services for Holocaust            survivors in need worldwide.

 Demands on Germany

Germany, once and for all,  must immediately establish a fund to provide ALL Holocaust survivors with: (1) income support to lift all survivors out of poverty, and (2) 100% of the               professionally prescribed medical care, home care, mental health care, and other vital services required for all survivors to live in dignity in their final years, with funds channeled         through the U.S. Government or other home governments directly to       survivors or service providers for the remainder of the survivors’ lives.


 Contact: Bob Kunst, President of Shalom International

Phone number: 305-864-5110   

Contact:   Jay Lieberman, Child of Survivors

Phone number:   954-224-1909

Contact for NEXT GENERATIONS — Brenda Wertheim

Phone number:  561-289-6809

Email:  Bashasofboca@aol.com

Contacts from Holocaust Survivors Foundation USA:

David Schaecter, Miami, FL — 305 231-0221

Leo Rechter, Queens, NY — 718 380-5576

Alex Moskovic, Hobe Sound, FL – 772 223-5244

Jack Rubin, Boynton Beach, FL – 561 742-9985

David Mermelstein, Miami, FL – 305 401-8433

Herbert Karliner, Miami Beach, FL – 305 935-6047

Sponsored by:

Shalom International (www.defendjerusalem.net


The Holocaust Survivors Foundation USA (www.hsf-usa.org


NEXT GENERATIONS (http://www.nextgenerations.org/ )


Generations of the Shoah, International (GSI)(www.genshoah.org)


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