Open Letter to Bob Kunst

Submitted on 2011/05/20 at 8:00 am

Hi Bob. Blog letter to the Herald today. Thought it might interest you.


Everybody predicted it and now it has happened, Obama is selling out Israel, the only civilized democratic country in the middle east and our only true ally. This comes as no surprise to those of us who actually paid attention to his ideas-philosophy, dominated by Marxist “third world” advocacy. He has been an enemy of the Jewish state his whole life regardless of his verbal protestations to “Zionism.”

Now, prior to meeting with Isreali premier Netanyahu, he’s reversed decades of US policy and called for an indefensible Isreal limited to the 1967 boundaries, next door to a Palestinian state pledged to the its destruction. Israel will no more return to 1967 borders than the USA will return to our pre Mexican war boundaries; giving up California and the entire southwest. We won it fair and square, in WAR. The Arabs have repeatedly attacked the Jewish state since 1948 and thousands of young Israelis have died defending their people whom Hamas (the elected real government of “Palestine” has vowed to exterminate.) So, before negotiations, Obama has taken away any bargaining power Israel might have and, in so doing, made uncertain future US support. Obama’s WORDS reassure, but ACTIONS speak far louder. Paper treaties are NO defensein the real world. Hamas, like thier much admired Hitler, will break ‘em in a heartbeat.

As a Irish American “Schagitz,” I’ve long been astounded at American Jews continually voting for their enemies; Obama & Co. Yesterday AIPAC, the US’s principal pro-Isreal lobbying group, had to advise its members to “react with moderation” (not hiss and boo) Obama next week when he speaks at their convention. My Jewish friends, how long are you going to “take it” and watch the beginning of Isreal’s destruction? Ever notice that virtually EVERY Republican is a strong supporter of the Jewish state? Maybe it is time to reconsider your political affiliations. The days of restricted hotels and “gentleman’s agreement” are long gone. You are welcome to the Tea Party and the GOP.

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