Holocaust Victims Teed Off with Allianz!

On February 13, 2011 a group of Holocaust survivors, their family and other supporters joined together in Boca Raton, Florida to speak out against Allianz Insurance Company for stealing billions of dollars of their money as well as their collaboration and allegiance to the Nazi party during Hitler’s reign.

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What they are protesting about this day is the company’s pilfering of Holocaust victims money from policies they held with the company before they were rounded up by Gestapo and Nazi Storm troopers then if not executed on site, placed in work camps or death camps. To this day and hour they have not made a significant attempt to reimburse and settle the money owed on polices with any of the victims.

Instead they hold on to the profits benefited by death and destruction, murder, torture and incarceration of the Jewish policy holders, victims of the Holocaust

The German company was hosting their annual golf tournament in Boca Raton, Fl. This group placed themselves just outside the entrance to the event to make a public statement.

They were letting Allianz know they were not going to just forget about what happened 60 years ago and the billions that Allianz stole while they spend millions to advertise and host this tournament each year. They also will not accept anyone letting the history of the Holocaust get swept under the carpet.

Their voices strong and their heads held high they are a force to be reckoned with!

Watch the video…Listen to their stories…Help their cause

Hold Allianz accountable for their actions!

Make them PAY!


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