Bob Kunst: A Letter to Bibi

Dear Bibi:

You will meet with Obama on July 6, 2010 at the White House. Obama isn’t Israel’s friend or ally, nor that of the Jewish people. Below are two stories:

1. In this story in the Miami Herald, 7/1/10, below, Obama is siding with the German companies refusing to pay Holocaust Survivors from insurance policies and Obama’s Kagen for the Supreme Ct. is also with the Germans denying compensation for survivors.

2. NASA admitting that Obama’s outreach from his Cairo Speech last year, wanted NASA to reach out to the Muslims countries. See below for this revisionist treachery from Obama and gang.

3. Giving material support to terrorists such as Hamas is a violation of Title 18 of US Code that Obama has violated time and again from his $900millions to Fatah and $20millions to bring in who knows how many terrorists from the PA and an additional $400millions for Gaza, while Obama is talking with and siding with Hamas. Only a week ago Fatah was telling Hamas to go ahead and keep killing the Jews and Israelis.  On August 9, 2009, when Shalom International(with 300), was protesting Obama and Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, Abbas was calling for all of Jerusalem, not just East Jerusalem.

4. Last year in Cairo, Obama, the anti-semite, was equating the Holocaust with “Muslim Humiliation” while cowardly ignoring 5 Arab wars and 2 Intifadas to drive the Jews into the sea and steal everything. Obama also ignored 900,000 Jews thrown out of Arab countries and everything stolen during Israel’s War of Independence in 1948. Now we see that Abbas, who denied the Holocaust, introduced the Intifada, is now praising the man behind the 1972 Munich Massacre of 11 Israeli atheletes murdered, who just died. The Arabs were alligned with Hitler to kill all Jews then and cowardly deny it now, but want to finish the job with Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. What is there about this evil that you don’t get?

5. Meanwhile on June 28, 2010, from the Charleston Gazette, Venezuelan Pres. Huge Chavez denounced Israel as a ‘genocidal’ government, while hosting Assad from Syria.

The Little Hitler from Iran has also been here and so have thousands of Iranians in our back yard, including throughout S. America, not just Venezeula and Guyana.

Brazil and Turkey are part of the strategy with Iran and its nukes. Iran’s, proxies of Hezbollah and Hamas moving throughout this hemisphere poses extreme danger and then Fidel Castro recently stating that the Israelis want to ‘exterminate’ the Palestinians like the Nazis did to the Jews…. is this picture getting clearer to you? Homeland Security admits to over 45,000 illegals caught on the Mexican border who aren’t Hispanic, but many from countries who hate America and of course Obama will do nothing to stop. Nobody in Obama’s gang or the media want to talk about getting to the point of the dangers we are all facing.

So who BIBI are you going to ‘negotiate’ with face to face and on what? Bibi, didn’t Obama punish you enough the last round that you’re back for more of this setup for Israel’s downfall? Obama wants you out of power and Livni there to be his puppet and will give away the store. Don’t you get it?

Obama singled out Israel two weeks ago, to attack from the UN on Israel’s nukes, while ignoring Iran that is building its nukes, Obama allowed for the last two years and sanctions are meaningless, while Obama tells Israel not to strike Iran to prevent it from being nuked? The UN again goes on the attack to Israel on the “Gaza Flotilla” and also the tensions in Lebanon.

So this White House’s ‘dog and pony’ show, with the cameras this time, is to accomplish what in this enormous danger we are all facing?

Obama’s anti-semitism will never get back the Jewish support he had and his politics reflects a massive increase in anti-semitism worldwide, as a result.

America’s allies see Obama’s attacks and sellout on Israel as a warning to them, that Obama can’t be trusted with them either. All of this appeasement and ‘weakness’ to the terrorists and America’s and Israel’s enemies, pose a huge danger for everyone in another war on the horizon.

Bibi, your halting of constuction in East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria is both stupid, weak and shows no logic whatsoever. There is no one to make peace with.  Bibi, you keep caving into Obama’s agenda and for what? To make Obama look good when he no longer has even the backing of the majority of the American people?

How about a flotilla to Turkey and how they are killing Kurds by the thousands, let alone their genocide of the 1 1/2 million Armenians? How about a real effort at public relations instead of kissing behinds? In other words, go on the offense and stop playing defense.

How can anyone trust Obama, who should be ‘impeached’ instead of appeased?

It is day 77 of the gulf oil spill and Obama’s ‘criminal negligence’ in its spread that  has now hit 5 states in the Gulf and over 150million gallons spilt and untold damage to wildlife and human life and incomes and environment and birds migrating and it goes on and on with this incompetant in the White House totally uncaring about anything but his monstrous ego?

Bibi, this is the Obama you trust, while Israel keeps giving and getting nothing in return, but the contempt of the world that sees Israel and Jews now as the new Nazis, thanks to the insanity within our so-called leadership, that is bringing us to this new Holocaust.

Bibi, why would 4 Star General McCrystal jeapordize his career and his support for Obama, by going public at the disaster brewing inside the White House regarding Afghanistan and timelines for withdrawal there and in Iraq? Didn’t McCrystal’s people also go after Gen. Jones who is helping the PA develop their army, they will use against Israel?

Robert Kunst
Pres., Shalom International

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