Kunst slams Obama’s $400million to Arab terrorists, Schultz is silent about

Robert Kunst, independent candidate for Congress, Dist. 20, condemns Obama for even meeting with the architect of the 1972 Massacre of 11 Israeli athletes in Munich, Germany, let alone PA’s Abbas, sponoring the ‘Intifidas’ and responsible for thousands of other Jewish deaths.

Why did Obama treat Israel’s Netayahu like dirt recently and yesterday treats this criminal murderer as a welcome friend?

This is the same Abbas, whose Fatah was thrown out of Gaza by Hamas,
and the same Fatah fighting with Hamas and over 1000 lives lost
between these two terrorist groups, both committed to Israel’s
destruction and who Obama is catering to and siding with against
Israeli and American interests and security.

This is the same Abbas, who on August 9, 2009, in Bethlehem, stated he
didn’t just want East Jerusalem, Jewish for over 3000 yrs. and
millions of Jews were murdered for, but wanted ‘all of Jerusalem.’
Obama is playing right into these politics, when there is no one to
make peace with, with Fatah and Hamas both ready to kill all Israelis
and all Jews in this religious war. On this same date, Kunst’s Shalom
International www.defendjerusalem.net had 300 protesting Obama and Rahm Emanuel in Chicago’s Daley Plaza.
Shalom International has done 287 ralllies/events and 1192 media
interviews since Oct. 2007 on these issues and Schultz’s failures to
respond to any of it.

One year ago in Cairo, Egypt, Obama equated the “Holocaust” with
“Muslim Humiliation” while cowardly ignoring 5 Arab wars and 2
intifadas to kill all the Jews. Obama also failed to mention 900,000
Jews expelled from Arab countries and all their properties stolen.

While Israel took in these Jewish refugees, the Arabs have been waging
war since before 1929 and not until 1967, did they even mention having
their own state, which isn’t a Jewish state. The “2 State” insanity is
no different than Abbas is a man of peace. Phoney as Obama.

That Obama keeps attacking our 5000 yr. Covenant with G-d and siding
with Islam which is 3000 yrs. younger that Judiasm, is the problem
here on a major scale and promoting an increase in anti-semitism as a
result. Kunst, is a Jew who is running for Congress in an
international referendum on Obama, Hillary and Schultz’s anti-Israel

Obama appeases the very forces who danced in the streets after ‘9/11’,
sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Obama also bows down to.

Obama says it’s a ‘provocation’ for Israel to protect the burial place
of Abraham, the first Jew, Isaac and Jacob and their wives, buried in
property Abraham bought 3000 yrs. before Islam.

Obama wants the UN to run the Western Wall and all Jewish holy sights
and this from the same UN who has allowed 500,000 blacks in Darfur to
be killed in that genocide by Muslims and the UN doing hundreds of
anti-israel resolutions and siding with the Islamic Jihadists.

Obama’s pro-Muslim politics to cater and support the very forces
screaming ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to America’ is why our enemies
see us as weak, and Obama keeps inviting America to be attacked.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is Obama’s face in Fla., now rejecting
Obama 60% to 40%.

Schultz is behind “J Street.” to divide Jerusalem. What kind of Jew would
divide Jerusalem and give the Nazis their #1 victory? Schultz would
sacrifice her own people to be the next Speaker of the House?

Kunst has suggested the answer isn’t more ‘land for peace’, a massive
failure since 1993, but federating West Bank Arabs with Jordan and
Gaza Arabs with Egypt. Only yesterday, Egypt opened passage from Gaza
for 3000, after the U.S. investment of $1/2billions to stop the
tunnels between Gaza and Egypt was stopped. Why not expand Gaza into
Sinai and make this their new state? Why take more biblical land from
the Jews that attacks the Jewish religion, Schultz keeps her mouth
shut about?

Obama has already given $900millions to the PA, and $20millions to
bring these Arabs to America, while planning a major economic package
for the Muslims, who won’t even spend the $trillions they get on oil
monies for their Arab PA people, they consider just a proxy to keep
warring on the Jews and Schultz is silent about all of it as Obama’s


While Obama and the UN have allowed Iran to build it nuke, and
yesterday’s UN sactions on Iran are meaningless and Wasserman Schultz
supports, even Fidel Castro wrote that Israel and Iran are on a
nuclear confrontation course and Obama can’t be trusted on any of
this, as well as Wasserman Schultz bowing to everything Obama says and

Kunst to Schultz: “Your statements on supporting Israel’s rights to
self-defense are meaningless, when you’ve kept your mouth shut about
so many anti-Israel attacks from Obama and gang you are apart of.”

Once elected to Congress, Kunst is committed to weekly rallies at the
White House to Keep Jerusalem and Israel United and also to really war
on Islamic Jihadists.

Kunst: “While the Right is worried about whether Obama is a socialist
or marxist, our worry is really that Obama is a jihadist and alligned
with America’s and Israel’s enemies.”

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst



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