Be gone before someone drops a house on you! Helen Thomas







 BAD WITCH!!!  It’s been a long time coming  for Jew-Bashing, Bias Reporter, Helen Thomas (American news service reporter) to be put out to pasture!

Hopefully this will mark the beginning of her retirement and final days as reporter and White House Press Corp member.

Excerpt from Village Voice Blog  Article By Joe Coscarelli, Sunday, Jun. 6 2010

Helen Thomas, Jew-Bashing Old Lady Press Staple, Dropped by Agency and On the Ropes

Helen Thomas voiced some controversial opinions on the state of Israel, offering that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” during an interview with at the Jewish Heritage Celebration last week. Since, the video has been making the rounds on YouTube across the political blogosphere. Thomas has now been dropped by Nine Speakers, the agency that represented her. Technology is constantly destroying the Olds.

Come Monday, she’s in big trouble.

Thomas apologized, but the chorus calling for her removal is growing. Politico reports:

DefendJerusalem’s Commentary

Several years ago in an interview with Lebanese MonthlyHelen Thomas is quoted saying “Being Lebanese is very much a part of my life“. If that is the case, maybe she should go back to Lebanon. Perhaps she could also take along Former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright as a companion.  I’m sure they will absolutely enjoy living out their lives in a country with no real tolerance for the practice of any religion other than Islam. They can pass the days reminiscing about the occasions they received their personal gift copies of the Holy Quran or have discussions on their understanding of the Arab world as it surely “is the cradle of all religions”  

Some things must die in order for something else to grow. We are not saying that she herself should die; just that in her capacity as a reporter and WHPC member, her hateful, biased and anti-Semitic remarks should be silenced once and for all. Once she is removed from her seat in the WHPC, we are hoping it will be filled by a reporter that is objective, unbiased, fair and balanced. 

Below are just a couple remarks made by Thomas.  View the  following  video footage to hear it in her own words.

Remember these people are occupied and it’s their land,” says Thomas. “It’s not German and it’s not Polish.

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