The “Gaza Flotilla” magilla, another public relations stunt by pro-Hamas from 40 countries and also included 40 tied to ‘Al Qaeda’, and ready to ‘die’, to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza. This was also accompanied by a well-orchestrated offensive with rallies all over the world, with fancy signs to ‘Stop the Gaza Massacre’. What Gaza Massacre? What ‘ethnic cleansing’? What ‘apartheid’? What ‘starving of the people of Gaza’?

Perhaps they were left over from Israel finally attacking Hamas in last year’s war.

We need to understand that this ‘recognition’ of Hamas, is the trophy of ex-Pres. Jimmy Carter, taking Arab monies to be the raging anti-semite he is, in writings and politics, who openly violated Title 18, of U.S. Code, in giving ‘material support to known terrorists.’  So the 700 violators, in the flotilla, who are part of an international attack upon Israel’s very existance, are also the ones screaming that Israel has no right to defend itself, and then some Israelis and their Left, marginalizes all of us politically, by constantly playing into the hands of the very forces who want “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.” Where is Freud when we need him?

Obama’s approach to demonize Israel, divide Jerusalem and Israel and betray America’s #1 ally, has emboldened our enemies, with his ‘appeasement politics’ and at the same time as Obama/Hilary/Schultz ad nauseum have allowed Iran to build nukes, yesterday it was revealed that Iran has enough materials for 2 bombs. Do you understand what is going on here and the collective dangers we are all in?

Meanwhile there were pro-Hamas rallies in S.F., L.A., N.Y., D.C. at the White House, Chicago, Paris, London, Ottawa, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, etc. and pro-Israel rallies in Miami, Ft. Laud., S.F. and L.A. and N.Y.

Didn’t we go through this when Israel attacked Hamas last year?

What needs to be done here:

1. Israel needs to put on trial, each of the 40 associated with Al Qaeda in the flotilla, and other terrorist organizations, with a full media outreach on every level and to go on the offense. The ‘Flotilla’ approach from Hamas can be repeated daily, as much as Hezbollah and Hamas have kidnapped IDF and Gilad needs to be addressed in the international arena, an Israeli prisoner held by Hamas for 4 yrs.

2. Israel needs to show the Olymic swimming pool in Gaza the $4million home of Hamas leader and where International donations are really going to, including weapons etc. Israel needs to film all the other photo shots of people not starving, let alone what is shipped into Gaza daily and do its own propaganda media, which the Israelis barely have a clue on what to do when it comes to telling their own story and we’ll be glad to help as we have gotten 1180 good publicity interviews to support Israel. What is Israel’s humanitarian approach to Gazans? Why are we helping those committed to our destruction to begin with?

3. EVERY JEW AND SUPPORTER OF ISRAEL NEEDS TO GET OFF THEIR BEHINDS AND BE VISIBLE IN THESE VERY DANGEROUS TIMES AND TO SUPPORT THOSE WHO ARE BEING VISIBLE. www.defendjerusalem.net and by mail to: ‘Defend Jerusalem’, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140. Write letters, call in talk shows, demonstrate, speak, e-mail, fax. etc.

  Below is a list of events in Boston, NY, DC, Miami, Chicago that you need to be a part of and also to do events in your own community.

4. June 9, the PA’s Abbas will be at the White House and Obama will again do his bidding. We urge, internationally that everyone write, e-mail, telephone the White House and every member of Congress not to appease, cave-in, cater, or grovel to these Islamic terrorists, especially Abbas who started the Intifada and is also committed to Israel’s destruction, and no different than Hamas. Please see Chicago rally against Catepillar and pro-Israel counterdemonstration below on this same date. On the bottom is a list of White House phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
We must realize that Israel may well be in a major war and without Obama’s support, let alone the threats from Iran, which Israel has to respond to and has already sent nuclear subs into the waters off of Iran.

We must understand that this is not just an anti-Israel movement, but an anti-Jewish one that attacks our faith, our 5000 yr. history, our Covenant with G-d, our identity and struggles and our very existance once again. The Islamic Nazis are also going after Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists, all ‘infidels’ and where is Israel’s propaganda film on all of this to fight back with?

The ‘peace at any and every price’ gang in our own community has put us all into such a great danger and peril, with their self-hatred of everything Jewish and in siding with our enemies, that this is the turning point in our very existance, whether in denial or not.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International






Can you please help us get the word out to Chicago area Jews.  Jewish people in Chicago also have to help share the burden of defending Israel.  You have to do something more than sip wine while Israel soldiers are on the front line of defense.  Bring the visiting officers to show them more than a parlor meeting. 
We are organizing a counter demonstration against the Leftist/Arab demonstration of Caterpillar in Chicago.  They want Caterpillar to divest from Israel because Israel destroys terrorist home with Caterpillar tractors.  We successfully rallied against them for the last 5 years.  This will be June 9th at the corner of Monroe and LaSalle. Time is 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM.  We have signs, flags, and leaflets; but bring what you want.  Call Avi Terry for more info 773-507-8130.  Sponsored by www.zaac.org  (Zionist American Action Committee of Chicago).  We are the group that was on the front line at Lakeshore Theatre two years ago.
See the Arab web site if you want to know that they are planning.  http://caapweb.org/id4.html  They are observing Rachel Corrie’s Yahrzeit.

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