Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) Rally


June 6, 2010, at Noon at Ground Zero

Calls for Halt to Ground Zero Mosque

The rally was scheduled after the Community Board for New York City ’s financial district unanimously approved the construction of a 13-story mosque and Islamic cultural center right across from Ground Zero

Rubin’s Painting called incendiary

The enormous masterpiece “Atrocity 911” by Marc Rubin will be hung at stageside. It’s blunt imagery depicts the tragedy and the perpetrators of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. “ Liberty ’s Lamp held high as she cries for her children while the sword of Islamic Jihad stabs her book of Law. The souls of the victims ascend from the inferno of destruction.” Image and description;

The artist will display the masterwork at the Stop Islamization of America (SIOA) demonstration in memorial to the deceased and to document the genocidal tragedy. No other painting, including Picasso’s ” Guernica ” has engendered such a mass emotional response. The artist refuses demands to remove the symbol of Islamic Jihad from the painting.

As with all World Trade Center’s demonstrations, thousands are expected to attend. The rally is being organized by consortium of important organizations.

The SIOA No 9/11 Mosque Rally will be at Ground Zero on June 6 at 12 noon. Pamela Geller of Atlasshrugs and Robert Spencer of Jihadwatch are joined by supporting groups (partial list): ACT for America (ACT Manhattan chapter); Z Street ; Freedom Defense Initiative; No Mosque at Ground Zero; and Faith Freedom International; VAST, Stuart Kaufman; American Bulldogs, Center for Security Policy and  world artist Marc Richard Rubin.

Contact Information

Marc Rubin: , (773) 442-7618

Pamela Geller:

2 Responses

  1. I wish I were there to see it. I hope one on foxnews has it. Is there a site on here I can get it?
    Will there be a round the clock guard. I would hate to see it damaged or taken away. ie kidnapped.

  2. Mayor Bloomberg Vs. 69% of NYC: Yes to potential terrorist training camp 2 blocks from Ground Zero:

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