Dear Governor Crist:

Months ago, we asked you to change the date of the special election in District 19, because it fell on the Jewish holiday of Passover and you did and this election is scheduled for this coming Tuesday.

Now we have another request, also of serious consequence we are asking you to take action on.

We just discovered a few hours ago that the Student Government, African Student Association, Muslim Student Association and Student United Muslim Association are bringing to the University of S. Fla., Norm Finkelstein, to speak at Marshall Center at 7 P.M. on April 28, 2010.

Below are what some scholars think of this Jew hating Jew, who denies the Holocaust and violates Title 18 of U.S. Code in giving material support to terrorists, which Finkelstein offers to Hamas, which is dedicated to destroying Israel and also America.

While Finkelstein has a First Amendment right to be a jerk and liar, even the State of Israel denied him entrance to Israel in May of 2008 for being so blatant an attacker on everything Israel does to survive the Islamic terrorists, let alone Finkelstein’s ‘holocaust denial’ politics.

Finkelstein was even denied tenure at DePaul University and below are comments as to his dishonesty and lack of credibility.

Our position is why, with Florida $3.2 billion in debt with our state budget, would it allow any campus institution to bring a Jew and Israel hater and Holocaust denier to use state monies and facilities to be given to this obvious terrorist supporter against Israel and America?

We are addressing this very same question to Rep. Hasner and also to U. of S. Fla. President, Judy Genshaft.

On Feb. 26, 2010, the Muslim Student Assoc. at U. of Calif, at Irvine, interrupted Israeli Ambassador Oren so many times that 11 were arrested, while the Muslim Student Assoc. is pushing their agenda of not only not allowing another opinion, but also to divest from Israel.

Somehow, when Israel leaves Gaza that votes in Hamas and 10,000 rockets into Southern Israel, that is okay and 500 more rockets since the ‘ceasefire’ from when Israel attacked Gaza to stop this madness. Why is it okay for Hamas to kill Israelis and not be stopped, which every other country wouldn’t sit still and allow?

On Sept. 24, 2007, Iran’s ‘Little Hitler’, Ahmadinejad, was invited to Columbia Univ. in NYC to deny both the Holocaust and that Iran had any gays, which they hang.

The Mufti of Jerusalem was alligned with Hitler to wipe out all of the Jews and now the Muslims cowardly deny the Holocaust but want Iran to finish the job that Hitler started.

This isn’t free speech. This is yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theatre. This is academics but masochism and the Stockholm Syndrome of identifying with the enemy and its dehumanization.

Why do Fla. taxpayers and U.S. taxpayers have to pick up the tab for the very people who danced in the streets after ‘9/11’ and daily scream “Death to Israel” and “Death to America”?

Every educational institution is in financial trouble, let alone every government. This is not ‘diversity’ but stupidity in giving a tax paying forum to those who want us all dead and this is why we are writing to you.

Please stop this abuse of the public, in allowing this event on a university campus. Let them take their hate campaign to a private place instead.

Shalom International and Manatee/Sarasota ZOA Chapter are already organizing a rally for Israel and America on Sunday, April 25, 2010 in Bayside Marina, in downtown Sarasota at 2 P.M. and we’ll be rallying for Israel and America and against Obama’s hateful attack upon Israel in front of the White House on April 18 at 2 P.M. and on the 19th at Noon.

Since Oct. 2007, Shalom International has done 239 rallies/events and 1155 news interviews to “Keep Jerusalem and Israel United” and to oppose the Islamic Jihadists.

Shalom International has already spoken with Tampa and U. of S. Fla. police about protesting Finkelstein from 5-8P.M. at the entrance to Univ. of S. Fla. on Fowler Ave. and Leroy Collins Blvd. on April 28.

Gov. Crist, you are invited to join with us at either or both of these events and we urge you to do what you can to stop spending Florida tax dollars at U. of S. Fla., to bring on this self-hating bigot and Holocaust denier.

This Sunday is Holocaust Remembrance Day all across America. We must never forget that from Hitler to Hamas, the Holocaust Continues. We must never forget how appeasing Hitler with ‘land for peace’, brought on WWII and 60millions dead and nearly 7 million Jewish men, women and children murdered just for being Jews. We are back into the 1930s by the ‘peace at any price gang’ and this agenda by Finkelstein as well as this Obama administration.

Now we have Obama  equating the Holocaust with “Muslim humiliation”, as Obama stated in Cairo, last June, while Obama cowardly ignores mentioning 5 Arab wars and 2 Intifadas from the Muslims who wanted all Jews dead and all of Israel under their control and nothing has changed here. 

Israel has been Jewish for 5000 yrs. and Jerusalem has been Jewish for 3000 yrs. and yet the Obama administration has no problem attacking our Covenant with G-d, our history, identity, our faith and all the millions of Jews murdered for being Jews. Obama even refuses visas for Israeli nuclear scientists to come to the U.S. while ignoring Iran’s attempt to make nukes it will use against Israel and America and Israel will be forced to attack Iran within the next several months.

Would Obama, Hillery, Biden and the Muslim Student Association agree that Mecca should be divided and given up for Peace? Oil politics? Revisionism and Holocaust Denial?

Obama refuses to honor signed agreements to even supply Israel with U.S. made arm requests to defend herself from these Islamic Jihadists supported by the very groups at U. of S. Fla. who are sponsoring Finkelstein.

The dangers of this appeasement only invites Israel’s and America’s enemies to strike at us again and again.

Will you as Governor of Fla., take a stand against this outrageous betrayal of Israel by Obama and this attempt to divide Jerusalem and gives the Nazis their number one victory?

Will you Gov. Crist stop this abuse at the U. of S. Fla. with Finkelstein?

We find it ironic that the African Student Union would sponsor Finkelstein, while Obama wants Jerusalem and all Jewish holy sights under the auspices of the United Nations which has allowed a genocide of 500,000 blacks by Muslims in Darfur, Sudan.

We just celebrated the Passover which is thousands of years older than Islam on how G-d took us from slavery into liberation as the model for all peoples.

Tragically, the Muslim extremists are on the attack against Jews, Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists and all ‘infidels’, with Saudi Arabia behind ‘9/11’ and 15,000+ Islamic terrorist attacks since and with its oil blackmail politics, that is responsible for 30,000 people starving to death globally every day and we do not hear a peep from the Student Government at U. of S. fla., about this atrocity by the same folks behind Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, ad nauseum.

Obama wouldn’t even identity the Ft. Hood Muslim terrorist who killed 13 and wounded many more as an Islamic terrorist.

Taking a guy like Finkelstein, who makes $25,000+ per speech, who attacks his own people and history, is like asking the Baptist Nazis from Topeka, Kansas, who rally at the funerals of Americans killed in Iran and Afghanistan, to come in and scream, “God Hates Jews, Fags,and all U.S. Military” and get paid for it no less.

Oh, this nasty gang of misfits from Topeka, Kansas, will be protesting outside of the Hillel House at U. of S. Fla. on 4/19/10 at 9:15 A.M..

For some reason these ‘birds of a feather’ are, descending with their hate, at the U. of S. Fla. campus, which is the real issue here.
Gov. Crist, we hope you’ll take emergency action on all of this in these very dangerous times, when our own government predicts we’ll be hit again within the next 6 months with another catastophe like ‘9/11’.

We await your immediate response to this emergency.
Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres., Shalom International

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