“Appeasing Wickedness”


Dear “Chosen” Activists:

 Yesterday, Shalom International/www.defendjerusalem.net had a booth at the Jewish Heritage Festival, our second time here and we got a great reception to our messages: “Remember the Holocaust”, “No More Nazism”, “Jerusalem Is Not For Sale”, “Protect and Defend America and Israel” and “Fight Terrorism Support Israel”. About 80 folks signed up for a potential organization here, which only illustrates how upset the grassroots is with Obama/Hillary/Biden, who treacherously support Israel’s and America’s enemies and are pushing their own brand of anti-semitism.  We argued with one guy who said Obama was great for Israel and two women who wanted Jerusalem divided for ‘peace’, which of course will only lead to the next great war, but why interfere with ‘kumbaya’, ‘co-existance’,’diversity’, ‘multi-culturalism’, driving this sellout of Israel and the Jewish people and all murdered for being Jews, religious or not? The Left will never get it, even when it’s too late for all of us.

Today is the “Ides of March”, when Rome’s Ceasar was murdered. Yesterday, Bibi did some unnecessary groveling to tone down the ‘insult’ charge from Hillary on Israel building 1600 new units in Jerusalem our eternal capitol and announced when ‘Brown Shirt Biden’ was in Israel to sell Israel down the toilet. Imagine that. The Troika of Treachery:Obama/Hillary/Biden demand and rule and we’re all to bow down to them and be grateful that their obsession with denying our rights to Jerusalem, Jewish for 3000+ years, takes precedent over their stupidity and evil politics to allow Iran to get nukes it will use against Israel and America and the West, while covering up for the exact same gang that danced in the streets after ‘9/11’ and scream ‘Death to Israel” and “Death to America” as they pray to Mecca.

Below is an event in Philly on Thurs. Also, below are two statements from Holocaust survivor Eva Costabel who wrote us her feelings about Biden and the Jews who cowtow to his miserable and dangerous agenda, Obama  Hillary and Biden are pushing.

Then we  get to the nitty gritty from another commentator below, on Thomas Friendman of NYTimes who is like those 14 ‘Jewish Organizatoins’ who met with Obama on how to sell the division of Jerusalem and Israel, such as AIPAC, we will be protesting on March 21,22,23 for their disgusting politics to betray everything Jewish and our 5000 yr. history, let alone the millions murdered for being Jews, religious or not.

The danger is acute and so many Jews yesterday were still more interested in pickles than in our politics for survival and thrival starting with our Covenant with G-d, in case you were wondering what the real issue is all about.

It’s a ‘religious war’ stupid. ‘Land for peace’ and ‘two states for two peoples’ is just the coverup of what is really going on here. But more on this later.  

Tuesday, March 16, 2010, is an ‘International protest on behalf of Jews praying and being part of the Temple Mount” on top of the lst and 2nd Temples, the Muslims want to ignore and refuse to accept while destroying any mention of Jews going back to thousands of years and Olmert/Livni and gang allowed to erase in their treachery.  Our rally at the Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud., Broward Blvd and 3rd AVe., will be the focus of our

participation starting at 5 P.M. 

                                                                                                                 I’m driving North to D.C. for Sat. when we counter-protest the Obama Lefties who are anti-American and anti-Israel and pro-Hamas, which of course is no different from Obama/Hillary/Biden ad nauseum. We’ll be at Conn. Ave., M and 18th St. starting at 10AM and await the many thousands marching by and screaming for Israeli and Jewish blood, Christian blood and ignoring all that Jihadist and intolerance for women, gays, and Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists and all the other ‘infidels’. Did I mention Jews? Jihad Jane won’t be there, but alot of other Jihad Janes and Joes will be there. Will you?  No forget it. It would actually mean fighting back and Jews don’t fight back, but at least we do. Thank G-d!

Did I mention that in Krakow, Poland where a gathering to remember the 16,000 Jews sent to the gas chambers from there, also had writing on the walls that “Hitler’s good”? This was in yesterday’s Daytona Beach News Journal.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom Int’l.



Dear Bob,
Thanks for putting my opinion on your website, Jews have to stop behaving like ghetto Jews. Why worry what our enemies think of us. I am a proud Jew, I do not take any abuse  from anti-semites. I have have had very few antisemitic episodes since I am in New York, sixty years,  but few year ago an anti-semite threw an garbage can at me. I went staight to the police and reported him.
Anti- Semites only attack the weak, we have to be strong, proud of our heritage and the great contribition we have given to the whole world. We have nothing to apologize for.
Love amd Shalom
Eva Costabel

—–Original Message—–
From: eva deutsch
Sent: Mar 10, 2010 11:12 PM
To: shalominternational@mindspring.com
Subject: Re: Shalom International exposes and opposes “Muslim Day” in Tall. rally on 3/11/10

Not  one inch of Israel to the demands of our enemies. Since when does an foreign government have the right to dictate a sovereign government about where to build or divide their capital. Shame on the Obama administration. Is that how Obama is thanking his Jewish voters.
Israel should not give one inch, it is an idiotic demand.
Meccca and Medina should be divided instead.
I hope that the Israelis will not listen to this nonsense. The hutzpa of Biden and company!
Eva Costabel
Tom Friedman, the Midwestern Jew-boy who built his career on self-congratulatory sycophancy to the rich and powerful, goes down again with another act of oral copulation, this time sucking up to the Obama Administration and piling on to the collective rape and left-wing putsch that the President with the ever-plunging popularity is trying to orchestrate against the democratically elected government of Israel and the sovereignty of the Jewish State.

In “Driving Drunk in Jerusalem,” Friedman fellates himself first, egging on the Obama acolytes to take his advice to get tough with those “most dependent” Israelis, “rubbing the nose” of Joe Biden’s mission, upstaging his own nose-rubbing trip to “handle” the Jewish State so they’ll do nothing about the nuclear weapons being prepared for us in Iran. Friedman, rubbing his oversize ego, says Joe should have taken his advice and got back on the plane and say, as Friedman’s former favorite fellatio recipient Jim Baker did, to f*ck the Jews and have the Israeli’s call the State Department switchboard when they’re ready to get serious.

(Speaking of driving drunk, one needs to wonder what good ol’ Joe was imbibing when he was in Israel, describing Israel’s holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem, as being in the “West Bank.” But then again, as everyone in the 57 states knows, the Obama Administration is not known for letting geographical facts get in the way of reality.)

Of course, the Jews did vote in droves for the ringleader of the anti-Netanyahu gang rape. But Friedman the court Jew par excellence, wants to play kapo and thus tries to justify his own ability to pontificate about what’s good for the Jews by driving a wedge between America and Israel, quoting Biden as telling his Israeli interlocutors: “What you are doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and endangers regional peace.”

This is, pure and simple, BS. What’s endangering the US troops is an American leader of questionable legitimacy and fast-eroding popularity, who bows and scrapes to every Muslim and third world socialist leader while trying to browbeat the one democratic that serves as an iron wall against radical Muslim conquest of the region.

Neither Obama, his minions, nor Friedman can find fault with the corrupt and impotent Palestinian Authority. “Palestinian leaders Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad are as genuine and serious about working toward a solution as any Israel can hope to find; Hamas has halted its attacks on Israel from Gaza; with the Sunni Arabs obsessed over the Iran threat, their willingness to work with Israel has never been higher, and the best way to isolate Iran is to take the Palestinian conflict card out of Tehran’s hand.”

All of the foregoing is blithering nonsense — neither the Sunnis in Saudi nor any intelligent person who didn’t have his nose in the behind of the powers that be could seriously claim that “taking the Palestinian conflict card” from the Iranians would stop the rush to a nuclear weapon. On the contrary, humiliating and insulting Israel is bringing glee to the Iranians and strengthening the Palestinian Authority’s unyielding rejectionist stance.

Friedman, after doing his own scandalous put-down of Israel’s government “driving drunk” and approving even harsher humiliation of the Jewish State, pretends that he has the good of the Jews at heart: “In sum, there may be a real opportunity here — if Netanyahu chooses to seize it. The Israeli leader needs to make up his mind whether he wants to make history or once again be a footnote to it.”

Friedman, who is widely known to be in the back-pocket of the Saudi ruling despots and was the conduit if not the originator of the Saudi-backed “Arab plan” to destroy Israel by forcing it to its knees and flooding with hostile Palestinian to destroy its Jewish character, should take a breathalyzer of his own and face the sorry fact that what he has been impotently licking and swallowing all these years has been the oily royal scepters of the various potentates of the Fahd family.



Join us for the premiere screening of the movie Crossing the Line: the Intifada Comes to Campus with guest speaker Khaled Abu Toameh!


Khaled Abu Toameh is an award-winning, independent Israeli-Arab journalist who has been covering Palestinian issues in the West Bank and Gaza for more than 20 years. Having begun his career as a writer for an official PLO newspaper, he now writes for the Jerusalem Post.  Plus, he’s one of my closest friends!!

To witness a recent example of this growing concern click here (618,550 views since Feb 2nd on youtube.com)
11 Arabs arrested on Campus during Ambassador to Israel Michael Oren’s speech:

For tickets, click here http://www.aishphila.com/new/event.php?id=158 or call (610) 668-9600.

General admission: $18 pre-paid, $25 at the door
Student admission: $5 pre-paid, $15 at the door (valid student ID required)

Hilton Philadelphia City Avenue
4200 City Line Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131

Co-Sponsored by Aish Philadelphia and the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

co-founder and president



P.O. Box 182

Merion Station, PA  19066

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