Shalom International exposes and opposes “Muslim Day” in Tallahasee, Florida


Shalom International is happy to join with those opposed to Sharia Law in the Fla. Constitution.

3/11/10 in Tallahasee, FL 

In a blatant attack upon the Jewish faith, Veep Biden and Pres. Obama have demanded that Israel divide Jerusalem, Jewish for 3000 years, and Israel, Jewish for 5000 yrs.

In addition there has been an attack upon the Jewish faith from Obama and gang that the burial place of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their wives in Hebron, that is thousands of years older than Islam be under Muslim control. No Jew was allowed up the fist 7 steps for 1700 yrs. and only until 1967, Sixth Day War, have Jews had access to their own Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Jewish faith. Why do we have to cater and cowtow to the Muslims who say that Abraham was willing to sacrifice Ishmail and not Isaac which is part of our Bible/Torah that is thousands of years older that Islam? 

Why does the world have to cater to this violence where Muslims in Nigeria just slaughtered hundreds of Christians in the last few days? 

You can’t make peace with those who lie and then want to kill you!

Every attempt to appease and grovel and excuse this menace poses a major weakness that our enemies will take advantage of. with new violence. Saudi Arabia, responsible for 9/11 and 15,000+ Islamic Jihadist attacks since, is behind the ‘road map’ Obama is pushing that ends the Jewish State and brings on the next war.

 The Muslims in Tallahasee seeking recognition are also supportive of Hamas, Hezbollah and cowardly deny the Holocaust while want ing to finish the job Hitler started. We are here to expose this threat and oppose it and urge all legislators to wake up and remember that the plotters of 9/11 were doing this in Hollywood, Fl. and that Florida is a ‘target’ state as well as the rest of America, ‘the big Satan’, while Israel is ‘the little Satan’. and on the front line of fighting the very same forces alligned with Hitler and waiting for Iran’s nukes to set WWIII into motion that Obama/Biden are allowing with their very stupid and venal politics. 

This will be Shalom International’s 225th rally and 1132 news interviews since Oct. 2007 as the leading Jewish organization, opposed to any division of Israel and Jerusalem. Would Obama/Biden ask the Muslims to give up “Mecca” for ‘peace’, but have no problem telling the Jews that our faith and millions of Jews slaughtered for that faith don’t matter and what is also being propagated here in Tallahasee. with Muslim Day.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres.,, Shalom international

We will be bring a number of very large banners to this rally. Below are two more major events we are leading in D.C.

and on March 14, we will have a booth at the Jewish Heritage Festival in Daytona Beach, Fla. with 10,000+ attending and our messages doing outreach to this large group as well.

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