This morning at 10:15 A.M., I received a phone call from Terry in Customer Service, at Target, Ref. #1-441-412-520, telling me that Target was withdrawing this product, which is a start, but when I asked for all of this in writing, or how it took place in the first place and a number of other questions, she had no answers for us and abruptly hung up. 

I’m enclosing a letter below from just one of the folks who understands what happens when a corporation allows such a propaganda disaster to take place. I assure you it has caused quite a row.

Brooklyn Assemblyman, Dov Hindkind is already investigating it there too and we received calls from his office as well on this. It’s only the beginning.

This morning at 10:15 A.M., I received a phone call from Terry in Customer Service, at Target, Ref. #1-441-412-520, telling me that Target was withdrawing this product, which is a start, but when I asked for all of this in writing, or how it took place in the first place and a number of other questions, she had no answers for us and abruptly hung up.

This mediocre approach from Target is very unsettling. This isn’t ‘business as usual’ and this isn’t ‘customer service’. This is a major scandal that needs immediate response from you personally.

This issue if far deeper than just withdrawing an inflamatory product,with vast political implications, because Target got CAUGHT selling it.

So let me emphasize additional considerations we want response in written form from you at Target, starting with taking it off your shelves and what you intend to do with these globes that are taken off.

1. How many of these globes were sold, in what stores, in what cities and states, and how many are you recalling, and how many are you removing and in what  cities and states, and what happens to these globes now.? If you are not selling them, will Target be giving them away for a tax write-off and allow this Muslim  terrorist propaganda  to continue? Will the globes be destroyed?

2. How many other products from Devrian Global Industries have this message in it on other products? Is the President of Devrian Global Industries, Roshan Wijerama, a Muslim and pushing his own political agenda?

3. If so or not, what controls does Target have…. to prevent such an abusive propaganda approach on its products….. that Target failed to see before and therefore allowed in its stores….. and this incident with much bad ill will towards Target as a result, which could have been prevented? What other companies are also selling this Muslim misrepresentation? Target has many companies and distributors it deals with from China and around the world. How is Israel and those who support Israel to be protected from these insidious attacks through products sold at Target? The same for all Americans and humanity under attack by these Muslim extremists and their supporters.

4. Your other relationships with Devrian Global Industries, also involved  many thousands offlashlights that were so toxic  and also from China ,that they too had to be removed. With all the bad news from China regarding lead in children’s toys to women’s purses, to bad milk, etc. what is Target doing to protect your customers on these issues, let alone outrageous propaganda, that  “Israel” doesn’t exist….. sales on those globes?

5. When we called Devrian Global Industries  yesterday, they refused to identity the Chinese manufacturer producing these globes. What controls does Target have in preventing future crises like these from Devrian, from China, from anywhere?

6. Who are your buyers, that are not looking into these ‘political’ and very costly in ill will, issues? How can a major company like Target be this stupid, ill advised,  and when uncoverd be so mediocre in its response? Would Target accept this reaction and response, if it had been so severely wronged on these life and death issues?

7.  Devrian argues that these mini globes are for “Illustration and decoration purposes only” on their boxes, but closer inspection reveals that “Palestine” exists and “Israel” doesn’t.

8.How about the lack of ‘truth in advertising’ surrounding this issue and its reflections on Target?

9. Were these globes also sold en masse to individuals, other stores, institutions, schools?

10. Were these globes sold for Christmas, Chanukah, Eids, Kwanza, as gifts, goofs, etc?

I want to say personally that putting someone from Customer Service, who is not at the top of this issue, into explaining Target’s disaster here, also poorly reflects on Target’s concern for the issues raised here and this issue is not resolved to our satisfaction on what is really going here.

This is not a game to us. This is serius business and must be addressed accordingly. Too many lives are at stake in this war against terrorists and their committment to destroy America and Israel and putting an underling in charge of responding to this issue is another act of very poor judgement on the part of Target.

How did these globes get into Target in the first place? How will Target prevent these and other products, that appease the Islamic terrorists, from further exposure, sales and indifference, while this support penetrates the grassroots unaware of this deception?

Mr.Steinhafel, if this were the only issue, it would be bad enough, but being a part of a major global pattern to demise the existance of Israel, coming from the politics of the  E.U., U.N., The Vatican, and the Obama administration, plus the Jew haters in the media and the Nazi deniers of the Holocaust and Israel’s existance… are what we are concerned about and Target’s participation in this monstrous scandal with this globe and who knows what else?

Why would Target not check what it is selling first and how does Target prevent more of this outrageous attack upon Israel and those that support Israel.?

This ‘globe’ that denies Israel’s existance is but the tip of the iceberg and of a much bigger picture.

Please understand this emergency and need to respond responsibly to us on these issues raised.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International



From: Claire Meadow <>
Sent: Jan 25, 2010 10:14 PM
Subject: Disregard of the State of Israel on Globes being sold by TARGET

Dear Mr.Greg Steinhafel,
       We have been regular customers of Target and wish to continue as such. We have received a report that products which you sell (for example Mini World Globes distributed by Devrum Industries) show no reference to the State of Israel (as if it does not exist).
       If you allow products which erroneously label that section of the middle east as Palestine, we would, before patronizing more fair and balanced competitors, like to know what your response iis and what you intend to do with this product (ie:remove it from shelves) and how you will assure your millions of Jewish patrons that this is not and will not be your policy.
Sincerely, Claire Meadow

5 Responses

  1. Another way of changing history.
    “Israel never existed – only Palestine.”
    This is terrible and I hope Target takes care of it and does not buy anymore from that company and that the company says so and does the same to the dealer/maker they get the globes from.

  2. Just goes to show how CAIR, Hamas and the Muslim Mafia is working our Marxist, liberal politicians under our American first admendment rights. They will only succeed if enough of these “loonies” prevail in Congress! It’s time to shut down the Muslim Islamic training camps all across our United States! Support our Judeo-Christian heritage – Pray for Israel.

  3. This doesn’t sound like an anti-semitic act. However, Israel globes should also be sold in order to allow people from both sides of the argument to express their opinions, if they so desire. If snow globes that say “Palestine” are being sold instead of those saying “Israel”, it’s going to look like propaganda. Then again, Devrian could manufacture snow globes and what-not that say “Palestine” and “Israel”.

  4. Wow,
    Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill, maybe we should ask the Palestinians for their opinion on this as well.

    I’m glad Target is selling a globe that is both culturally and historically accurate.

    By the way, UN Mandates seem to not recognize Zionist expansion into Palestine. So what do you have to say about that?

  5. From what I saw the globes looked pretty small. That is not an excuse.
    They could have put both of the names on the Mediterranean with lines/arrows to their site.
    Both names both places.

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