Evil is Spreading…Tartget selling mini world glope with Palestine in place of Israel

Below is a letter to Target executive requesting their cooperation in the removal of the offensive mini world globe which its manufacturer created to display ISRAEL as PALESTINE.
Greg Steinhafel
C.E.O. Target Corporate Hdqtrs.
On Jan. 24, 2009, Shalom International/ www.defendjerusalem.net  held its 197th  Rally/event at Chabad of Boca Raton, for “Keeping Jerusalem and Israel United” and to oppose Muslim Jihadists. Since Oct. 2007 we have been interviewed  1111 times, that has reached millions all over the world.

This rally was emceed by well known  S. Fla. radio talk show host ,Joyce Kaufman of WFTL and one of our speakers was also WFTL radio host, Jeff Katz. We also heard from 7 folks running for public office among those speaking. 

 We rally 4 times a week in S. Fla. and have a vast following of support from those driving by. 

I was just on Joyce Kaufman’s show about this issue I’m presenting to you now. She urged that Target respond immediately before we initiate a national boycott, which I was already suggesting. 

After yesterday’s rally, I got a call from one of the participants, whose 12 yr. old daughter looked at a “Mini World Globe’ ,bought at Target and saw that Israel, was not on the globe map, but the word “Palestine”. 

Mini World  Globe DPCI#234-04-1863, distributed by Devrian Global Industries in Warren, N.J. ,refused to identity its Chinese company that produced this outrageous  insult. 

Below are two key stories: 

1/25/10, reported in World Jewish Daily.com, that  Polish Bishop, Tadeusz Piernonek, told a Catholic News Agency that “The Holocaust, as such is a Jewish invention”. Only last week, the Pope was going to give ‘sainthood’ to Pius XII, Hitler’s Pope who silently allowed nearly 7 million Jews to be destroyed. There were 10,000 concentration camps, 1500 death camps, throughout Europe and 7 extermination camps in Poland, since the anti-semitism there welcomed the mass murder of 3 million Jews in Poland. 

Also, today, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu at Yad Vashem ,the memorial for the Holocaust in Israel and is showing blueprints of the Auschwitz Death Camp, where millions of Jewish men, women and children were mass murdered because they were Jews, stated  that “Evil Is Spreading” and again threatening the security of the Jewish people and the rest of the world as well. 

International Holocaust Day is 1/27/10. Shalom International/www.defendjerusalem.net will be rallying on 1/28/10 against the Muslim Jihadists and 9/11 trial in NYC as well as our support for Israel. Our rally will be at Noon at Zuccotti Park (Church and Liberty) two blocks from “Ground Zero”.

 We have an immediate need to get Target to respond to why the globes, you are selling shows that Israel doesn’t exist, but only ‘Palestine’. 

Jerusalem has been Jewish for 3000+ years and Israel has been Jewish for 5000 yrs., while the  Arab/Muslim  forces alligned with Hitler , today  cowardly deny the Holocaust, but want to finish the job Germany started.   

 It is Fatah, Hamas, terrorists groups ,who  have also eliminated Israel on their maps, and Target seems to be supporting ,with your globes and who knows how many other products. These are the very same people who danced in the streets after ‘9/11’ and are committed to Israel’s and America’s destruction.  When they aren’t killing and torturing each other, they choose to revise history, as in Israel not being a legitimate nation, while there were  5 Arab wars and 2 Intifadas to put them into this pathetic and pathologic position. Then there is Iran, building nukes to destroy Israel and America with.

 May we remind you that Israel sent two huge medical teams and have taken care of over 70,000  Haitians in the terrible earthquake there last week, while Saudi Arabia sent a note of condolence and little to nothing from the rest of the Arabs.

 This is who Jews really are, not the negative propaganda out there by these same forces screaming “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”.

 When Target sells products that promote this ‘Big Lie’, it is supporting the very terrorists and Nazis who deny the Holocaust and all victims of this madness, including the Christian, Hindu, Bhuddist communities also suffering at the hands of these Islamic fanatics. 

Darfur, Sudan has 500,000 blacks murdered by Muslims. Last week 8 churches were burned in Malaysia and 200 dead in Nigeria between Christians and Muslims. Over 30,000 Christians murdered in Lebanon by Muslims and the list of Christians killed from Iraq to Pakistan is huge, not to mention Muslims attacking Christians in the ‘holyland’, down to 2% from 20% just in 2000.. 

When Newsweek in March of 2009 labeled Israel, ‘Palestinian territory’, the public revolt put Newsweek in lower circulation, ads purchased and internal layoffs as a result. It may well close soon altogether.

 When former Pres., Jimmy Carter, aligned himself with Hamas and violated Title 18 of U.S. Code, in giving material support to terrorists and openly lying about Jews and Israel in his book: “Palestine: Peace not Apartheid”, while taking Arab monies for his Carter Center, he too was participating in the revisionism of historical fact and also escalating global anti-Semitism, which it appears Target is also pursuing with this and potentially other products.

 Shalom International protested Jimmy Carter in 2008 and reacted to his recent mia culpa with him still supporting the terrorists with his ‘publicity stunt’.

 Please understand when any corporation is participation in the elimination of Israel, it is not to be supported nor are there any excuses to be made.

 We will not tolerate anyone treating Israel and its supporters as a ‘pariah’ or ‘non-existent’ anymore than those who want to whitewash their role in the Holocaust then and planning the next one now.

 Our questions to you are:

      1. Who is responsible for this purchase?

      2. What checks do you have to stop this outrage and future ones? What controls do you have from your suppliers? What controls do you have regarding what is coming from Chica which has a miserable record on products with lead and other toxins on a host of items, led alone this pro-Arab terrorist  propaganda?

      3. What are you doing to remove this and all other items carrying this propaganda being fed to children and adults alike?

      4.  What is Target prepared to do about all of this?

             Shalom International/www.defendjerusalem.net is sponsoring a “Million Mensch March” in Wash., D.C. on June 6, 2010, which is the Anniversary of “D-Day” and the ‘6th Day War’ which united Jerusalem and Israel.

      This rally is to ‘protect’ and ‘defend’ America and Israel under constant threat and danger.

      If you are our side of this issue, you can show it by supporting this immense effort.

     If you are satisfied with “Palestine” instead of “Israel” on your maps, then our position is very clear in not supporting Target on any level, but with a national and international boycott we can initiate on Jan. 28, 2010 at our rally in NYC. 

      If “Israel” doesn’t exist to Target, then Target doesn’t exist to us.” 

     If Target is spreading this ‘evil’, we want nothing to do with Target or any of its products. How many other companies are doing what Target is doing with this globe and other products? 

     We urge you to consider the urgency of this matter as we are prepared to generate a vast amount of publicity on this by Thursday while letting many thousands on our e-mail lists know of this immediately. S. Fla. already heard about it on the Joyce Kaufman Show. 

     Please know that a calendar given out by Publix Markets, listed “Islamic New Year’s” on Dec. 7, while ignoring “Pearl Harbor Day” or Israeli Independence Day and “9/11”.  After much very negative publicity, Publix withdrew its calendars. 

     Why would any company want to get such negative publicity  and such ill will?  Why is Target pursuing this economic disaster as well?

      We have discovered this slap in the face of Israel and all who support Israel and America against the Islamic Jihadists, that has come from Target on this level.  We await your immediate response.

 Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International



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