“Thanks to the many who supported Haiti Relief”

My statement on “Haiti” hit so many of you, I have not the time to answer each one of you. Thanks to the many who supported

my arguments and to those who challenged us to do our part, with this below statement, which was to go to you before the “Haiti” one. No matter. To those who support Rush/Sean, no matter what, I stand firm. No one should play politics with the lives of so many millions at stake. To those who think I’m Left Wing,’peacenik’ etc., we have done 191 rallies/events and 1110 news interviews since Oct. 2007 to Keep Jerusalem United as well as Israel and to go after the Islamic Nazi terrorists. We function on Right and Wrong, not Left vs. Right and are the most visible and successful effort on these issues in the world. Please see our web site www.defendjerusalem.net. Governments and especially the ‘UN’ function on ‘business as usual’, while I am acting on the ’emergency’ and that every life matters. Amazingly, the point I was making was why the food and water were at the airport for 2-4 days, when people needing this to stay alive were ignored. Please don’t tell me about roads blocked, more tremors, etc.

If your family or your own life was at stake, would you accept these excuses? Or from Hillary that it is all being delivered, “NOT” in her usual blather. Yes, she spent her honeymoon here, but that is delivering the relief needed.

Also, the focus is just on Port-Au-Prince, but there are other areas of equal disaster  in Haiti and no focus on them at all. 

                   Where there is a will, there is a way and there are many examples of those willing to move beyond and accomplish the impossible. One helicopter dropped boxes of food and people ran for it and some fights broke out in desperation, but no one died from doing it reported on ABC News today and shown on NBC Nightly news, which calls the ‘disconnect’ between food and water arriving into the airport and not being delivered to those is such horrible shape. Bravo to those searching for survivors under the rubble.   

                                                                                                                                                                          I’m not retracting with my views, but also wish to share with you how we are functioning as well, which is below. Also, thanks to those who sent me names and agencies who are also on the ground and making a difference, as well as more of what the problem is all about and those responsible for adding to  this disaster. Using ‘security’ as the latest excuse for not delivering what’s needed is also part of the problem. Considering what the Haitians have been through, putting the focus on a few of the abusers, is a slap to the overwhelming masses bravely coping with their very survival, as well as their overwhelming losses. 

                                 When the Salvation Army, that gives huge amounts to its executives, says they’ll be able to feed everyone in a month, why would I support them, when others are on the ground meeting the crisis immediately and also risking everything to help? If ‘time is running out’,is it because of more looting or violence by the few, or because the bodycount will rise massively, beyond the smell of the 100,000-200,000+ dead now, if that food and water isn’t delivered at all costs IMMEDIATELY? 

  George Bush telling everyone today at the White House, with Bill Clinton and Obama,(The 3 Disasters), to send a check and not blankets and food and to trust him on  where it will all go, doesn’t cut it for me. Bush on selling out Israel and Bush on the U.S. economic fiasco he was also a part of, is not the track record I’m supporting anymore than Bill Clinton, whose own history with Haiti is highly questionable, as they team up to raise monies for Haiti.  If Johnson and Johnson and Tylanol etc. didn’t do its work to make sure its products were safe for Americans to use and are now in a massive recall as a result, where is the trust I’m supposed to put into the very companies and forces, Bush/Clinton will be pushing for Haitian Relief and spending ‘ money wisely”?

We are dealing with 3,000,000 lives here. If you want a safe way to reach folks with agencies on the ground, please read other posts.  


Yours in Shalom and frustration,


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