“Shalom International and Bernard Sansaricq Candidate for US Congress-District 23-FL, offer options to help in Haitian Relief”

Due to the urgency of the situation in Haiti

this post has been relisted.

Shalom International and Bernard Sansaricq Candidate for US Congress- District 23 – FL to help in Haitian Relief” 

 Dear “Chosen” Activists:   

Yesterday, Shalom International attended a meeting of Faith Based organizations and the City of Miami Beach on how to deal with the Haitian crisis. 

The City is supporting the American Red Cross, we objected to, when in 1992 and our horrific disaster with Hurricane Andrew, then Pres. of the American Red Cross, Elizabeth Dole, was telling everyone that there were 300 food kitchens in place, when there were none. 

At that time we were helping the Hispanic Coalition and the City of Miami Police Dept. innoculate migrants in Fla. City to prevent an outbreak of disease. 

These aren’t idle issues for us. When the Genocide in Rwanda took place, Shalom International also brought $100,000 in food and drugs,etc. there, through South African Airways. 

So at the Miami Beach meeting they decided to allow the fire stations to be drop off points for those who want to donate. 

I insisted that with “Art Deco Weekend” and 500,000 coming to it starting today, that it would be great to have trucks and tell the media to encourage everyone to bring food, clothing etc. 

They didn’t get it, but believe it, a local resident of Miami Beach, Dirk and his friends put it out to drop off food, etc. at lst and Alton Rd. and got the media to announce it, and lo he has already filled 3 trucks and has it already in Haiti and on the ground via airplanes he has connections to. Thank G-d for the grassroots. 

I met him today to continue this effort with us. I was already announcing this on Joyce Kaufman’s Show on WFTL today for those coming to Miami Beach this weekend. 

The letter below is one part of our effort and by next week we’ll be in full swing. 

We understand disaster. So do the folks in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, and so do the folks in NY with ‘9/11’. We also have a very large Haitian community here, and their tragedy affects all of us. 

We Jews also understand tragedy and Israel has already sent over to Haiti a search and recover and medical team and was amongst the first to arrive and all 7 Israelis there have been accounted for. The Israeli contingent is 220 with 40 doctors. 

So here is our strategy.  

If you donate to “Defend Jerusalem” and specify to Haitian Relief, we will use ALL the funds to buy bulk foods and key items.  For example, if you want to sponsor a large tent, 10×10 it will cost $500. An 800sq. ft. tent is $1950.

Or if you want to help us buy food in bulk such as rice, black beans, cooking oil, sugar, water, toiletries, matches, can openers, flashlights/batteries, drugs, medical supplies, baby formulae, sternos, etc. we will also do that in your name.

Whatever you can afford and want to donate either through www.defendjerusalem.net or by mail to: “Defend Jerusalem” (Haitian Relief on the envelope), P.O.Box 402263, Miami  Beach, Fla. 33140.

We will validate every purchase and even send you copies of the receipts to make sure you know where your dollars went.

What if each of you reading this made this effort to help save lives. We are donating our time and we won’t take any monies for this.   

At our 191st. Rally for Israel on Wed., at Pine Blvd. at Century Village,in Pembroke Pines, we already put up a sign along with our regular ones: “Help Haiti” and got a huge response for our visibility with these messages. 

At our Rally for Israel and America at Chabad of Boca Raton, 17950 Military Trail, Boca Raton, on Jan. 24, 2010, 3:30P.M. everyone should bring food and other things, clothing,etc.. We will have a truck parked out there to put in your donated goods for shipping to Haiti. 

We will update you as to our efforts which will expand enormously because of this emergency, we MUST do in saving lives. It is our faith and our Mitzvah to do this as we are committed to Keeping Jerusalem and Israel united. 

Everyone on our list, all over the world can make this difference and you will maximize your efforts through us, no matter what you donate and also know that it is reaching those who need it the most. 

Please also go to “CharityNavigator.org” on how they rate various charities…and if you wish to donate through any of them as well. We are not doing administrative costs, but strictly need. Please also see list of grassroots charities enclosed below already in Haiti and making a difference. 

Please pray for those who perished and suffered and are suffering. 

We are doing all of this while still doing our regular rallies. If you want your synogague or church, or organization involved with this effort for Haiti, please let us know immediately. 

Yours in Shalom, 

Bob Kunst , Pres., Shalom International



Mr. Kunst, 

It was a pleasure speaking with you this evening.  We would be happy to partner with your organization, Shalom International, in doing a food drive for the earthquake victims of Haiti. 

As we discussed earlier our Haiti office is in the process of recovering from the earthquake.  We are doing assessments of our capabilities so that we may begin distribution to the affected population.  We are hoping that by next week Tuesday or Wednesday our office will be ready to start receiving the much needed food and water donations.  Once we get the go ahead from our offices and either the airport or the wharf start accepting humanitarian aid we will then begin the process of sending the donations. 

We are a well established organization in Haiti that has been working there over 20 years.  We have over 400 people employed in Haiti in different aspects of our organization.  Once we are operational we will certainly be able to receive and distribute the aid efficiently in Port-au-Prince. 

I thank you in advance for caring for the people of Haiti and look forward to receiving the donations of canned meats, canned fish, canned or powdered milk and bottle water.  As discussed it would be a blessing if you can arrange transportation to our warehouse in Coconut Creek. The address is as followed: 

Food For The Poor

6401 Lyons Road

Coconut Creek, FL 33073

Warehouse hours: 9 am -12 pm and 1 pm – 4:30 pm  Monday through Friday

 Best regards, 

Mark Khouri

Director Goods In Kind Department

Food For The Poor, Inc

6401 Lyons Road

Coconut Creek, FL 33073

954.596.4057 Office 

954.596.4116 Fax

Email: markk@foodforthepoor.org

Web site: http://www.foodforthepoor.org/


Up-Date On The Situation In Haiti And How We Can Effectively Help The Haitian People.



 I spent almost the entire Day yesterday January 14, 2010, meeting with the most prominent Haitian-Americans Pastors that have connections to distribution places in Haiti. These are some of the Church leaders that were present:   

1. – Church of God – By Denelus Jean  

2. – The New Generation Christian Temple by Bishop Henry C. Dulcio.  

3. – The Community Church of West Palm Beach by Pastor Antoine Regis  

 4. – The Nazarene Church – by Reverend Pastor Pascal Permis 

  Several more Church Leaders met with me in Port St. Lucie later in the evening. 

 Knowing first hand how corrupt is the Government in Haiti, I strongly suggest to everyone to only help the Non-Governmental and Religious Organizations. The Nazarene Church has one of the best facilities close to Port-au-Prince to reach out to the Poor people of Haiti.

 Let work with them directly. They are a 501C-3 Tax exempt Church in the US. Reverend Pascal Permis is also a close friend and associate, an outstanding man with an impeccable record of Honesty.

 You can take all Haitian Relief Offering and send it to the District Office. They are set to receive funds and will dis-burse them where they are needed directly to the poor people of Haiti. You can go online and donate to Nazarene Compassionate Ministries directly using the following link:   


Assemble Crisis Care Kits. (We now have less than 200 on hand)    

Take them to one of two churches for storage and shipment:  

   (1)  Ft. Lauderdale First-2300 S.W. 15th Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315-1804. Contact David Rambarran for assistance: 954-461-0280. From here supplies will be transferred to Miami.

  (2) Ft. Myers First -13545 American Colony Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33912.

  Contact church office for assistance: 2390in Greg Chastain will store until transferred.

  (3) Warehouse space in Miami has been offered from Cargo Express and Arrow Cargo.

 The Nazarene Church thank you for loving and caring and responding with the compassion of Christ. 

Let’s work with them to help the Haitian people in Haiti. .      

This Information was just given to me by Mr. Daniel Gonzalez of R.B.N.  

Mr. Brian Walsh, owner and manager of the famous restaurant WINGS PLUS in Coral Springs & Sample Road location, will give 30% of all sales made on Monday January 18th, 2010 (from 10AM to Closing) to the Haitian Relief Funds. I will be there (time to be announced soon).    

On behalf of the suffering people of Haiti, I want to thank all of you for helping and specially the office of US Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart for keeping a very close contact with me regarding the tragedy in Haiti.   

More information will be forthcoming soon !

Bernard Sansaricq  

Candidate for US Congress- District 23 – FL    Visit our website: www.sansaricq4congress.org The news page is updated daily, and contains vital information on the situation in Haiti.

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