It is’ Day 5′ since the earthquake in Haiti–(late post)

It is’ Day 5′ since the earthquake in Haiti, with 3.5 millions in desperate need of food, water, fuel, shelter.

 When I brought this up two days ago, I got alot of support and also alot of grief from very petty people devoid of compassion.

 Today’s Palm Beach Post frontpage  headline: “Aid pours in but reaches few”, in a story from the NYTimes.  “Relief Officials Criticize U.S., U.N.”

 For you who fast on Yom Kippur from food and water, imagine a 5 day fast, with 180 tons of food and water just sitting at the airport, but U.N. and U.S. officials, with their misplaced priorities, more focused on getting their people and troops installed and lifting their citizens out, but NOT feeding you or your loved ones in desperate need?

 Haiti is Obama’s “Katrina”. He is already mishandling this crisis with his political schtick. He ‘commits’ and then goes to Mass. to  help elect a senate candidate, a Democrat, in order to pass Obamacare, but Haiti is a classic example of Obamacare….with 3.5millions in such desperation and the death toll rising and Obama’s priorities screwed up and no hands on direction, while leaving the mission to incompetents his administration is filled with on every other issue.

 So the big trucks can’t pass, but every little truck and van can  and we see them running in every news cast and so why aren’t they filled with food, water, etc. and given out? It’s been 5 days already!

 There are 200 flights going in and out of Haiti daily, but most are military flights. U.S. Agency for International Development claims it has given out 600,000 packaged meals and installed 3 water-purification systems capable of purifying 100,000 liters a day, or is this just propaganda? What about the other 3millions starving and dehydrating?

 Today’s Miami Herald only reported that 30 U.S. helicopters dropped 84,000 rations or is this also made up as part of the media that has grabbed at the heartstrings of the American people who have donated as of today ,$150millions. But when asked by ABC News today, the American Red Cross said they were spending monies on buying fuel for trucks and in a t.v. ad for ARC, for the National Football League game today, the ad said monies would be going for Haiti and ‘other’ projects. I stated previously that in Hurricane Andrew,(1992), that they claimed 300 food kitchens in Miami and there were none. They also took monies for ‘9/11’ for other projects. There is a history of this financial abuse.

 Then NBC News  tonight, reported that the U.S. gave out 135,000 food rations and 70,000 bottles of water. Just where is all of this data coming from?

 But if we took the highest figure, that’s still only 20% of need. Just how long could anyone last after 5 days with no food, water, shelter, medicines?  What if this horror  was facing your families? What if this was you being ignored?

 The World Food Program finally landed flights of food, medicine and water on Sat., after failing on Thurs. and Fri. because of U.S. troop planes having priority.

 What is going on here?  The U.S. has previously supported the brutal dictatorships of Papa Doc Duvalier and Baby Doc Duvalier, and then an insane policy with Aristide and the paramilitaries who twice ousted him and he wants back in now, don’t you know? 

Many areas of Haiti haven’t even been looked at yet. Over 300,000 have migrated to Northern Haiti and there is a port open at Cape Haitian. 

In Carrefour, Haiti, they had only 3 casualties, but in one day, many bodies were dumped into their community, so a roadblock was set up to prevent any more of this. This was reported in the Ft. Laud., Sun-Sentinel today and in a list of agencies to help Haiti, only Jewish Federation of S. Palm Beach was listed amongst Jewish groups partnering with another Jewish group and the American Muslims for Emergency Relief ,was listed as well.

 ‘Food For The Poor’ was also listed and Shalom International is partnering with them, as they can ship to Haiti and have been there for 20 years and have 400 on the ground to help distribute food, water, medicines etc., which we are actively pursuing. 

So my proposal to each of you is the following: Collect checks and commit to or by mail to: “Defend Jerusalem”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140, c/o of “Haitian Relief” and we will use these monies ONLY for purchasing the needed foods, materials, etc. and do it in bulk, so as to maximize impact. We will provide you with a receipt of purchase and transportation and distribution in your name, or your organization’s name in partnership with Shalom International.

Do this vital mitzvah. Israel’s 220 team in Haiti and its 40 doctors are already making news on ABCNews tonight and in other media, but it is vital to show Jewish and Christian grassroots participation on a major scale, both for our charitable mindset for those in need and also to promote this relationship in getting folks to also see this caring relationship and need to support Israel. Below is a story on lack of Arab/Muslim participation in Haiti.

 So when the Obama Messiah does everything possible to kiss up to and excuse the Muslim world and then to dump on Israel every chance he gets, apparently this doesn’t go  far in convincing the Muslims to be the charitable to others suffering. The Muslim world that doesn’t even support those in Gaza and West Bank, besides weapons for the constant war on Israel, their  only concern being in how to wipe out the Jews and Christians, Hindus, Bhuddists, all ‘Infidels’ and thousands of their fellow Muslims.

 The big charities like Salvation Army say it will take one month to feed those in need. But what about today’s ’emergency’?

When the Rwanda Genocide took place in the 1990s, Shalom International then raised $100,000 in food and medicines and sent it to Rwanda via South African Airways and to the NGOs there to distribute it.

 We have always been committed and why we do what we do. How could we stand by and allow the Holocaust to be trivialized or allow masses to die in other genocides, or ignore disasters like this earthquake in Haiti?

 The point is that all monies will go to need and we are volunteering our time and services to make it happen with your support.


The Pope visits the Great Synogague in Rome  yesterday and then stands by his support to make Hitler’s Pope, a “Saint’. This German Pope, who was a Hitler Youth, says that PIUS XII- did all his saving of Jews quietly, when in fact  this Pope gave Hitler his first financial and political support, kept quiet about 14millions in slave labor worked to death or led to the gas chambers.

 Pius XII kept quiet about 10,000 concentration camps, 1500 death camps and 7 extermination camps, or the nearly 7 million Jewish men, women and children murdered for being Jews.  Hitler’s Pope aided and abetted, through the “Vatican Rat Line”, the escape of these mass murderers. For example, it took 4000 mass murderers to just run the death factory at Auschwitz/Burkenau that killed millions of Jews and is the world’s largest Jewish cemetery. Only 50 were put on trial. What happened to the rest of the killers and where was the Vatican on all of this?  Canada got 15,000 Nazi war criminals, 10,000 came into the U.S., 30,000 went into Argentina, 30,000 went into Latin America, and many thousands went to the Arab countries since they were allied with Hitler and have never stopped in their dream to finish off the Jews.

 So why did the Synogague in Rome allow itwelf to be used by the Pope to promote the Sainthod of Pius XII and in effect betray everyone murdered by the Germans and their partners in every country in Europe ,who also participated in the grand theft of everything Jewish and who today commercialize, revise, trivialize the Holocaust and the death camps, our world’s largest Jewish cemeteries.?

 Why are there $millions in Jewish holybooks and artifacts stolen in the Holocaust and under the Vatican to this day and not returned to the Jewish people?

 I could go on with the Vatican’s politics to rewrite history and its role in the mass extermination of the Jewish people for so very many centuries, as well as the Vatican’s support for the Arabs to divide and conquer Jerusalem and Israel today. This truth isn’t anti-Catholic, but definately holding the Vatican accountable and responsible for its past and present politics and atrocities. There were Catholics of conscience who actually helped save Jewish lives. Sadly, too few of them. Pope John Paul I, who was a Bishop in Hungary during the war did help rescue many Jews, and without the Vatican support. John Paul I died after a month as Pope. John Paul II, the Polish Pope lived in a house that belonged to a Jew exterminated at Auschwitz.

 Where was the Vatican when they put a disco at Auschwitz?  Where is the Vatican when Christians everywhere are being attacked by those ‘peace-loving’ Islamic Nazis?  When Pope John Paul II was in Israel in 2000 and gave Arafat control over all Church properties, 20% of Bethlehem was Christian. Today, that figure  is down to 2%. Apparently this strategy has also failed on many fronts.

Speaking of today’s anti-semitism, we have Obama’s  appointed anti-semitic czar ,who was on the board of the “J St.”(Nazis), going after Israel’s U.S. Ambassador, for suggesting that “J St.’s” politics ,which is Obama’s, is threatening to Israel’s 7 millions. Whether it’s Rahm Emanuel, or other self-hatin gJews like Axelrod, Obama has surrounded himself with the likes of other Jew-haters, like Jimmy Carter, Brezinski, James Baker, Scowcroft, Mitchell, and who forget the Bush’s and Clintons running the charity for Obama to ‘help the Haitians’. Send cash. No blankets and food, etc.

 Yes, 80% of Haitians are Catholic and we help them to survive. Yes, some Holocaust survivors also went and settled into Haiti.

 Yes, we speak out against those who again see others as expendible ,which makes us all vulnerable and won’t do anything.

 I actually got a major complaint that my grammer was a disaster and not the idea that millions could starve to death, which was my focus. Another wrote that I was upset that Haitians would migrate to Miami, when 200,000 are already here and that is not my angst. 

How this was their focus when mine is keeping people alive is more than I understand and I thank G-d that I don’t function with that mentality. 

This week we’ll have done 196 rallies for Keeping Israel and Jerusalem United and to advocate warring on the Islamic Nazis and our 1105 news interviews since Oct. 2007 on all of this as the leading force doing this pro-activism that has reached millions all over the world. 

If you wish to help in this crisis in Haiti, we’ll make sure your monies are maximized in giving and getting the aid to the needy.

 We see no conflict in expanding our activism to Save Israel, Save Jerusalem, Save America, Save Haiti. It’s who we are. 

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International


 To: ‘DeLowe’
Subject: Where Is The Muslim Aid To Haiti? 

I was reading  the Jerusalem Post this morning about Israel’s aide to earthquake devastated Haiti  (see:

I  also saw an article with a list of countries that are giving aid to Haiti  (
Included in this list is not a single Muslim country.  Oil countries evidently do not give aid for humanitarian purposes.  It is interesting to note that even when there were earthquakes in Turkey and Iran and war and famine in Muslim Africa, there was no Muslim aid for their co-religionists. Now if you wanted to start a war in a neighboring country, that would be a completely different story.  

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