Diane Sawyer on ABC News,1/15/10, was for the 2nd day visibly and verbally upset that so much food, water, etc. was still at the airport and not distributed to the very many in desperate need and could be dead very shortly without it.

Then one U.S. Commander interviewed, said they needed the Haitian government to designate distribution centers, then to be approved by the U.N., while 10,000 U.S. troops are on the way by Sunday to help in distribution.

Has the U.S. government/military.. lost its mind altogether?

If the Haitian government, which barely exists after this tragedy, wasn’t there for the people before the earthquake, why is anyone waiting for this government to act now?

If the U.N., which has done nothing to stop the genocide in Darfur with 500,000 Blacks murdered by the Muslim Jihadists there, why in the world is the U.N. in charge of this operation and tonight on CNN with Anderson Cooper showing that only Dr. Groupa of CNN, is left in a hospital with 25 wounded patients and the UN has asked the rest of the doctors to leave, and then to see the aerial views of hundreds, perhaps thousands of bodies lying on just one of the streets, does anyone get what is going on here?

By following the supposed ‘plan’, whatever that insanity is all about, the food and water sits at the airport, and men, women and childen are dying like flies.

A ‘distribution’ sight?  How about every spot where hundreds and thousands are outside of hospitals, in parks and in the streets afraid to go back into their homes, and get the food and water to these people before they dehydrate and die.

Oh first we have to deal with all the ‘politics’?

Let’s see, now that the U.S. controls the airport, and not the U.N., then we’ll be seen as ‘occupying’ Haiti, while others see this as a pretext to naming Haiti our 51st State.

Then there is the big hoopla from Obama that we’ll do everything possible and in committing the troops and $100millions, for his reviews, which won’t matter if no one is ready to implement giving water and food to the dying.  So much for this phony ‘messiah’, while Rush Limbaugh is obsessed on whether Obama will look good in all of this and his ratings rise and then advising everyone not to give to the Haitian people in crisis.

I could wretch on both of them.

If Limbaugh had a heart, he’d be pushing to feed the starving and put the politics aside until we got through this level of the crisis. This idiot has lost me completely with his cruelty.

Now with 200,000 being reported dead, up from the Red Cross’s assessment yesterday of 45,000, and this figure could drastically climb by this weekend, we are witnessing Obama’s ‘Katrina’ of utter stupidity of going by ‘the book’,whatever that is, instead of stepping outside of the box and actually making a difference.

How about just handing the water and food to everyone in need? Is this so hard to do?  How about taking care of everyone that needs the help? At what point do you need permission to be a human being and help another human being, especially when you can?

My angst isn’t just towards how this tragedy in Haiti is being treated, which is an updated and still stupid approach to disasters like this, or Hurricanes Katrina or Andrew in Miami, or ‘9/11’ and the Christmas Day bomber attempt on the plane, or Ft. Hood, or, or, or, or, or, or.

This is how governments operate or don’t and they don’t… beyond the stunts and media ploys and everyone covering their own butts, so as not to do anything that they will have to be accountable for, while the rest of us are expendible. Do you understand this? We are all expendible to those supposedly in charge.

Thank G-d for independent thinking and action from volunteers.

With all the ‘chatter’ now from Yemen and another potential Muslim Jihadist attack on the U.S. at this very time period, you can see in Haiti the insipid approach that would happen here as well.

Can’t anyone make a decision that matters, when government bureaucrats are in charge?

If 3 millions are affected by the Earthquake in Haiti, do we not understand that without food or water for 5 days what is pending?

Then I’m watching Sean Hannity tonight talking about the ‘political earthquake’, should the Republican beat the Democrat next Tues. for former Sen. Kennedy’s seat?

“Earthquake” Hannity? With hundreds of thousands dead in our back yard? This is your level of consciousness to exploit using this word, on going after Obama?

My kishkas are in an uproar.

How do you play ‘safe’ with masses of people dying?

How do you exploit for politics, the horrors people are facing?

I plead and plead to network with people of like mind who do understand and who do feel for the sufferings of others.
If your loved ones were in such a crisis would any of this be acceptable to you?

It is the reason I do what I do and thank G-d have both the strength and energy to be like this.

Appeasing those who want to kill us and then neglecting those in need after the damage has been done, is one more example of what we are witnessing daily in our approach in Haiti. It doesn’t matter if the catatrophe is man-made through terrorism or by an act of G-d.

Obama, stop telling us it will get worse before it gets better, when it is already at desperate levels and your incompetence in this, is accelerating the death toll and ongoing threats to all of us.

All the jerks you, Obama, have put into key positions for political purposes, who haven’t a clue on what to do except to precipitate this appeasement agenda is such a disgrace and how could we expect anything other than what is going on with all of these horrors?

Today, after 8 yrs. of illegal Haitians in Miami and U.S. by the tens of thousands, will now be allowed to stay and get green cards etc.

This still isn’t feeding one Haitian baby starving to death or dehydrated by lack of water. Shame on you Obama and those you appointed who don’t know what to do either for any tragedy or even how to prevent future ones.

Having gone through Hurricane Andrew in 1992, I know what it is like with 80,000 buildings destroyed and they, only admitting to 50 dead, but there were many more.

We on Miami Beach were 17 miles from ‘Ground Zero’ and every house on our block had no electricity for 11 days, all foods were spoiled, every roof had to be replaced if you could find quality repair people, not out to steal from you or legitimate insurance agencies not trying to screw you and in every level of survival running into obstacles for getting food, water, gas,repairs, cleanup and a host of basics, let alone damage to property and the emotional damage in all of it.

Haiti we do understand and why we need to help.  It took 10 years for us to recover.  Every Hurricane season we’re glued to the weather channel in hopes of not going through it again and Haiti went through 3 hurricanes recently before this earthquake. Then Haiti with so many of its trees destroyed. Then Papa Doc, Baby Doc, Aristedes and even today, where are the Haitian leaders in Miami speaking out, for they are in two political camps like the Dems. and GOP, and neither are for the people, when it is all about them and not us.

No matter. We MUST help those who need this emergency help.
The American people have always come to the rescue of those in need all over the world and we’ll do it again and again for that is who we really are and we don’t need to apologize for it either.

As a Jew, that is who I am too. That is my conscience. That is my faith. That is my reason for being. That is my history of being a Jew for 5000 years. Nothing to apologize for here either. My Covenant with G-d, My Torah and My Constitution and my heart are my guides in all of this as well as knowing so many on this level as well. Thank G-d!

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres., Shalom International

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