Thank You to Everyone who attended the “On Guard Rally” Florida

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First of all a Happy and Healthy 2010 and hopefully we’ll all survive it.

Yesterday, at our rally, it was phenominal.  We had 300+ who showed up, plus thousands of horns from passing vehicles, in a 6 hr. rally, and no Muslim counter-protest. 

While the Islamic Nazis usually manipulate events we have reacted to, our pro-active event, only had 3 Muslims across the street who soon left and one car with Muslims who came by and yelled at us, plus one motorcycle with a guy screaming at us ‘F-Israel’, the rest were with us en masse.

We got there by 12:30 P.M. because the Ft. Laud. Sun-Sentinel said at ‘Noon’, instead of 3 P.M. and there were folks already out with signs on our behalf. So this was an additional 2 hours for us, than previously planned.

Ft. Laud. police closed down the 3rd Ave. and set up steel fencing on both sides. We were on the side that the Islamic Nazis were on last yest. Many thanks to the Ft. Laud. Police and also the Federal Police, 3 of them were with us last year.

While the Herald story said only 100, we actually had three times that many and the Sun-Sentinel only said ‘dozens’. The Herald had a black and white photo with the story and the Sun-Sentinel had a color photo with lots of us in it.

We also had four t.v. news stations and one other t.v. crew and I was interviewed on ABC’s Ch. 10 and the one that I saw on NBC’s Ch. 6, which was great.

Meanwhile, Joyce Kaufman,of WFTL, who made a tremendous speech at the event and helped get folks there was absolutely resolute on her positions for the new year and I was on her radio show today’s interpreting what had happened.

She plugged the rally for two hours yesterday. I had done 4 radio interviews on Monday, and a WFTL interview at 6:40 AM yesterday, but this station and WIOD, were putting it on the news for most of the day and it was also debated on an early morning show on WIOD. I was also on Avi’s Jewish radio show in Philly on Monday.

It was also on 4 web sites.

So, South Fla., with the weather just fabulous, and tons of snowbirds and visitors in town from everywhere and especially for the Orange Bowl game with Iowa and Ga. Tech., got a major statement of support from our powerful gathering for Israel and America, a major acknowledgement that the Islamic Nazis had nothing to stand on and cowardly backed out of counter-protesting us,(Last yr. they screamed:”Jews into the ovens”); that we were also opposed to the ‘political correctness’ disease adopted by this administration and Obama’s ‘systemic failings’ on selling out Israel and America, while in bed with and appeasing the very Islamic Nazis who want Israel and America dead.

We had Christains and Jews, Tea Party folks and of course 5 sponsoring organizations,(Shalom International, Tom Trento with Florida Security Council, May Long with Christians and Jews United for Israel, Joe Kaufman, and Yound Zionists and Americans Against Hate), which were ignored in both paper’s coverage. It was a great mish-mash of the total community, a superb energy and wonderful and powerful speeches.

The Jewish Journal was also there for a story in next week’s paper and folks from 4 counties came to be a part of this historic event and also we had 7 candidates for office speak including Col. Alan West, who last week was on Sean Hannity’s Show on Fox.

Watch the Slide Show

I’m enclosing some of the photos and videos, plus both newspaper stories.

Please go to for more photos. If any of you have photos or videos of the event,or comments about it, please send them along and to

We also contacted the city of Pembroke Pines today as next Wed., Jan 6, 2010, we begin weekly rallies for Israel and America from 5-6P.M. on Pines Blvd. and entrance to Century Village.

So now we have every Monday at Noon, at Jog Rd. and Gateway in Boynton Beach and from 3-5P.M. at FAU, Glades Rd. in Boca Raton.

Every Tuesday at the Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud., 5-7P.M., Broward Blvd. and 3rd Ave. and every Wed. in Pembroke Pines, Pines Blvd and entrance to Century Village, 5-6P.M.

This is now 4 weekly rallies and the ONLY effort on this scale in the world.

We are already getting much positive feedback on our “Ground Zero” Rally on 1/28/10, at Noon, Zuccotti Park, NYC, to oppose ‘9/11’ trials in NYC, to oppose the Islamic Nazis and the ‘political correctness’ of Obama and gang. Zuccotti Park is at Liberty St., Trinity Pl. and Church, 2 blocks from “Ground Zero”. We are expecting opposition. Please get the word out on all of this.

Also, we desperately need your donations for our pro-activie efforts above, to pay $15,000 we are in debt in doing 1100 news interviews and in reaching millions and also in our 183 rallies/events as the catalyst of this effort, since Oct. 2007.

Please go on paypal with or by check to: “Defend Jerusalem”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140.

We have ended 2009 on a very high note in the midst of much angst and the attempted bombing of a U.S. plane on Christmas Day.

This attack exposed how Obama is such a fraud with his ‘pro-Muslim at any price politics’, we will get into next week.

We have set the tone on going on the offense and standing firm on protecting and defending America and Israel that every community needs to do as well.

Our March 20, 2010 opposition to the Left and Hamas gang marching in D.C. (we’ll be at the Navy Memorial, 7th-9th on Pa. Ave.)…..and our critically vital effort for the “Million Mensch March”, June 6th,2010, are both gaining huge momentum. We need coordinators in each state and major city, let alone the funding. Make this your focus as well for 2010. We need ‘1000’ Shofar blowers.

If you live in Israel or anywhere abroad, we need to hook up by satellite events in your own community, from just a ‘minion’ to major rallies. We must counter Iran and the Islamic Nazis now in this most dangerous of times.
Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International



 About 100 gather in Fort Lauderdale to back Israel…Miami Herald

Pro-Israeli demonstrators gather outside federal courthouse in Fort Lauderdale…Sun Sentinel

Click here: On Guard Rally Slide Show – Fort Lauderdale, FL

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