Dear “Chosen” Activists:

We just received notice that the Westboro Baptist Nazis from Topeka, Kansas, who we last protested against at the General Assembly in Wash., D.C. last month, will be doing their Jew-hating campaign at the JCC campus on Glades Rd. and 441 in Boca Raton, from 8:50 A.M. to 9:20 A.M., on Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2009.

Contact: Bob Kunst, Pres., Shalom International, 305-864-5110.

Shalom International and http://www.defendjerusalem.net will be there as well. At the General Assembly in D.C., they held signs: “God Hates Jews”, “Jews Stole the Land”, Rabbis Rape Kids” and it went downhill from there. They also protested at the Holocaust Memorial in D.C. and at Arlington Cemetery for Veterans Day. They have protested at many funerals of those killed in Iraq while their parents are burying their children. They protested at the funeral of Mathew Sheppard, a gay man murdered in Wyoming. This is a very nasty group and we won’t allow their appearance to go unnoticed. We’ll be peaceful, but pointed in opposing their hatred and vile politics. We urge you not to keep silent, but to show up and state our case with the media who will also be there.

Also, below are our two rallies for America and Israel, now every Monday. Contact: Loretta and Jules Lux at 561-966-4752, who are coordinating that and we will also be with them at Noon at JOG Rd. and Gateway in Boynton Beach.



” Time for all Jews…and Lovers of America and Israel….”

Dear “Chosen” Activists:

Below are two very important articles well focused on the dangers we all face.

Yesterday was our 170th Rally, since Oct. 2007 and 1075 news interviews since.

Our Tuesday Rallies at the Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud., 3rd Ave.and Broward Blvd. have been terrific. Our lst Anniversary, when 300 pro-Hamas were screaming “Jews Into the Ovens”, on Dec. 30, 2008, and we will be there on Dec. 30, 2009 starting at 3 P.M. to 7P.M.. Please get the word out immediately to everyone. If you will be in S. Fla., for vacation, holidays, busiiness, etc. please join with us and get this out to your own networks about these key visible efforts. There are 4 other groups also making this happen in a coalition we are a part of.

No question the ‘concerns’ are out there as we are getting great support from those driving by. It’s always been that way, but there is a sense of urgency we are all feeling even more now.

Obama’s appeasement politics with the Muslims is a direct threat to America and Israel and the people are responding to us as a result. Bibi’s appeasement to Obama is only adding to the crisis.

The terrific reaction we had with our kick off of weekly rallies at FAU, Glades and 10th Ave., in Boca Raton, from 3-5P.M.,every Monday, has now led us to another weekly rally we are planning for Noon, every Monday, at the corner of Jog Rd. and Gateway, in Boynton Beach. This will cover a very large traffic area to let the grassroots community know that we are there for them and that they need to be with America and Israel and Shalom International/www.defendjerusalem.net

Please, please donate to our efforts via paypal on http://www.defendjerusalem.net or by mail to: ‘Defend Jerusalem”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140.

Yours in Shalom,

Bob Kunst

Pres., Shalom International



Time for all Jews…..

…. to become painfully aware of the unprecedented pressures that will not only violate Israel’s sovereignty, but will also threaten all Jews and their families. This may be the last time we can become more active in our own defense before it’s too late. I’m not some irrational alarmist … just someone who has been following the chain of events since the war with Hezbollah in 2006.

This is a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest scenario. If the world leaders can ignore international law to deprive 7 million Israeli Jews of their rights, and jeopardize Israel’s security, what makes the remaining 8 or so million of us think that the roughly 1.25 BILLION Muslim world, most of whom are the most virulent anti-Semites on the planet, won’t continue to use their petro dollars to go after the American Jewish community?

While you and I have been assuming that Jewish organizations (the ones who continually ask us for money), including the 400 or so Jewish Community Federations, work on our behalf, far too many of their policies and actions have weakened the Israeli government’s positions. Why? I don’t understand why any more than I understand why Jewish Leaders didn’t do more during the Holocaust. But, sadly, Israel is more at risk now than ever, because the American government is a bigger threat to world Jewry than what we are comfortable believing. We can’t depend on Jewish organizations or the American government to keep us secure. We must, each one of us, get involved.

But people like Bob Kunst (Shalom International) and Ted Belman (Israpundit) follow and chronicle the events for us. They share their information on blogs and email. They organize and lead meaningful protests and demonstrations that get media attention, things that we assume that Jewish organizations would do on our behalf, but don’t. If you are skeptical, ask the leadership of your local Jewish Community Federation. Most of them are on the sidelines.

Ted and Bob aren’t the only ones who are trying to save Israel. and, in turn, all 15 million Jews. That’s right …just 15 million of us. As the world’s population has grown from 1 billion to 2, and 3 and 6+ billion, the population of most religions and indigenous peoples has grown commensurately, but there are only 15 million of us left. I would like to think that most of us have survived because we are the fittest.

I could go on and on trying to convince you to take action and convince your friends to do the same. I probably have passed the point of diminishing returns a few paragraphs ago. I would rather ask that you become better informed about how we are now at a tipping point. You can read Bob’s latest email (attached) that shows what one person can achieve and Ted’s email (attached) that will do far better to move you to action than I ever could or do your own research on Google and Wikipedia.

It will only take a few hours for you to get up to speed and become part of an army of Jews defending the future of their children and grandchildren. It will only take a few minutes for you to send an email and place a phone call to The White House objecting to their pressuring the Israeli government to accept US policies that are illegal under international law and will place Israel’s security in permanent jeopardy. (Don’t forget your senators and congressmen, local newspapers and the big ones… New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) And it will take only a few seconds to forward an email to your Jewish friends and family to urge them to join you.


Please, read the following information attentively,

Ha’Uma (the Nation) is a concept: the network of people performing Hazborah (Zionist propaganda) independently from corrupt and inept current Jewish political leadership in Israel and Diaspora! Shamrak Report is only a part of its The First Step toward achievement of The Jewish National Goal.

The goal is much bigger than just promoting support for Israel. The ultimate aim is to implement the Sinai Option: Road to Permanent Peace!

On 12/9/09, shalominternational wrote:
Dear Steven: Can I send this out to our list? Also, are you able to speak at our “Million Mensch March”, next June 6 in Wash., D.C.? Bob

—–Original Message—–
From: Steven Shamrak
Sent: Dec 8, 2009 2:17 AM
To: shalominternational@mindspring.com
Subject: Happy Hanukkah! * Must NOT Waste Time on Rebuke * World has not Learned the Lesson

Happy Hanukkah!

May the spirit of the Maccabees yet again return to Israel and

help us defeat and remove our enemies from Jewish land.

Must NOT Waste Time on Rebuke!

by Steven Shamrak

Endless amounts of time and millions of dollars are wasted on rebuking false accusations and deliberate distortions of the facts of history as well as the current ‘reality’ invented by Arabs, made by traditional anti-Semites, self-hating Jews and all sorts of sophisticated and primitive xenophobes. Uncountable numbers of petitions have been in circulation to counteract statements made by politicians in the United Nations, parliaments around the world and/or on the front page of the papers and TV shows. The present flavour of the month that attracts so much Jewish enthusiasm are calls for boycotts of Israeli produced goods, investment in Israel and scientific cooperation. I only wish that Jews would show the same level of enthusiasm in support of our Zionist ideals!

At the same time, the Internet has provided an ideal meeting place for traditional, brainless anti-Semites and mentally disturbed, xenophobic attention seekers. They feed and thrive on the attention that they provoke from people who are justifiably disgusted with their uncontrolled activities on the Net. Therefore if you really want to hurt them, the only way to deal with them is to stop dignifying their outrageous anti-Israel behaviour with any response and deprive them of any attention.

The Internet is becoming the major wasteful vent of people’s energy where they express themselves with no results – just like a Japanese stress-relief dummy! We must not confuse activities with accomplishments! Only by focusing on the Jewish National goal, the establishment of Eretz-Israel on Jewish ancestral land, we will make it reality!

Therefore, the main question we have to ask is: Do we really have to fight all of those idiots, including the Presidents and the Prime ministers, and their politically or psychologically distorted accusations? The record of the previous efforts made by Israel and Jewish communities has proved that we must not waste our time and resources on them. For example, a hundred years ago in Europe, in spite of explicit contrary statements in the Torah about the use of blood, Jews were accused of using blood of Christian children in preparation of Matza. Jewish communities had won several court cases but it did not convince our enemies and the idea is still subscribed to by some Christians and is being propagated in Muslim countries as well.

The change of world opinion and respect toward Israel and Jews was achieved several times after the victories of the Independence war, the Six Day war and the Yom Kippur war – when Israel was able to affirm itself as a strong, sovereign and equal nation. Unfortunately it did not last long and the governments of Israel were unable or unwilling to use the political momentum created by those victories, largely due to the galut (slave) mentality Jews developed during life in hostile and anti-Semitic environments, and the tradition of international anti-Semitism prevailed again.

Israel must realize that Jews do not have many friends who would be interested in helping Israel to reach the Jewish national goal. We must stop wasting time, resources and energy on rebuking our enemies. It is a distraction! Although it makes people feel good, it does not produce long lasting results. We must focus on our goals and strategies in order to achieve them. Anything else is just another useless activity, which takes us further from the Permanent Peace, even if it feels important and good at times.

Dear Friends, please give some of your Hanukkah gelt in Support of this independent publication!

Food for Thought. by Steven Shamrak

Allied forces killed over 300 civilians in Afghanistan just during the first 9 months of this year. There is no ‘Goldstein’ report and no condemnation made by the bigots of the UN General Assembly.

Pointless Freeze. 1) Though Israel has stopped all construction in Judea and Samaria, top PLO official Ahmed Qureia has told the European Union envoy to the Middle East that there is no reason to return to negotiating table. 2) Yesha Council resolves: Freeze on Jewish construction is a shameful decision that contrasts with the historic process of the Return to Zion. 3) “We will resume building at the end of the freeze” Netanyahu pledged to settlers in the West Bank. 4) 72% Believe Building Freeze Due to US Pressure and felt the freeze would not have an effect on the resumption of diplomatic talks. (Must Israel help Obama create the fake perception of success while the current US administration has no respect for Jewish national integrity ?)

Another Six Months of Insincerity. President Barack Obama is delaying moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. A 1995 U.S. law recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and ordered that the embassy be relocated there. But the law also permits the president to delay the move for six-month periods. (The US, like most of ‘Jew-lovers’, does not keep its promises given to Israel. Why must Israel care about the opinion of Jew-hating international filth?)

Truth is Out – ‘Palestinian’ Nation Does not Exist! The Zionist Freedom Alliance of California has been circulating a video on the internet exposing former Arab Member of Knesset Azmi Bishara, who fled the country in 2007, denying the existence of a ‘Palestinian’ nation. P eople should really investigate the basic claims of the Middle East conflict before expressing strong opinions. (It is time for Jews to realize and respect our own rights and fight for them!)

Line Must be Drawn. Students and future IDF soldiers have written a letter to PM Netanyahu opposed to the prisoner exchange for soldier Gilad Shalit: ”In spite of the pain, we believe that a state that loves life must not give in to terrorists and must not bow to emotional blackmail” (A state must not negotiate with terrorists! To put an end this bizarre situation, Israel has only one option – release Jewish land, Gaza, from its terrorist enemy population.)

Quote of the Week: “During the Holocaust, all the nations of the world (untruly) claimed they did not know about the death camps and today they all know and hear that Iran on one hand and Hamas on the other wants to destroy us, if they all know, why is the world so silent?” – Meir Rosen, former Israeli ambassador to the United States and France. – They are not silent now! The UN, the US and the EU, as well as other ‘small’ oil hungry bigots, have been passionately and actively supporting Islamic attempts to destroy Israel!

Arabs Throw Stones at Fire-fighters. Fire-fighters responding to an alarm in Shuafat in Jerusalem were pelted by rocks thrown by Arabs. The fires were set by warring gangs in the area; one Arab was killed in the massive gang fight, involving hundreds of Arabs. Two apartments and a gas station were on fire. (They may kill each other if they must – like in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan – but please remove this hateful trash from Jewish land)

European Funding of anti-Zionist NGOs in Israel. 16 Israeli NGOs received a total of about $8 million, in European funding between the years 2006 and 2009: B’Tselem, HaMoked and Yesh Din each received about $1 million, B’Tselem about $3 million. (I am still ‘waiting’ for their support of my publication 🙂

Hypocricy of the Headlines. “Abbas: Netanyahu chose occupation over peace” – Haaretz.com – This idiotic headline was invented by an Israeli leftist publication and has been propagated all over the world by willing idiots. The headline has nothing to do with the context of the article, where Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez charged that Israel aims to “terminate the Palestinian people”. Why do those self-hating thugs in Haaretz not write a headline: “Abbas has never abandoned terrorism and has only the destruction of Israel in mind” ?

We Must Let Them all Go. Last year set an all-time record for the number of Arab residents of East Jerusalem who were stripped of residency rights by the Interior Ministry. Altogether, the ministry revoked the residency of 4,577 East Jerusalemites in 2008. An interior ministry said an investigation uncovered thousands of people listed as East Jerusalem residents but were no longer living in Israel. 250,000 Arab residents of East Jerusalem have the same legal status as people who immigrated to Israel legally but are not entitled to citizenship under the Law of Return.

Europe (World) Has not Learned the Lesson!

Ugly Silence Still Persists!

Once again, the real news in France is conveniently not being reported as it should. To give you an idea of what’s going on in that country where there are now between 5 and 6 million Muslims and about 600,000 Jews, here is an E-mail that came from a Jew living in France.

Nowhere have the flames of anti-Semitism burned more furiously than in France. In Lyon, a car was rammed into a synagogue and set on fire. In Montpellier, the Jewish religious center was firebombed; so were synagogues in Strasbourgand Marseilles; so was a Jewish school in Creteil – all recently. A Jewish sports club in Toulouse was attacked with Molotov cocktails and on the statue of Alfred Dreyfus, in Paris, the words ‘Dirty Jew’ were painted.

In Bondy, 15 men beat up members of a Jewish football team with ticks and metal bars. The bus that takes Jewish children to school in ubervilliers has been attacked three times in the last 14 months.

According to the Police, metropolitan Paris has seen 10 to 12 anti-Jewish incidents PER DAY in the past 30 days. Walls in Jewish neighborhoods have been defaced with slogans proclaiming ‘Jews to the gas chambers’ and ‘Death to the Jews.’ A gunman opened fire on a kosher butcher’s shop (and, of course, the butcher) inToulouse, France. A Jewish couple in their 20’s were beaten up by five men in Villeurbanne, Fran ce (the woman was pregnant). A Jewish school was broken into and vandalized in Sarcelles, France. This was just in the past week.” (Similar letters of outcry about abuse and violence against Jews could easily be written from Britain, Russia, Ukraine or Australia! The press has been deliberately ignoring or minimising the ugliness of these attacks. Police and the justice system are unwilling to prosecute Islamic perpetrators and are even apologetic to the Muslim community while investigating terror related cases.)

Dear Readers, please Support this independent publication!

Please, use PayPal (incl Visa or MC) – $18, $26, $36, $60, $180

Visit our website for more information. You are welcome to use its link or articles and letters on your website, FaceBook, YouTube and other profiles.

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For Israel, the moment of truth is now
This analysis ignores the possibility that the choice exercised by Netanyahu with the agreement of Yaalon and Begin is the best short term policy. They are privy to much that we are totally unaware of.

By Ted Belman

According to David Horovitz, editor of JPOST, The Battle of Wills has begun. He is referring of course to the will of the settlers to resist the freeze and the will of the international community to impose it.

Although Netanyahu was at pains to assure the settlers that after the ten months are over, construction will resume as before. Begin went so far as to emphasize that the amount of construction would return to what it was before Olmert instituted a defacto freeze last summer. But no one is buying it.

To modify the old Cat Stevens song, the first halt is the hardest. Ten months from now, Iran will likely be a more urgent threat; internal Palestinian rivalries will be still more acute, possibly following Hamas electoral successes; the international community will probably be yet more critical of Israel and still more supportive of unilateral Palestinian moves to statehood; and American pressure for positive Israeli measures will be even more intense. For all Netanyahu’s protestations to the contrary, it is hard to conceive that, 10 months from now, the man who gave us 2009’s West Bank Moratorium would resist 2010’s Moratorium II.
Netanyahu argues that this painful decision was in the “wider national interest”. That’s the rational. But he doesn’t tell us in what way. Perhaps he is referring to international resolve to prevent Iran from getting the bomb. Although Obama is now talking about stronger sanctions in January, that’s a far cry from bombing Iran while there is still time. Or perhaps he is thinking of avoiding the Tools of Persuasion that could be applied.

He also argues that this freeze was necessary to get Abbas to return to negotiations. This doesn’t make sense. He could have said as soon as Abbas returns to negotiations we will institute a 10 month freeze. That would make mores sense but in either case why would Abbas return to negotiations? With the current freeze he could stay away for nine months letting Israel suffer and then return to negotiations with the conditions that so long as negotiations are ongoing, the freeze must continue. In the latter situation he would not return to negotiation that are certain to end in ten months.

The fact that the freeze didn’t make an exception for Ariel and Maalah Adumin has increased the opposition to it. Why stop the construction in places we are resolved to keep. As for Jerusalem, even though 800 units have been released, nobody believes that it is really excepted from the freeze. There has been a defacto freeze for years. Just ask residents of Efrat and Gush Etzion.

Obama has come down squarely on the need to return the equivalent of 100% of the “occupied” territories made possible by agreeing to land swaps so that some settlement blocks can be retained. The Quartet will not allow Israel to keep east Jerusalem. As for the solution to the refugee problem he probably wants some refugees to be allowed into Israel and compensation for the rest.

On the one hand the Quartet demand that no unilateral steps be taken that would pre-judge the outcome of negotiations as provided in the Roadmap, yet they themselves take unilateral steps, as do the Arabs, in violation of the Roadmap.

Israel is not obligated to freeze construction unless and until the Arabs end incitement and terror. The Quartet ignores the fact that the there are now two governments ruling the Arabs and to various degrees they are both dedicated to Israel’s destruction. Furthermore by weighing in on what the final solution should be they are pre-judging the outcome. By not allowing Israel to negotiate freely without coercion it is forcing a solution on Israel.

Its plain to see where all this is headed. The Saudi Plan is being imposed on Israel. When Powell at the last minute inserted the Saudi Plan into the Roadmap and told Sharon to shut up and sign on because it was “only a process”, the handwriting was on the wall. The Saudi Plan has effectively replaced Res 242 which was silent on Jerusalem and entitled Israel to secure borders and did not require the evacuation of 100% of the land.

I see little difference between the Goldstone Commission and the peace process. Both are unfair to Israel in denial of her rights, both
represent an abusive process, both demonize and blame Israel and both prejudge the outcome.

This is the moment of truth. The battle lines must be drawn now.

Ted Belman
054 441 3252

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Dear “Chosen Activists”

Celebrate the victories and rally against the threats.

A week ago Sunday, I heard that the election for Dist. 19, Rep Wexler’s seat (Wexler, Obama #1 Jewish sellout to convince the Jews that we could trust Obama), would fall on the last day of Passover. I was protesting Obama and Wexler when they were at Temple Sinai in Boca Raton, before the presidential election.

On Monday, I wrote Gov. Crist a serious letter on how this ‘mistake’ is an attack upon the religious Jewish community, after calling his office, the County, State and National GOP offices, plus Crist’s campaign for U.S. Senate office. I also called in to the Joyce Kaufman radio show on WFTL and spent many hours of the day reaching out to the media locally, statewide and nationally and internationally to pick up on this story.

By Tuesday, the A.P. put out our plea for a new date and we got media from all over the world, including in Israel, Germany, Hungary, across America and Fla.

Joyce Kaufman did two hours on the subject and was also picked up by Jeff Katz, who follows her on WFTL radio. Joyce also made a connection with the “Kick A Jew Day” in a Naples, Fla. school that brought a suspension to 10 kids and Crist’s holding an election on Passover. Nothing from the Governor’s office, but it is our hot topic after rallying for Israel and America for the 166th time at the Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud., and another reason the media was helping us for our committments to these issues. However, for me this was my second trip to this spot as I was being interviewed by Ch. 25 and Ch. 12, of Palm Beach, who came down and met me 1/2 way to discuss this issue.

By Wed. morning, 9:30A.M., I got a call from the legal dept. of Gov. Crist, who said they were thinking of how to change the date but would call me next week, given that ‘Thanksgiving’ was the next day. I told them of all of our hundreds of media and they knew it was on Fox. I told them about Joyce’s Show and the “Kick a Jew Day” connections. I told them of my interviews with Ch. 25 and 12 and that their coverage stated that ‘due to mailing oversees, that the date couldn’t be changed.’

By a little after 2 P.M., on Wed., the legal dept. of Gov. Crist’s office called and said the governor had already signed an executive order to change the date.I asked for a copy which they sent right away.

I immediately called Joyce Kaufman’s Show to give her the scoop and ‘victory’ that when you fight back you win. It was a super ‘up’ for most everyone. Some still don’t get what we accomplished.

I then called A.P. and sent them my reaction to Crist’s move to change the date. I called Crist a ‘mensch’ and how vital it was to preserve this freedom to practice our faith, all faiths, without the politics involved or insensitivities. A.P. would put out 2 simple stories that again got us hundreds of media, who picked up on the previous story and then many more who did this time.

My reaction to go on the offense is simple. Don’t mess with my faith, whether I am religious or not.

I told those at the Sunday meeting, when we were organizing for our “Rally for America and Israel”, Dec. 6, 2009 at Chabad of Boca Raton, 17950 Military Trail, 4-6P.M., that I was enraged by such callous politics and would act on it, and I did.

This is how I have always behaved. When Israeli PM Olmert announced in the Miami Herald in Oct. of 2007 that he would divide Jerusalem, I dropped everything and have been working full time since, to do 166 rallies/events and 1070 media besides our victory last week,( which was also in the Miami Herald on “Black Friday”), not to divide Jerusalem or Israel and have reached very many millions with our efforts.

In the middle of our success this last week, we know that El Baradie, head of the UNazis International Atomic Energy Agency, called for sanctions on Iran, while stating that it was all a ‘dead end’. For 12 yrs. this Muslim head of IAEA has allowed this menace to proceed that threatens Israel and the U.S. and the West. Now he is gone, but Iran says it will now build 10 new nuke facilities to advance its whole program. At the same time Iran announced that it would offer $20millions to any group that would attack the West.

Another defeat for Obama who is unable to make a decision other than to support the Islamic Nazis and their benefactors, which was our statement to the General Assembly in D.C. on Nov. 18-20, 2009 of 3000 Jewish leaders, who we also said: “Jerusalem and Israel is not yours to divide.”

Bibi spoke at this convention then met with Obama and also 20 key Jewish leaders to plan this division starting with the 10 month moratorium of settlement building in Judea and Samaria, but not Jerusalem. At least Bibi hasn’t appeased Obama on that issue, which also flies into the face of the P.A. who want their capital there. But what is Bibi getting for this ‘moratoritum’? Good Public relations?

So here we see that Obama’s own “Muslim House” has been compromised on security, at the state dinner for the Indian PM, with a couple crashing the party, uninvited. If they can’t protect this facility, what can they protect? Certainly not Ft. Hood. On Fox they announced last week that only 98% of all parcels going on planes is inspected and also that once inspected the area they are placed isn’t guarded.
This only added to the insanity that 30 Cubans landed by the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant in Miami over Thankgiving, who didn’t know, till the Cubans notified them that they were there.

How can the nation focus on 4 police brutally murdered in Wash., when the lead story is all about Tiger Woods, crashing his auto at 2:30 AM on Friday?

How can we mobilize concern about Islamic terrorists they won’t even identify, when the whole issue is the best bargains, including Barbie dolls wearing Burkas?

How can we stop the Somali Islamic Nazis from capturing ships, crew and passengers, nearly 400 this year, when Spain gives in to the demands and pays out $millions, while Spain and others wants to punish adn boycott Israel for defending itself against Hamas?

Then we have the insanity of Bibi ‘negotiating’ with Hamas to release hundreds of Islamic Nazi terrorists for Gilad Shallit, held for 3 years, while ignoring that 179 Israelis have been killed since 2000 by all those terrorists that Olmert allowed to be returned for dead Israeli soldiers.

What is to prevent Hamas from kidnapping more Israelis since this is such a great deal for them, as it has been for Hezbollah or the Somalis playing this game?

Obama’s weakness to move away from Israel, only shows the world that he can’t be trusted, since he is willing to sell out his allies, making everyone suspect.

All his global gallivanting to promote himself has yielded zip to America, which has become the laughing stock and impotent on foreign policy. Obama’s support for more troops in Afghanistan, had more excuses than Swiss Cheese,and took 3 months to decide, while the Swiss voted, over the weekend, to not allow Muslim minerets, in a decided anti-Muslim vote, the first in Europe and the Swiss don’t even belong to the UNazis, even though they are based in Geneva.

So when Bibi appeases Obama on Judea and Samaria, and has propped up a PA that has no power, authority or credibility, this reminds me of that last propaganda disaster of Olmert allowing 10,000 Hamas rockets to be fired into Israel in the thought that this would give the Israelis a public relations coup.But then Olmert and Livni went to “Annapolis” and in a side-door because Bush and Rice demanded it. Such lack of self-respect as the model for world respect? Have they lost their minds?

This massive failure resulted in the war against Hamas, and the world turning on Israel for finally defending itself. If Islamic Nazis kill Jews, that’s okay, as long as no one says anything against Islam. Got it?

Our message to Bibi at the General Assembly: “Bibi, Be a Jew and don’t give away what G-d gave us.”

That was basically what we said to Gov. Crist. “We are Jews and don’t mess with our faith.”

Obama doesn’t respect Jews or Judaism or Israel,(or America), so why is anyone catering to Obama, who is in bed with America’s and Israel’s enemies, who want us dead?

As soon as Jews realize that to stand up and be a Jew and say ‘no’ to having us misrepresented and attacked, is the only way to survive and thrive, we won’t be in such dangers.

Yes, Israel is going to have to attack Iran to stop its nukes. Are we prepared for what is going to happen then?

After 14,000 Muslim attacks upon the world since ‘9/11’, at least the Muslims put Allah at the front of the line as they kill all ‘infidels’.

With the Jews, it’s still that ‘schetll’ mentality …not to make waves or to feel guilty about being ‘winners’, or to leave “G-d” out of the equation, which is why so few of you have even responded to our victory in Fla. that was for all people of faith worldwide.

Bibi wants the Arabs to recognize Israel as a “Jewish State”, but does Bibi recognize Israel as a Jewish State, with all of his politics to be ‘accepted’ but doesn’t accept himself?

For those of you who did and do get it, have pride in being a “Jew” or any other practicing person of faith, and appreciate our efforts, this Dec., when you are thinking of ‘giving’, please donate to: “Defend Jerusalem”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140. Our web site is being repaired and will be up shortly if you want to donate via paypal on http://www.defendjereusalem.net We are $15,000 in debt as a result of all of our successes. To those of you who have donated, our eternal gratitude for making our efforts possible.

I urge you to google: “Gov. Crist reschedules election not on Passover” to get a glimpse of our impact. Good news for us all. There are many other ways to google on this issue as well, but suffice it to say, we got $millions in good and free publicity just by being who we are: Proud to be Jews, who love Israel and America and all others who love freedom and our Constitution and understand the real enemies out there, and aren’t groveling or appeasing to any of them.

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres., Shalom International

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  2. Where exactly will I meet your group? I have seen these horrbile people first hand in Kansas and I will join you for this.

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