Time for all Jews…and Lovers of America and Israel!

Dear “Chosen Activists”

Celebrate the victories and rally against the threats.

A week ago Sunday, I heard that the election for Dist. 19, Rep Wexler’s seat (Wexler, Obama #1 Jewish sellout to convince the Jews that we could trust Obama), would fall on the last day of Passover. I was protesting Obama and Wexler when they were at Temple Sinai in Boca Raton, before the presidential election.

On Monday, I wrote Gov. Crist a serious letter on how this ‘mistake’ is an attack upon the religious Jewish community, after calling his office, the County, State and National GOP offices, plus Crist’s campaign for U.S. Senate office. I also called in to the Joyce Kaufman radio show on WFTL and spent many hours of the day reaching out to the media locally, statewide and nationally and internationally to pick up on this story.

By Tuesday, the A.P. put out our plea for a new date and we got media from all over the world, including in Israel, Germany, Hungary, across America and Fla.

Joyce Kaufman did two hours on the subject and was also picked up by Jeff Katz, who follows her on WFTL radio. Joyce also made a connection with the “Kick A Jew Day” in a Naples, Fla. school that brought a suspension to 10 kids and Crist’s holding an election on Passover.  Nothing from the Governor’s office, but it is our hot topic after rallying for Israel and America for the 166th time at the Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud., and another reason the media was helping us for our committments to these issues. However, for me this was my second trip to this spot as I was being interviewed by Ch. 25 and Ch. 12, of Palm Beach, who came down and met me 1/2 way to discuss this issue.

By Wed. morning, 9:30A.M., I got a call from the legal dept. of Gov. Crist, who said they were thinking of how to change the date but would call me next week, given that ‘Thanksgiving’ was the next day. I told them of all of our hundreds of media and they knew it was on Fox. I told them about Joyce’s Show and the “Kick a Jew Day” connections. I told them of my interviews with Ch. 25 and 12 and that their coverage stated that ‘due to mailing oversees, that the date couldn’t be changed.’

By a little after 2 P.M., on Wed., the legal dept. of Gov. Crist’s office called and said the governor had already signed an executive order to change the date.I asked for a copy which they sent right away.

I immediately called Joyce Kaufman’s Show to give her the scoop and ‘victory’ that when you fight back you win. It was a super ‘up’ for most everyone. Some still don’t get what we accomplished.

I then called A.P. and sent them my reaction to Crist’s move to change the date. I called Crist a ‘mensch’ and how vital it was to preserve this freedom to practice our faith, all faiths, without the politics involved or insensitivities. A.P. would put out 2 simple stories that again got us hundreds of media, who picked up on the previous story and then many more who did this time.

My reaction to go on the offense is simple. Don’t mess with my faith, whether I am religious or not.

I told those at the Sunday meeting, when we were organizing for our “Rally for America and Israel”, Dec. 6, 2009 at Chabad of Boca Raton, 17950 Military Trail, 4-6P.M., that I was enraged by such callous politics and would act on it, and I did.

This is how I have always behaved.  When Israeli PM Olmert announced in the Miami Herald in Oct. of 2007 that he would divide Jerusalem, I dropped everything and have been working full time since, to do 166 rallies/events and 1070 media besides our victory last week,( which was also in the Miami Herald on “Black Friday”), not to divide Jerusalem or Israel and have reached very many millions with our efforts.

In the middle of our success this last week, we know that El Baradie, head of the UNazis International Atomic Energy Agency, called for sanctions on Iran, while stating that it was all a ‘dead end’. For 12 yrs. this Muslim head of IAEA has allowed this menace to proceed that threatens Israel and the U.S. and the West. Now he is gone, but Iran says it will now build 10 new nuke facilities to advance its whole program. At the same time Iran announced that it would offer $20millions to any group that would attack the West.

Another defeat for Obama who is unable to make a decision other than to support the Islamic Nazis and their benefactors, which was our statement to the General Assembly in D.C. on Nov. 18-20, 2009 of 3000 Jewish leaders, who we also said: “Jerusalem and Israel is not yours to divide.”

Bibi spoke at this convention then met with Obama and also 20 key Jewish leaders to plan this division starting with the 10 month moratorium of settlement building in Judea and Samaria, but not Jerusalem. At least Bibi hasn’t appeased Obama on that issue, which also flies into the face of the P.A. who want their capital there. But what is Bibi getting for this ‘moratoritum’? Good Public relations?

So here we see that Obama’s own “Muslim House” has been compromised on security, at the state dinner for the Indian PM, with a couple crashing the party, uninvited. If they can’t protect this facility, what can they protect? Certainly not Ft. Hood. On Fox they announced last week that only 98% of all parcels going on planes is inspected and also that once inspected the area they are placed isn’t guarded.
This only added to the insanity that 30 Cubans landed by the Turkey Point Nuclear Plant in Miami over Thankgiving, who didn’t know, till the Cubans notified them that they were there.

How can the nation focus on 4 police brutally murdered in Wash., when the lead story is all about Tiger Woods, crashing his auto at 2:30 AM on Friday?

How can we mobilize concern about Islamic terrorists they won’t even identify, when the whole issue is the best bargains, including Barbie dolls wearing Burkas?

How can we stop the Somali Islamic Nazis from capturing ships, crew and passengers, nearly 400 this year, when Spain gives in to the demands and pays out $millions, while Spain and others wants to punish adn boycott Israel for defending itself against Hamas?

Then we have the insanity of Bibi ‘negotiating’ with Hamas to release hundreds of Islamic Nazi terrorists for Gilad Shallit, held for 3 years, while ignoring that 179 Israelis have been killed since 2000 by all those terrorists that Olmert allowed to be returned for dead Israeli soldiers.

What is to prevent Hamas from kidnapping more Israelis since this is such a great deal for them, as it has been for Hezbollah or the Somalis playing this game?

Obama’s weakness to move away from Israel, only shows the world that he can’t be trusted, since he is willing to sell out his allies, making everyone suspect.

All his global gallivanting to promote himself has yielded zip to America, which has become the laughing stock and impotent on foreign policy. Obama’s support for more troops in Afghanistan,  had more excuses than Swiss Cheese,and took 3 months to decide, while the Swiss voted, over the weekend, to not allow Muslim minerets, in a decided anti-Muslim vote, the first in Europe and the Swiss don’t even belong to the UNazis, even though they are based in Geneva.

So when Bibi appeases Obama on Judea and Samaria, and has propped up a PA that has no power, authority or credibility, this reminds me of that last propaganda disaster of Olmert allowing 10,000 Hamas rockets to be fired into Israel in the thought that this would give the Israelis a public relations coup.But then Olmert and Livni went to “Annapolis” and in a side-door because Bush and Rice demanded it. Such lack of self-respect as the model for world respect? Have they lost their minds?

This massive failure resulted in the war against Hamas, and the world turning on Israel for finally defending itself. If Islamic Nazis kill Jews, that’s okay, as long as no one says anything against Islam. Got it?

Our message to Bibi at the General Assembly: “Bibi, Be a Jew and don’t give away what G-d gave us.”

That was basically what we said to Gov. Crist. “We are Jews and don’t mess with our faith.”

Obama doesn’t respect Jews or Judaism or Israel,(or America), so why is anyone catering to Obama, who is in bed with America’s and Israel’s enemies, who want us dead?

As soon as Jews realize that to stand up and be a Jew and say ‘no’ to having us misrepresented and attacked, is the only way to survive and thrive, we won’t be in such dangers.

Yes, Israel is going to have to attack Iran to stop its nukes. Are we prepared for what is going to happen then?

After 14,000 Muslim attacks upon the world since ‘9/11’, at least the Muslims put Allah at the front of the line as they kill all ‘infidels’.

With the Jews, it’s still that ‘schetll’ mentality …not to make waves or to feel guilty about being ‘winners’, or to leave “G-d” out of the equation, which is why so few of you have even responded to our victory in Fla. that was for all people of faith worldwide.

Bibi wants the Arabs to recognize Israel as a “Jewish State”, but does Bibi recognize Israel as a Jewish State, with all of his politics to be ‘accepted’ but doesn’t accept himself?

For those of you who did and do get it, have pride in being a “Jew” or any other practicing person of faith, and appreciate our efforts, this Dec., when you are thinking of ‘giving’, please donate to: “Defend Jerusalem”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140. Our web site is being repaired and will be up shortly if you want to donate via paypal on http://www.defendjereusalem.net We are $15,000 in debt as a result of all of our successes. To those of you who have donated, our eternal gratitude for making our efforts possible.

I urge you to google: “Gov. Crist reschedules election not on Passover” to get a glimpse of our impact. Good news for us all. There are many other ways to google on this issue as well, but suffice it to say, we got $millions in good and free publicity just by being who we are: Proud to be Jews, who love Israel and America and all others who love freedom and our Constitution and understand the real enemies out there, and aren’t groveling or appeasing to any of them.

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres., Shalom International

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