The Brewing Disaster

This has been quite of week of revelations.

1. If we want to “Keep Jerusalem and Israel United” we’d better get our heads out of our behinds and speak up in the Jewish nation, and to the world.

I urge everyone in S. Fla. to come to our Rally for Israel and America on Sunday, Dec. 6, 2009, 4-6P.M. at Chabad of Boca Raton, 17950 Military Trail, Boca Raton, for vital speeches and solidarity, direction and purpose.

Monday, Dec. 7, is the anniversary of the attack upon Pearl Harbor. We begin our weekly rallies in front of F.A.U. in Boca Raton every Monday, 3-5P.M.. Show your love of America and Israel. Stop the silence and denial of what dangers we all face.

We also urge everyone of you to start mobilizing in your own communities right now and during the holidays. Don’t let these issues off the front burner while this administration tries to divert attention from its true intensions that are bad for America and Israel.

When the UNazis, this week, mourns the creation of Israel and sides with the Arabs who want to destroy it, and is now trying to divide Jerusalem and Israel, how can you remain silent?

When the EU is pushing the same agenda, why are you silent?

When Obama plays out even his ‘Afghanistan’ agenda of 30,000 more troops but telling our enemies of a deadline in 2011, that even his people had to back away from, such weakness towards our enemies, while betraying Israel our ally, should send shivers through each of us who love Israel and love America. Obama has escalated the angst and danger with such stupidity and such weakness and setting us all up for a major catastrophe brewing and of course ignoring Iran and its nukes.

It’s like Obama and his ‘Jobs Summit’ today, another public relations stunt, with no meaning since he didn’t invite small business and those who oppose him on his ‘health care’ insanity. One of the administration folks today admitted Obamacare will take generations to implement, but small business sees as a factor in putting them out of business altogether, let alone taking $500billions from the elderly in medicare, not to mention 15-17millions out of work already.  How did all those corporations, who wanted cheap/slave labor in outsourcing everything with their greed, now complain that the economy and public confidence has been wrecked by them. Meanhile Obama has catered to the Wall St. crooks, and ignoring Main St. so that one out of four homes in America is in jeapordy of foreclosure. Oh and Obama keeps funding those who did the grand theft to begin with that caused this insanity. Everything he said as a candidate he has backtracked once on Pa. Ave. certainly ‘transparency’ by Obama is worse than a joke, while so many are hurting.

Why aren’t you enraged by the grand theft going on here?

You wanted ‘change’ and you got it ‘big time’ and from the same gang in bed with those who want all infidels ‘dead’.

Sacrificing Israel, with a global unleashing of anti-semitism is this Obama policy that keeps apologizing for America and Islam, while demeaning Judiasm and our 5000 yr. history.

Ms. Nepolitano,of ‘Homeland Security”, talking to a Jewish group in NY says: “Yes, we have a homegrown terrorist problem”, mentioning the guy from Colarado who went to Pakistan to help take down NY again, when the best example of homegrown Islamic Nazi terrorism came from a Major in the U.S. Army killing 13 and wounding over 40 at Ft. Hood, she didn’t mention.

If it demeans the U.S. and Israel, then Obama is willing to do it. Eric Holder putting the ‘9/11’ scum on trial in NYC is just one more callous outrage to give our enemies a platform to attack and recruit against us.

Obama’s whole approach to the Muslim world was to attack Israel, while the Muslim world sees the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan as a ‘war on Islam’.  Obama refuses to address the ‘war on terror’ and took 92 days of showing weakness to even decide his token approach to sending more troops to Afghanistan, and no desire for a ‘victory’ as he bows again to our enemies.

Trying to interpret this insanity from this administration and then watching Bibi in Israel play the same kind of game is indeed a nightmare.

Bibi says he’ll keep Jerusalem but is curtailing construction there too. Bibi wants ‘peace’ at any price and so the world that already hates Israel is treated to Jews attacking Jews in Judea and Samaria, as if this will give us a better attitude to the world that did nothing about the last Holocaust or is doing anything about Iran’s nukes and the next one.

The Islamic Nazis tell the EU and UNazis, etc. ‘Dump on Israel” or we’ll attack you and ruin your economies on oil, besides the ongoing ‘anti-semitism’ no longer below the surface, but surfacing en masse.

So where is your outrage? How can you pray 3 times a day for Jerusalem and Israel and our G-d and do nothing about it, when it is under seige from every corner, including internally?

Muslims riot and threaten jihad to the planet over any slur to the faith, but Jews run away from their faith, identity, 5000 yr. history, Covenant, struggle and contributions, let alone to tell this story to a world that wants to know if they would only tell them and we do weekly and in 167 rallies/events since Oct. 2007, and 1,074 news interviews that’s reached millions.

We are the answer and here are more issues to consider:

Dec. 30, 2009, will mark the lst Anniversary, when we countered 300 pro-Hamas screaming at us: “Jews Into the Ovens”. We will have a huge rally at the Fed. Bldg., corner of 3rd Ave and Broward Bldg. in Ft. Laud. starting at 4 P.M.. See You Tube on this event last year.

March 20, 2010, there will be thousands marching in Wash., D.C. in support of Hamas and to oppose America and Israel. Of course the Left Loonies and anti-Semites would choose Shabbos to keep many away from them. We urge those who are religious to get hotel rooms in Wash., D.C. and join with us starting at 9AM at the U.S. Navy Memorial on Pa. Ave. between 7th and 9th St.. Bring signs,banners, flags and your love of America and Israel.

June 6, 2010, “Million Mensch March”, from Holocaust Memorial in Wash., D.C. to the WWII Memorial to the White House and to the U.S. Capitol for our rally to ‘protect and defend’ America and Israel.   

Why aren’t you angry about what is going on? Why don’t you get the danger we are in?

Why aren’t you helping us to help you? Please donate to our effort via paypal on our web site: or by check to: “Defend Jerusalem”, P.O.Box 402263, Miami Beach, Fla. 33140.

Even in the cold, gather and respond to what is going on to our beloved America and Israel.

If you’re coming down here to Fla., join with us at our weekly rallies.

Hilter got away with mass murder, because he saw his opposition as ‘decadent’. Finally, our side got it and fought back but look at what it cost us in not going after him and making excuses and being in denial till it was too late for so many millions murdered.

We are back in the 1930’s and we are pleading for your help and support to fight back now before it is too late again.


Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres., Shalom International

Ted Belman
054 441 3252

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