Kicking Jews ( Kick a Jew day for HS Students in Naples, Fla)

It seems lately that everyday is “Kick a Jew Day”. Last Tuesday it was more official with a Naples, Fla. High School suspending 10 students, but the European Union, UNazis, Obama/Hillary, etc. ad nauseum and now even Bibi is doing it. When Shalom International/, broke the ‘silence’ and organized resistance to Olmert/Livni (cowardly coming in a side door thanks to Bush and Rice demands) at the “Annapolis Summit”,(Nov. 27, 2007), attempt to divide Israel and Jerusalem, we pleaded with all of you to stop playing games, join with us and realize that without a united Jerusalem there is no Israel. This “Kick a Jew Day” was led by the Arabs/Muslims, Bush/Rice, Olmert/Livni and all of their partners mentioned above, but the silence and lack of resistance by the Jews themselves had led us to this present crisis. Last week’s “Kick a Jew Day” was at a Naples, Fla. High School where 10 students were kicked out, but their role-models come from the top if we continue to allow it. Now Bibi says he wants a 10 month moratorium to construction in Judea and Samaria, abandoning his fellow Jews, while bowing to Obama’s demands, while Obama is in bed with the very Islamic Nazis who want Israel and all Jews and all Americans dead. Repeating the Gaza/Gush Katif experience is beyond comprehension. Removing over 600,000 Jews from Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem isn’t going to happen without a civil war and even then wouldn’t happen. Not only has Bibi tripled the number of building inspectors to stop construction ,but is also now holding back construction in East Jerusalem. Instead of standing firm with G-d and being a “Jew” he worries about what the world thinks, which is to finish off the Jews altogether, while not saying a world about Islam, though Switzerland voters just sent a huge message this weekend on voting against minerets, but the real issue was the attitude towards Muslims and their silence about terrorism they’ve supported and allowed. We have been Bibi’s biggest backers not to negotiate anything regarding Jerusalem and not to divide Israel and allow the monster terrorists to get closer to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport etc. The question here is who is ‘kicking the Jews”, or does it also include other Jews doing the kicking. Today is our 167th Rally/event when we are at the Federal Bldg., Broward Blvd. and 3rd Ave., in Ft. Laud., Fla. 5-7P.M. Since Oct. 2007, we have been interviewed 1074 times and have reached many millions all over the world with our campaign. Last week’s efforts to get Gov. Crist to reschedule the election not on Passover gave us hundreds of media all over Fla., America and the world, and we are only adding 7 media as part of the above coverage, since the AP stories were only two but did give us huge outreach. We have taken our campaign before the White House 14 times; at AIPAC in D.C.; The General Assembly in Nashville and D.C., “J” St., Rev. Wright, The U.S. State Dept., The Jewish Democratic Council Convention, The Woodrow Wilson Center-Middle East event..all in D.C.. We rallied at the National Religous Broadcasters Convention in Nashville. We went to the Demoratic National Convention in Denver and the Republican National Convention in St. Paul; We rallied Against Obama and Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, plus 3 other events against he Left for the PA.; We protested CAIR in Ft. Laud., and Arlington, Va.; We met in Philly, Detroit, Atlanta and N.Y.C.. We rallied against Iran at the UN on 3 occassions, plus held rallies at the Israeli Consulate twice in NYC, rallied in Times Sq. and the Israeli Consulate here in Miami. We had 200 at our Rally to Keep Jerusalem United in Jerusalem when the Pope was there in May of this year. We also rallied against “Durbin II” and “UNazis” in Geneva, Switzerland and took photos of our campaign to “Keep Jerusalem United” in front of the Vatican in Rome. We had 2000 rally with us at the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach on 1/4/09, plus also rallied at the Holocaust Memorial in Philly, while also attending a gathering to remember The Rebbe also in Philly. We also marched and rallied at the Holocaust Museum in Wash., D.C.. We’ve had 4 rallies in downtown Miami and weekly at the Federal Bldg. in Ft. Laud. for nearly a year after opposing 300 Arabs screaming “Jews Into The Ovens”, ,which you can see on You Tube. We are planning a huge one year anniversary rally on Wed., Dec. 30, 2009 to bring it all up again. We have put out 10,000 “Keep Jerusalem United and “Protect and Defend” Israel and America bumper stickers, plus thousands of buttons, tee-shirts, and flyers to all of these events. We have taken our campaign to 6 ‘tea parties’, including the ones in D.C.. We have protested the pro-Hama s gangsters in Orlando, Melbourne, Fla. and in Tall. to those who wanted to change the Fla. Constitution for Sharia Law. WE have rallied at FAU in Boca Raton on 3 occasions and begin weekly rallies there starting on Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Day. We have done 4 meetings in Boca Raton and our 3rd event at Chabad Central in Boca, this Dec. 6.. We just got Gov. Crist to reverse himself on holding a special election for Dist. 19, scheduled for the last day of Passover and now a week later. (Ed Lynch, candidate for this seat in the Rep. party also met with the Gov. on this issue. Lynch will also be speaking at our 3 rd rally in Boca). We have rallied against Reps. Wexler, Klein and others. WE have put out hundreds of e-mails to very many thousands in our networks and we thank Buddy Macy, Ted Belman and so many others who have also helped. We protested Obama in Hollywood, Boca Raton, Miami and at the lst Presidential debate in Mississippi. This is the tip of our involvement, when so few were willing to stand up and still make excuses and hold back. On June 6, 2010, Shalom International/ has applied for a permit for our “Million Mensch March”, to gather at the back of the Holocaust Memorial in Wash., D.C., to honor survivors, liberators and victims of the Holocaust, starting at 8 AM….. then march to the WWII Memorial to honor those veterans, since this is the anniversary of “D-Day”, while also placing a wreath, doing taps and speeches as well as support for our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and serving around the world. Then we march to the White House (no speeches) and up Pa. Ave. to rally at the U.S. Capitol(speeches) This is also the anniversary of the ‘6th Day War’, when Israel and Jerusalem were united. For everyone who understands ‘9/11’ and Saudi Arabia’s role in it, and its support for global terrorism (over 14,000 attacks since ‘9/11’ they were behind) and oil blackmail of the world’s economies, we are looking at a demonstration at the Saudi Arabian Embassy near Watergate and then to march and to join with us at the White House on the way to the Capitol. Rabbi Gary Moskowitz of NYC is helping to coordinate ‘marshals’ for the event. We need ‘100’. You can reach him at 917-916-4681, We are working on speakers, hotels, and the basics and of course the whole point is to take all of our angst and frustrations into a peaceful but dynamic statement to the world on how much we love America and Israel and are not about to allow either to be victimized, terrorized and destroyed. Plan your vacations accordingly. We need to boycott everyone boycotting Israel and America. We need to speak out loudly not to divide Jerusalem or Israel and to stand firm with the victims of terrorism, from ‘9/11’, ‘Ft. Hood’, etc. We need for Obama to understand that his reckless politics in favor of those who scream ‘Death to America” and “Death to Israel” hasn’t the backing of the majority of Americans who also love and support Israel. We must get Obama to understand that Iran is the threat and that to betray and abandon Israel only invites the terrorists to come after us all again and again. Obama is weak and weakens America and Israel. We must make this statement to put out to the world once and for all.

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