Dec. 30th, 2009 – The lst anniversary since we faced 300 pro-Hamas in Fort Lauderdale

On Dec. 30th, 2009 Shalom International will be recognizing, the lst anniversary since we faced 300 pro-Hamas screaming “Jews into the ovens”, which Tom Trento put on You Tube and had gone all over the world 1 million times.  The rally will begin at 4p.m. TO 8 p.m..

We might well have the Pro-Hamas gang oppose us as well as we will be  at the Fed. Bldg. on 3rd AVe. and Broward Blvd and they across the streets.

Joyce Kaufman who helped bring the forces together that key date is also helping us on this effort. I was already on Joyce’s show today, announcing the start of Shalom International’s weekly rallies at FAU, every Monday, 3-5P.M, as well as our Tuesday’s at Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud and also Dec. 30. Joyce just returned from Israel and gave everyone an eyefull of the sellout appeasement politics she witnessed in Israel to the very folks who want “Death to Israel” and “Death to America”, which was also our focus at our rally at Chabad of Boca.

Today is  ‘Pearl Harbor Day,’ 68 yrs. ago when the Japanese visciously attacked the U.S. and over 2200 Americans killed. This got us officially into WWII and Hitler declared war on the U.S. immediately.

Our whole effort is to alert the world that today we face WWIII with the Islamic Nazis, who were also alligned with Hitler in WWII. “Never Again” is happening again. WE are back in the 1930’s. But we aren’t silent this time.

Our Rally at FAU, with a minion plus one, got us very many hundreds supporters driving by and a couple of ‘fingers’ from Muslims and one woman from Gaza who came over to us and said we were ‘the terrorists’. We got lots of support from those on campus, plus locals and snowbirds. We expect the Arabs to oppose us next week at FAU. Everyone get the word out please. Special thanks to Dr. Bregman and Beena in Boca for yesterday’s terrific and successful effort at Chabad in Boca Raton, with the 100 who showed up, as well as thanks to Rabbi Denberg, who also had his daughter’s ‘bat mitzvah’ yesterday.

Our strength to be this constant reminder of who we are as Jews and those who support and love America and Israel in all communities, is why we have moved S. Fla., the nation and the global movement so much so successfully.

G-d is our driving force and guiding us.

Yesterday was also a special day to Lubavich Hasidim, Rabbi Denberg, also told to us. On this day, 1744, the first Chabad rabbi, Rebbe Shneur Zalman, was born in Russia. On the same day in 1798, he was released from prison-having been locked up for 53 days on trumped-up charges that rivals made.
Yesterday, a restored Torah scroll was also donated to South Beach Lubavich by the widow of N.J. Holocaust survivor Siggi Wilzig. Naomi Sisselman Wilzig, who operates Miami Beach’s World Erotic Art Museum, no less, and made front page of the Miami Herald’s local news section.   

This weekly Boca effort at FAU, will match our weekly Tuesday rallies for Israel and America at the Fed. Bldg. , 3rd Ave. and Broward Blvd. from 5-7P.M. in Ft. Laud.

May Long of Christians and Jews United for Israel, is also a co-sponsor as well as Tom Trento and Florida Security Council for Dec. 30.

If you want your organization, or yourselves listed, you must let us know immediately, and get the word out and bring your people to this critical effort at this critical moment on Dec. 30. We hope to get hundreds to this event and again be a ‘model’ for the rest of the world on the need to be visible and not sit back and wait for the next catastrophe and to show that we are not ‘afraid’. We expect the media will cover this major event.

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres., Shalom International

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