DATE:                10/26/09

TIME:                 10:00 AM,

PLACE:          ” J Street ” Convention, Grand Hyatt Hotel,

                                1000 H Street, N.W. , Washington. , D.C.

South Florida WFTL Talk Radio Personality, Joyce Kaufman, will also be joining with us at this event against ” J Street “.

If we can get at least a dozen for this rally, we’ll be joined by folks from Toronto , JDL Canada . Please let us know immediately.

Obama’s efforts to Divide Jerusalem and Israel.  JEWS WHO ARE AGAINST A JEWISH STATE, is what these groups are, who met with Obama on July 13, to try to push Jewish support for this outrageous and aggregious attack upon Israel and the Jewish people, which has already backfired

We must respond to the Jews who are against a Jewish State, a Jewish nation and being “Jews”, and are with Obama who wants to divide Jerusalem and Israel and who is catering to the very forces who want “Death to America” as much as “Death to Israel”.   We must speak up.

       We have two opportunities for media to tell our side of the story

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