Rallying for Israel Video Part 3

Filmed by Barnett Comens, Photographer www.photographybyelena.com

Barnett is also a graphic t-shirt designer along with his partner Elena.

Their designs are in the genre of political satire.

Use the following web portal to visit their zazzle store.  www.potus44inc.com

We wish to thank all of our supporters that attended the rally last weekend in support of a United Jerusalem and Israel as a single Jewish state. We especially extend our gratitude to the select few congressional candidates from out local South Florida districts who had the integrity to do the right thing. They delivered a very powerful message. Thank You!

Having  mentioned that please view these videos and continue your support with Shalom International as well as anyone of these congressional hopefuls you feel will best represent us as whole.

ALLEN WEST                         DISTRICT 22  www.allenwestforcongress.com
EDWARD LYNCH                 DISTRICT 19                       www.electlynch.com
ROBERT LOWRY                  DISTRICT 20         www.lowryforcongress.com
BERNARD SANSARICQ     DISTRICT 23   www.sansaricq4congress.org
YOMIN POSTELNIK           DISTRICT 91                  www.abetterflorida.com
DENNIS LAMB                     DISTRICT 20             www.lambforcongress.com


Barnett Comens

www.DefendJerusalem.net /Website Admin

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