August 9 – 300 Rally in Chicago For Israel and Against Obama/Emaneul was a Great Success

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We are now organizing in Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit and Toronto as a result of this event. July 31, 2009, 35 rallied with us at the U.S. Consulate in Toronto against Obama/Emanuel’s anti-Israel politics, a first in Canada.
The Jewish Tribune in Toronto mentioned our next event being in Chicago.

Emanuel has been Obama’s ‘cover’ and with David Axelrod and also Rep. Wexler in Fla. were the keys to convincing the Jews nationwide that we could trust Obama. Bibi Netayahu was quoted in Haaretz on July 10 that both Emanuel and Axelrod were “Self-hating Jews”.

Obama has proven to be even worse than we imagined.

At the Chicago Rally some of our signs read: “Color Obama Yellow”; “Obama/Emanuel Betrayed Us”; “Can’t trust Obama/Emanuel”; “Obama/Hillary Betrayed Israel and America”.

The jerks at “J St” and the rest of the Jewish organizations that met with Obama/Emanuel on July 13 to try to convince the Jewish community to stick with Obama have failed miserably. What kind of Jew would divide Jerusalem? Are they nuts? We are going to make sure that these groups no longer get the financial and political support for their treacherous sellout politics to advance their own careers while doing the most heinous politics that would give the Nazis a key victory. A divided Jerusalem is the end of Israel.

Meanwhile, Fatah and Abbas this weekend, while we rallied in Chicago, now upped their demands to not only keep the killing of Jews going but to do it till they get ALL of Jerusalem, and ALL of Israel.

Obama in Cairo ‘morally equated’ the Holocaust with Arab humiliation, while Obama/Emanuel cowardly ignored 5 Arab wars and 2 intifadas to kill all the Jews, and also that the Mufti of Jerusalem was alligned with Hiter to kill all the Jews back then. Today, the Arabs cowardly deny the Holocaust but want to finish the job and Iran will have its nukes within six months and we could be in a nuclear war by then, without any effort on Obama/Emanuel/Hillary to stop it.

Yet they blackmail Israel, that to attack Iran, Israel would have to give up Judea and Sumaria and East Jerusalem.

Telling Jews not to have babies in their land for 5000 yrs. is racist, anti-semitism and genocide politic.

Obama wouldn’t ask Muslims to give up Mecca for peace, but has no problem slamming our faith and Covenant with G-d, our history, our identity and the fact that Jerusalem is 3000 yrs. old and Jewish.

So if the Gaza fiasco didn’t work and only produced 10,000 missiles fired on Israel from Gaza, via 300 tunnels the Egyptians have allowed Hamas to smuggle weapons through, then why would Obama/Emanuel/Hillary think that 500,000 Jews would leave Judea, Sumaria and East Jerusalem? Therefore, the only conclusion is to isolate Israel and allow the anti-semites to reign as part of the Obama/Emanuel scam we are exposing.

We see Emanuel as the “Bernie Maydoff” of White House treachery against Israel and by rewarding the Islamic Nazis with Obama groveling and bowing to Saudi Arabia, responsible for ‘9/11’, global terrorism of over 12,000 attacks since ‘9/11’ and global oil blackmail of the world’s economies, this endangers America as well, since we are the “Great Satan” and Israel’s the “Little Satan”.

Now Obama/Emanuel/Hillary tell the Arab world that they will offer them a nuclear umbrella, but leave out Israel, should Iran attack.

The whole stinking mess is ‘Munich II”. Munich I was England’s Chamberlain and his ‘peace in our time’ paper from Hitler after giving away Czechoslovakia and Sudentenland. This resulted in WWII and 60millions dead and the Holocaust with 7 million Jews murdered.

From Hitler to Hamas the Holocaust Continues. Obama going to Buchenwald, another Emanuel public relations stunt, after Cairo was again a major slap in the face. The Holocaust was based on Europe and the world being Jew Free, or ‘Judenrein’, which is exactly the politics of Obama/Emanuel/Hillary in demanding that Israel give up what belongs to all Jews and to all Jews murdered for being Jews, and for Judea, Sumaria and East Jerusalem to be “Jew Free” as in Gaza.

So we will be at Rep. Wexler’s town hall meeting with all of this in Palm Beach on Aug. 20, as part of our exposing all those supporting and keeping quiet about Obama/Emanuel/Hillary anti-semitism and anti-Israel politics, that is hurting America as well.

Those screaming ‘death to Israel’ are also screaming ‘death to America.’ Is Obama/Emaneul/Hillary this naive, stupid or just plain evil?

Evil is the issue. Hillary as Senator and candidate called for Jerusalem to be United and now has sold out competely and even telling Jews, no births in lands we’ve ‘occupied’ for 5000 yrs. What an insult and outrage.

Even today’s attacks from this White House and the unDems. to disparage the grassroots with name calling from ‘nazis’, to ‘kkk’, to ‘mob’, to ‘unAmerican’, all of it has the dirty hands of Emanuel all over it.

I as a registered Democrat all of my life who have fought for everyone’s civil and human rights and have been to 31 death camps in the Holocaust am ouotraged and appalled at the venal politics of this undemocratic party. I never voted GOP before this last election, but I knew Obama/Emaneul couldn’t be trusted and it is worse than I have ever dreamed it could become.

As a result, Israel and America are in great danger.

We are going to mobilize a “MILLION MENCH(and-ettes)MARCH” in Washington, D.C. to expose this scam once and for all in 2010. “Throw the bums out”, and that includes every member of Congress who wants to divide Israel and Jerusalem. We have already been at several key ‘tea parties’ and know the grassroots is with us on this level as well. We’ll mobilize all the ‘infidels’ for 2010.

We are not going to let Obama/Emanuel/Hillary/Wexler ad nauseum go unchallenged with their Jewish leaders, all selling us out.

The Jewish vote in 2008, made Obama President. “Obama-Never Again”, is our motto for the future. Please see our web site for background.

Shalom International/ broke the silence, has been the catalyst for activism and is replacing those selling out Israel, Jerusalem and America. We led the rallies at the White House, 14 times, and against “Annapolis”; this this to both national conventions and the lst Pres. debate.; Took this to AIPAC, the General Assembly and Christian Broadcasting Conventions; Took this to Israeli Consulates in NY, Miami; to the Carter Center in Atlanta; Against Rev. Wright in D.C.; Against the UNazis in Durbin II in Geneva and rallied for Jerusalem when the Pope was in Israel. We had 2000 at Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach on Jan. 4, 2009, and have taken on the pro-Hamas gangsters with over 40 rallies at the Fed. Bldg. in Ft. Laud., that started in Dec. with the pro-Hamas gang screaming at us: “Jews into the ovens”. There is much more on our web site.

Emaneul is a ‘Kapo’. He’s the one who would push the Jews into the gas chambers. What a disgrace and we are letting the world know it. If Obama/Emanuel only has 6% support in Israel, they have blown and we need now to move the 78% of Jews who voted for Obama into voting against him. “Obama-NEVER AGAIN”!

No small task, but our 133 rallies/events and 1000 news interviews since Oct. 2007, has given us the unique expertise and insight as to where the grassroots are really at, versus what is being reported in the media.

We know that the grassroots are not buying Obama/Emanuel/Hillary and their anti-Israel and anti-American politics. We are witnessing, via ‘town halls’, real opposition to them. When we rallied at the White House on July 5, we saw clearly how many visiting there were on our side and only 3 negatives.

We are exposing these frauds for what they really are.

At the Chicago rally we gave out “Obamination” buttons and “Obamination, scares the hell out of me” buttons and “Keep Jerusalem United” buttons and stickers as well as “Protect and Defend” Israel and America stickers, and we made 10,000 of them already being circulated around the nation and world.

Will stay in touch.

Yours in Shalom,
Bob Kunst
Pres., Shalom International

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